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Summary of The Portrait of a Lady Class 11

Class 11 English has a chapter based on a true story written by Khushwant Singh. It is the first chapter of the book where the author describes her grandmother and his relationship with her. He has beautifully penned down what she did all day when she was old. The explanation of her appearance in the prose piece is remarkable. It shows how niftily the author can draw a character with his words. To understand the chapter well enough, use The Portrait of a Lady Class 11 Summary prepared by the top experts of Vedantu. This chapter has beautiful explanations of many things that you need to understand. The context of this prose piece should be properly analyzed so that you can answer the questions properly. The Portrait of a Lady Summary Class 11 has been formatted in a simpler language so that you can read it easily and get hold of what the author wants us to understand. This will help you score well in the exams.

The Portrait of a Lady Class 11 Summary

The story of this chapter circles around the author and his grandmother. She is very old and her face has wrinkled. The author watched her grandmother getting old. He said that he has been seeing her in this condition for the past two decades. All her hair has greyed and cascades on her face in a messy way. She wore white clothes and walked around inside the house. She was not strong enough to stand tall. She rather kept an arm on her waist for support. The other hand always holds a string of rosary beads.

As per the Summary of The Portrait of a Lady Class 11, the writer describes her as not pretty but an ever-beautiful person. He compared her face and the calmness in it with a wintery landscape. When he stayed in the village, her grandmother used to wake him up every day very early and cleaned his wooden slate. She made breakfast for him and dressed him for school. When the author returned from school, it was she who always accompanied him. They both let the dogs eat the stale chapattis. It was a blissful time in the village. Class 11 English chapter The Portrait of a Lady describes that this sweet relationship took a different turn when they went to a city.

His grandmother was not able to take him to the school as the bus arrived to pick him up. She used to participate in his studies but now the author studies English, Mathematics and Physics which she could not understand at all. It seemed that his grandmother made her life circle around his grandson. Now that she cannot go to school, she felt upset sitting idle at home. As per the Class 11 English Chapter 1 The Portrait of a Lady, she also felt disappointed as the school did not teach about holy scriptures and God. These teachings have been replaced by music lessons and other extracurricular subjects. The writer grew up and studied at a university. The school days are over. He also got a different room in the house.

It seems that all the links between the grandmother and grandson were lost in time. If you follow the Class 11 The Portrait of a Lady, you will find she rarely talked with any family member. She just worked on her spinning wheel, prayed and fed the birds in the garden. The writer then got a chance to study abroad. When he was leaving, his grandmother did not show any disturbance. He thought that it was the last time maybe he is seeing his old grandmother.

In the English Class 11 The Portrait of a Lady, the writer completed his study and returned home after 5 years. She was old but did not miss the chance to celebrate the return of his grandson. The next day, she fell ill with a fever. She foresaw that it was her time to leave everyone behind for the eternal journey. She was right. She did not want to waste her time talking. She prayed with her rosary beads until her lips stopped moving. In the Short Summary of The Portrait of a Lady Class 11, you will find that the sparrows perched beside her with absolute silence. All the birds flew away when her body was taken for cremation.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How was the Relationship Between the Author and his Grandmother?

Ans. In Class 11 The Portrait of a Lady Summary, the poet was fond of her grandmother as he remembers how she took care of him.

Q2. How did the Author Describe his Grandmother?

Ans. The Summary of Chapter The Portrait of a Lady Class 11 suggests that the author described his grandmother as an old and weak woman with white hair and a wrinkled face.

Q3. What did the Author Miss About his Grandmother?

Ans. As per Class 11 English The Portrait of a Lady Summary, the author missed how she took care of him when he was a kid.