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The Thief Story Summary

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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The Thief Story Summary Free PDF Download

The Thief Story summary is a part of the CBSE Class 10 syllabus and was written by Ruskin Bond. A Thief and an innocent, kind-hearted man are depicted in The Thief Summary. It conveys a simple but meaningful message to society. It emphasizes human values and relationships. The quotation states that greedy people can be robbed easily of their wealth, whereas honest and careless people are more difficult to defraud. That is exactly what the Story is about. 

 In this Story, the boy constantly changes his name in order to avoid getting identified. As a result, he had few friends because he viewed them as troublesome. A summary of the Chapter the Thief Story informs us that Anil was the only man the Thief knew, who took him under his wing, taught him basic knowledge, and treated him as a brother. 

 According to the summary of The Thief Story, Class 10, the main character, Hari Singh, plans and plots to rob the only person who cares for him. His conscience prevents him from doing so. Despite being noticed, he returned the money without being noticed and was successful in his objective. Having good values in life will change a person's attitude towards life, according to the Thief Story summary.


The Thief's Story was written by Ruskin Bond. Throughout the Story, Hari Singh, a fifteen-year-old boy, befriends people in order to rob them. While competing in a wrestling match, he met Anil. It was the twenty-fifth year of Anil's life, and he was living a casual existence. In spite of his writing ability, he only managed to earn a small amount of money. As part of Hari's befriending effort, he asked Anil for some work.

When Anil asked him if he could cook, the young boy replied with a yes. After hearing this, Anil took Hari to his room, promising to teach him how to read, write, add numbers, as well as how to prepare delicious meals. When Anil was feeling generous, he would give Hari a rupee as a tip. The other day, Anil received a bundle of notes regarding his published articles. When Hari noticed the bundle under his mattress, he decided to keep the money. He stole the money that was kept under the mattress during midnight when Anil was fast asleep. As soon as he left the hotel, he went to the railway station to catch a train to Lucknow. He missed the train and wandered around the city in search of it. He got soaked to the skin completely as it was pouring heavily.

As Hari was again feeling agitated and regretful, he began to regret stealing money from an honest man, such as Anil, who treated him well. The cheating Anil was his fault since he was taught how to read, write, and add numbers by him. Anil was devastated when Hari Singh suddenly changed his mind and decided to return to him. Despite the rainy weather, he kept the cash from where it was retrieved in the same spot. He woke up the following morning to find Anil was as normal as usual. Having earned fifty rupees, Hari was offered fifty rupees by the young man. A full month's payment as stated by Anil along with that statement. In any case, Hari realized the money was still moist when he touched it. Anil understood Hari's mistake the previous night but didn't treat him with disgust or turn him into the police despite being aware of it. Anil replaced this promise with a promise to teach Hari how to write full sentences. Hari Singh became a noble human being out of gratitude and respect for Anil after this incident.

FAQs on The Thief Story Summary

1. What makes Anil not hand over the Thief to the police? 

It might have been because Anil knew Hari Singh realized his mistake and did not hand him over to the police. It was too late for him to change his ways because he was guilty of what he had done. His return to the place where the money belonged was because of this reason. In order to help him become a better person, Anil wanted to give him a chance.

2. In exchange for his work, does he receive anything from Anil?

Anil makes it clear that he will not be able to pay him when he asks him if he wants to work for him. Anil agrees to feed the Thief if the Thief cooks for him. But he finds out that he is not a good chef soon afterwards. In order to teach Hari how to cook food, write his name and full sentences, and add numbers, Anil promised to teach him. Furthermore, Hari would steal one rupee each day from the grocery money.

3. What was Anil’s reaction to the Theft?

Anil would be devastated when he discovered that he had been robbed, but it is because of the loss of trust, not money, that he would be devastated. As Anil's notes were damp from last night, he probably knew he had been robbed. In spite of this, he still gave the Thief 50 rupees and made him aware that he would be receiving monthly monetary payments from now on.

4. What does he say about how people react differently when robbed?

Based on his experience, the Thief explains that when robbed, the greedy man showed fear, the rich man showed anger, and the poor man just accepted what had happened to him.

5. Why did Hari Singh change his name every month? How did he succeed in his profession?

Hari Singh has been referred to as the thief here. He is introduced as a boy in his teen years. He was an experienced thief and frequently changed his name to avoid getting caught by the police. He changed his name every month for the sake of his safety from his former employers and police. So, we find the thief changing his name now and then or every time he took up a new job of theft. He would find a simple and kind man for his target and wait for a favorable chance to rob him and always succeeded in it.

6. Why did Anil agree to feed Hari Singh? When did Hari realize that Anil knew he was robbed?

Anil was a simple and kind-hearted man. He used to live alone and was in search of a helping hand for himself who would cook and do the entire household work for him. And when Hari Singh said that he could cook well, Anil decided to keep him in his house and feed and give him basic education. The money that Anil gave Hari from the amount he earned the night before was still damp. The damp note proved that Anil knew about Hari's robbery as it rained the night before and Anil was an extremely intelligent man.

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