The Thief Story Summary

This article is about The Thief Story summary written by Ruskin Bond and a part of the Class 10 syllabus of CBSE board. The Thief Summary depicts the relationship between a thief and Anil, a kind-hearted, simple man. The story portrays a simple yet meaningful message to society. It deals with relations and human values. It says that a greedy person can be robbed easily of his wealth but it is sometimes difficult to rob an honest and careless man. This is what we see in this story. 

The boy in the story keeps changing his name to avoid getting identified. He had few friends because he regarded them as a troublesome company. The summary of the chapter the thief story tells us that Anil was the only man the thief knew, who kept him in his house, gave him basic education and treated him like his own brother. 

Meanwhile, a summary of The Thief story Class 10 tells us that the thief, who addresses himself as Hari Singh, plans and plots to rob the only person who cared for him. But while doing so, his conscience stabbed him. He came back to return the money without being noticed and succeeded in his motive. The Thief Story summary ends on an important note trying to tell its readers that having good values in life is very important as it can change a person’s life.

The Thief’s Story Summary Class 10: Detailed Explanation

The Thief Story Class 10 summary is a story of two extremely different people. One, a man of almost 25 years of age and the other is a thief of 15 years old. The story starts in a place somewhere, where a man named Anil is watching a wrestling show. The thief tries to have a conversation with Anil as he feels that it would be easy to start a conversation with a kind man and rob him. 

Here, the thief introduces himself as Hari Singh, though it was not his real name as he keeps changing his name in order to hide from the police and the people whom he robbed earlier. While Anil was leaving, the thief approached him to ask if he would keep Hari Singh in work. In reply, Anil told him that he would not be able to pay him but can let him stay with him and provide him with food. 

Anil took Hari to his house and asked him to cook. Hari cooked the meal awfully and Anil asked him to leave but he insisted on not leaving and so Anil agreed to teach him how to cook. Anil also agreed to teach him how to add numbers and write a full sentence. Hari knew that if he could write and have a basic education then he could do more than robbing people. 

He stayed happily with Anil. He made him tea every morning and does his grocery shopping. Meanwhile, he also stole some money from the ones that were given to him for shopping. Although Anil knew that Hari stole from him yet he did not scold him and let him take the money. Anil earned by borrowing and lending books. And whenever he earned some money, he went out and celebrated with his friends.

The summary of The Thief’s Story tells us that one day Anil came home with a few bundles of notes and told Hari that he had sold one of his books to a publisher. Hearing this Hari realized that this could be the best time for doing the robbery. Before that incident, he always thought how blindly Anil trusted him and that robbing him would be unjustified. But then he thought that he would be a waste on his friends as he didn’t earn anything while working for Anil. Anil told him that he kept the money under the mattress and while he was asleep Hari quietly woke up and crawled under Anil’s bed and stole the money. He then decided to leave the city by Lucknow Express but after reaching the station he saw the train moving slowly. 

He could easily catch the train but instead does not. He realizes that learning and writing would help him get more respect. He decides to go back to Anil’s house and safely keep the money in its place. Next morning, he wakes up with a fear of getting caught but instead Anil gave him fifty rupees from the money he earned last night. Hari knew that Anil might have caught his misdeed but had no anger or sadness in his face. 

The Thief Story summary in English ends here, where the narrator smiles as he knew he saved himself from a wrong path. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why did Hari Singh change his name every month? How did he succeed in his profession?

Hari Singh has been referred to as the thief here. He is introduced as a boy in his teen years. He was an experienced thief and frequently changed his name to avoid getting caught from the police. He changed his name every month for the sake of his safety from his former employers and police. So, we find the thief changing his name now and then or every time he took up a new job of theft. 

He would find a simple and kind man for his target and wait for a favourable chance to rob him and always succeeded in it.

2. Why did Anil agree to feed Hari Singh? When did Hari realize that Anil knew he was robbed?

Anil was a simple and kind-hearted man. He used to live alone and was in search of a helping hand for himself who would cook and do the entire household work for him. And when Hari Singh said that he could cook well, Anil decided to keep him in his house and feed and give him basic education.  

The money that Anil gave Hari from the amount he earned the night before was still damp. The damp note proved that Anil knew about Hari’s robbery as it rained the night before and Anil was an extremely intelligent man.