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Essay on Teamwork

The word ‘teamwork’ means working together as a team to achieve a particular goal. Humans are social animals. We tend to stick together and work alongside others in almost every phase of life. Be it in an office or home, everyone has his responsibilities to meet. Performing these responsibilities every day makes us a part of the team we are in. Upon doing their assigned work with proper coordination, a team always wins in achieving its goal.

Teamwork can be seen in a company, in the agricultural field, or any environment, you can name. Even the animals also perform as a team to survive in this competitive world. Cheetahs hunt together, wild dogs stay together avert danger, bees make their hives being united, and so on. It means that the success of a team depends on the performance of each member. They are called teammates.

In a team, there is a hierarchical system where one leads the others to follow. The leader has more experience than the other teammates. It is his experience that helps him to lead a team with proper supervision. If you look at an organization, you will find that leaders show the path to the teammates to follow and complete their respective assignments. Every assignment is a small piece to a big puzzle. This puzzle will only take the right shape when all the pieces fall in the right place. Hence, the contribution of each team member is extremely crucial for the success of a team.

As time changed, the hierarchical system transformed. With the increase and diversification of responsibilities, the structure of a team changed drastically. It helps the companies to designate work and distribute the load. This helps in the proper management of workflow. As a person gains experience, he moves up the ladder and holds a more responsible position in the team.

In an organization, the top-level comprises the managers who have immense experience in a particular field. With their experience and expertise, they control the productivity and outcome of a team. The middle-level managers carry on the orders given by the top level. This personnel has less experience than the top-level but more than the lower level of the team. The lower level comprises the frontline soldiers who execute what they have been ordered.

If you look at a family, there is no such level distribution. This distribution is done in a different way. The parents are those who take care of all the other family members. The rest of the members do their own work as assigned. This is where cooperation comes into the picture. If any of the family members do not cooperate with the rest, the entire system will crumble eventually.

Teamwork is extremely important. Whether it is a small business or a huge organization, teamwork is important. The prime elements of teamwork are coordination and cooperation. Every element in a team will need to coordinate and cooperate with the rest of the team so that the workflow is maintained aptly. All the members should understand the importance of teamwork and contribute to it as per the directions given. A well-coordinated team is more productive. The outcome is extremely constructive. Companies design a team by filling the positions with the most suitable team players with apt experience in their particular fields.

Working as a team also makes new relationships. People come close to others and bond. They learn the strengths and weaknesses of others. In fact, we all start to bridge the gap and find our complementary strengths to cover the weaknesses of the others. This is how a team functions. We all should understand the importance of a team and stick to the values to give the best and contribute to a beautiful outcome.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can you find examples of Teamwork?

Ans: You will find teamwork anywhere in the world. Even in the deepest part of a jungle, you will find ants finding their ways to survive by sticking together as a team. The hyenas also stay together and even muster the courage to steal food from a pride of lions. We have also heard many fables and stories related to teamwork. The pigeons flew away with the trap and let the bird-catcher feel distressed. This would not have happened if the birds did not unite and use their cumulative strength to get rid of the catcher.

2. What makes a Team strong?

Ans: The team comprises members with different levels of experience. It is the diversity of experience and strengths each team member has that makes a team stronger. In a team, the different strengths make a cumulative strength and deliver unity. The team members complement each other’s weaknesses and emerge as a formidable unit to overcome all the hurdles on the way. The two most important elements of a team are coordination and cooperation. When all cooperate and coordinate with the rest, the team becomes one single entity.

3. Why Teamwork is important?

Ans: Not everyone is adept at handling all kinds of work. Hence, a team is formed to meet with different responsibilities at different levels. This is why a team is formed where every member is designated with particular responsibilities. This makes a team very important for achieving success. It also boosts the confidence among all team members and let everyone do the part perfectly. This is why teamwork is important.