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Sports Names

Last updated date: 21st Apr 2024
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Introduction to Sports Names

Sports bring zeal and excitement to the person who is involved in them, whether as a player or as a viewer. Sports are the best way to keep your body active and healthy. It also promotes team unity, spirit, self-confidence, and friendliness.  There is a wide range of sports that are played globally. Let’s list down these sports names one by one.

For Example: Baseball, Basketball, Billiards/ Pool (U.S.), Bodybuilding, etc. 

These sports names are never-ending. They can be categorised into some groups, and each group will have some sports in it depending on the nature of the sport. These groups are as follows:

  • Air Sports

  • Gymnastics

  • Athletics

  • Ball Sports

  • Cycle Sports

  • Ice Sports

  • Board Sports

  • Combat Sports

  • Target Sports

  • Water Sports

  • Strength Sports

  • Racket Sports

  • Motorsports

  • Multisport Race

  • Mind Sports

  • Indoor Sports

Air Sports

Sports activities can be done involving the medium of air. 

Air Sports

Air Sports




Gymnastics includes physical exercises. These sports activities focus on building balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength. There are mainly five types of Gymnastics and these are listed below:

  • Rhythmic gymnastics

  • Acrobatic gymnastics

  • Artistic gymnastics.

  • Aerobic gymnastics

  • Trampoline gymnastics




This includes sports activities like running, jumping, and walking.

Ball Sports

Ball Sports

Ball Sports

Sports activities and games are played with the help of a ball. Some of the Ball Sports name are listed below:-

  • Baseball

  • Softball

  • Soccer

  • Rugby

  • Cricket

  • Hockey

  • Football

Cycle Sports

Cycle Sports

Cycle Sports

There are a couple of sports activities that can be played using a cycle. These are as follows:

  • Road bicycle racing

  • Track cycling

  • Mountain bike trials

  • Mountain bike racing

  • Cyclo-cross

Ice Sports

Ice Sports

Ice Sports

Any sport that is either played on an ice rink or has some connection to ice is included in the category of "ice sports." For instance, snow golf is played on snow instead of grass, and ice climbing is the climb of different geographical landscapes that are covered in ice.

Ice sports activities include the following:-

  • Ice hockey

  • Broomball

  • Rinkball

  • Curling

Ice hockey is a team sport played on ice skates, usually on an ice skating rink with lines and markings specific to the sport whereas Broomball is played on a lake, a pond, and an ice hockey rink.

Rinkball is a winter team sport played on ice with ice skates. Curling is a sport that is played at the end of the stone's path on the ice.

Board Sports

Board sports activities include the following:-

  • Surfing

  • Vert skating

  • Street luge

  • Snowkiting

  • Sky Surfing

  • Riverboarding

  • Sandboarding

  • Off-road boarding

  • Free boarding

  • Casterboarding

  • Big wave surfing

  • Bodyboarding

Combat Sports

Combat Sports

Combat Sports

Combat sports activities include the following:-

  • Boxing

  • Wrestling

  • Kickboxing

Target Sports

Target Sports

Target Sports

Below is the list of some target sports activities.

  • Archery

  • Bocce

  • Croquet

  • Golf

  • Ten-pin bowling

Water Sports

Here is the list of some water sports activities.

  • Bodyboarding

  • Surfing

  • Waterskiing

  • Wakeboarding

  • Kneeboarding

  • Body Surfing

Strength Sports

Strength Sports

Strength Sports

Some strength sports activities are the following:-

  • Bodybuilding

  • Functional fitness 

  • Strongman

  • Weightlifting 

  • Powerlifting

Racket Sports

Racket Sports

Racket Sports

Racket sports activities include:-

  • Tennis

  • Squash

  • Badminton

  • Racquetball

  • Paddle tennis


Motorsports sports activities are listed below:-

  • Motorcycle racing

  • Air racing

  • Kart racing

  • Boat racing

  • Snowmobile racing

  • Truck racing

Mind Sports

Below is the list of some mind sports activities.

  • Bridge

  • Chess

  • Mahjong and xiangqi

Indoor Sports

Indoor sports activities are the following:-

  • Carrom

  • Football

  • Table Tennis


Sports play a significant role in our life. There are different types of sports, indoor and outdoor. Indoor sports include carrom, table tennis, etc. Outdoor activities are further classified into different sports such as athletes, water sports, ball sports, cycle sports, strength sports, motorsports, etc. All sports activities, whether it is indoor or outdoor, inculcate the feeling of team spirit and unity in the team players.

FAQs on Sports Names

1. How do sports activities promote unity and team spirit?

In sports activities and games, people work together toward achieving a goal. They establish trust among each other and coordinate better. Open communications and discussions among team members help them to know each other.

The team practices together to improve efficiency and coordination. With the continuous practice sessions, they keep on interacting and playing with each other. Because of all these, unity and team spirit in the team is established. With these established feelings, they feel motivated to play the game.

2. How can we classify sports activities?

As there are hundreds of games being played globally, some of them coincide with each other due to similarities in their game rules. It is difficult to keep track of each game. In such a case, we can classify games into certain groups, and every group consists of a number of games depending on the game's nature. Some of these groups are classified as Air Sports, Gymnastics, Athletics, Ball Sports, Cycle Sports, Ice Sports, Board Sports, Combat Sports, and Target Sports.

3. Why are sports activities important in life?

Every human being needs to participate in sports to stay physically strong. It is very significant at every stage of life. Additionally, it enhances people's personalities. Playing sports on a daily basis helps our hearts become stronger and keeps all of our organs functioning properly.