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Scientific Name of Snakehead

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About Snakehead

Snakeheads are a kind of fish which belongs to the Channidae family. The native places of this fish are Asia and Africa. There are so many species of snakehead that have been discovered. They mainly vary in size from 90 cm in length to 3 feet. Babies of snakehead mainly consume molluscs and plankton while adult snakehead fish feed on frogs and other fishes. They are known to be invasive species which causes huge damage to their ecological surroundings. They are known for their breathing process, as they can breathe air and are also able to survive on land for 4 to 5 days as they can crawl off the land by using their fins. Each female snakehead fish is able to produce 150,000 eggs and because of this high reproducing capacity, it is really tough to control their growth in the surrounding. 

Snakeheads are classified into 3 genera, they are discussed below:

  • Channa

  • Parachanna

  • Aenigmachanna

Different Scientific Names of Snakehead Species are Listed Below:

Northern snakehead – Channa argus

Malabar snakehead – Channa diplogramma

Ceylon snakehead – Channa orientalis

Black snakehead – Channa melasoma

Giant snakehead – Channa micropeltes

Great snakehead – Channa marulius

Blotched snakehead – Channa maculata

Classification of Snakehead:

Scientific name of snakehead fish is Channa argus.

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Actinopterygii

Order: Anseriformes

Suborder: Channoidei.

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FAQs on Scientific Name of Snakehead

1. Why is Snakehead Fish a Problem to other Animals or Species?

Ans. During the life stages of snakehead fish, they start competing with their native species for food and habitat and as their reproducing capacity is more as compared to others it causes harm to other animals. Along with that, it is also known that adult snakehead can be a voracious predator. 

2. To Which Family Does Snakehead Fish Belong?

Ans. Snakehead fish belong to the Channidae family.

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