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Scientific Name of Pigeons

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Also called the rock pigeon and rock dove, Columba livia is a member of the Columbidae family. Columba livia is additionally referred to as the common pigeon and is distributed on almost every continent. The pigeon (Columba livia domestica) may be a descendant of this species.

Columba livia consists of a pale grey plumage with two distinct black bars which can be seen across each wing. The pigeon sports dark greyish-blue head with a purplish iridescence extending right down to its neck and wings. The beak is greyish-black with a white, fleshy covering at the bottom of the upper beak called the cere.

Adults have a wingspan of 24-28 inches and a body length of 11-15 inches. Wild rock doves usually weigh between 238-380 grams, though domestic and semi-domestic individuals can easily exceed the average weight.

Orange, yellow and red iris with a pale, inner ring is the kind of eyes colour these species have. The eyelids are orange and encapsulated during a white-grey eye-ring. Around the eyes, the skin is bare.

Facts About Pigeons 

  1. Pigeons are known to be very complex and intelligent. 

  2. Pigeons can be called smart too as they are one and only creature who can recognize themselves in a mirror and pass the Self Recognition Test. 

  3. Pigeons also have an outstanding sense of navigation. They use a set range of skills for navigation, for example- using the sun as a guide and an internal magnetic compass. 

  4. Pigeons are known to be the most social animals, as they are seen in flocks most of the time. 

  5. Pigeons have excellent hearing ability. They can detect at much far lower frequencies also than humans. 

  6. It is believed that pigeons and humans lived at close proximity to each, that is 1000 years. 

  7. Pigeons are known to be wonderful couples as they share equal responsibilities when it comes to raising and caring for their young ones.

  8. Despite getting dirty environments many times, pigeons are known to be very hygienic in their habits if compared to other animals and birds. 

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FAQs on Scientific Name of Pigeons

1. Why are Pigeons Known to be Smartest Among Other Birds?

Ans - Pigeons are known to be the smartest among all other birds because of their good smelling, navigating and hearing abilities.

2. Why are Pigeons Known as Being Very Social?

Ans - As the pigeons are always seen in flocks, therefore they are termed as being the social birds.

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