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Scientific Name of Brown Tree Snake

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Snakes are carnivorous reptiles covered in overlapping scales. They are elongated and legless species belonging to suborder serpentes. Let us know the definition of binomial nomenclature before we write down the Scientific name of brown tree snake.


Binomial Nomenclature:

Binomial nomenclature is a system of naming the species with unique Latin forms. It is also called a scientific name or binomial nomenclature or binomen. It includes two terms: species and genus name.

What is the Scientific Name of Brown Tree Snake?

The scientific name of brown tree snake is Boiga irregularis.

The taxonomy of brown tree snake is as follows: 

  • Kingdom: Animalia

  • Phylum: Chordata

  • Class: Reptilia

  • Order: Squamata

  • Family: Colubridae

  • Genus: Boiga

  • Species: B. irregularis

The brown tree snake is also called a brown cat snake or culepla, it is a native snake of Indonesia, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. Its geographic range has expanded due to the lack of natural predators and the prey in Guam, Saipan and also other islands of western pacific. It preys upon lizards, bats, and rats in the native region. It also preys upon birds and shrews in Guam. A fully grown snake might measure up to 3m.

The brown tree snake is a nocturnal animal which has grooved fangs at the rear of its mouth, hence this makes it difficult to transfer the venom to the adult human thus the venom is harmless for the human as it is transferred in small doses. But it can affect the children due to their lower body mass.

Distinctive Features of the Brown Tree Snake:

The brown tree snake has a number of distinctive features which are given in the following. 

  • The head of the snake is wider compared to its body.

  • It has large eyes with the pupil placed in a vertical position that helps the snake in hunting during night time. 

  • It can also live for several months even without consuming the food. 

  • It can move easily to other places as it is a good climber and it can enter small openings in the vehicles.

Did you Know?

Brown tree snakes climb the trees in a different manner compared to other snakes. It wraps its tail around the tree and wriggles to push itself.

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FAQs on Scientific Name of Brown Tree Snake

1. Write the Scientific Name of the Brown Tree Snake.

Answer: The scientific name of the brown tree snake is Boiga irregularis.

2. Can a Brown Tree Snake Kill a Dog?

Answer: The dogs will try to chase the snakes which inturn gets bite its face or legs. The tiger and brown snakes are the reason behind the bites in the domestic pets, but the brown tree snake venom is not as harmful as compared to the tiger snake. Brown tree snakes toxin can cause paralysis to the respiratory muscles hence the treatment should be given within 1 hour to protect the pet. Hence we can tell that the brown tree snake can kill a dog if proper care if not taken.

3. What are the Rules of Nomenclature?

Answer: There are some universal rules to be followed to write the nomenclature name. They are 

  • Scientific names are usually in Latin hence they are written in Italics.

  • Nomenclature names include 2 terms, the first one is called as genus name and the second one is called species name.

  • The nomenclature name should be written in italics when printed and it should be underlined when handwritten.

The scientific name should start with a capital letter which is continued with small letters including the species name, example: Homo sapiens - Nomenclature of human beings.

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