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Rh Factor

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About the Rh Factor

The term ‘Rh factor’ is quite known to people of different age groups. Right from school time, people come to know about the Rh factor. Moreover, they also come to know about Rh incompatibility as they reach up to donate blood. Every human being can be either Rh negative or Rh-positive. In case a person has Rh-negative blood, his blood group is termed as negative. On the other hand, Rh-positive blood is termed as positive after the prefixes like A, B, O, and AB. The Rh factor plays a significant role in determining the donor-acceptor system related to blood. 

What is the Rh Factor?

The Rh factor is found on the surface of RBCs, and it is a kind of protein. The presence of this protein makes your blood fall under the positive or negative group. A pregnant woman can face many problems if the fetus’s blood group is different from her in terms of the Rh factor. This case is termed Rh incompatibility. A person having Rh-positive blood might die if he is transfused with Rh-negative blood and vice versa. This also occurs due to Rh incompatibility.

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Rh Factor for the Fetus: An Overview

A fetus always inherits the Rh factor. So, the genes are only responsible for the fetus getting the Rh factor. In most babies, Rh-positive blood is present as the genes work in the proper order. Rh-negative pregnancy occurs if the babies do not inherit the Rh factor in the blood. Rh incompatibility (as mentioned earlier) can be treated in many ways depending on the symptoms.

Rh Factor Test

Rh factor test is also known as the blood grouping test colloquially. The medical practitioners determine the Rh type of the blood with the help of it. In adults, the blood can be collected from any part of the body. However, for determining the Rh type of the baby, an obstetrician must have to intervene.

Development of the Rh Antibody- Procedures and Problems

There are many ways by which the Rh-type antibodies are formed. This development is abnormal and can lead to a lot of problems. Here are some instances when it can form:

  • Bleeding while being pregnant

  • Abdominal trauma during pregnancy

  • Attempts to turn the fetus

  • Labour birth

The primary reason why Rhantibody is formed is due to the mixing of mother’s and fetus’s birth. 

Instances of Problems Caused by Rh Antibodies

Rh Antibodies May Cause the Following Issues:

  • Fetal Anemia- In the case of delta anemia, RBCs in the baby get destroyed faster than it is developed. The Rh factor in the blood is responsible for this. The Rh factor test can help determine this problem. A fetus can die of fetal anemia due to the lack of oxygen.

  • Fetal Jaundice- Fetal jaundice is yet another complication that can occur due to the presence of an Rh antibody. The Rh factor test can be essential to check if the fetus has any difficulties. The people who have proper knowledge of the Rh blood group system can know it.

Prevention of Rh Problems

While studying the Rh factor in the blood, you can also know about the ways of preventing the Rh problems.

The best way of prevention of Rh problems is its early detection by the doctor. The doctor will check the pregnant woman and see if the fetus is hematologically normal. This is done by executing the Rh blood group system for the baby.

If the Rh problems are resolved early, both the mother and baby can live a healthy life.


Need of RhIg

The full form of RhIg is Rhimmunoglobulin, and it is a medication to resolve the Rh problems. There are different instances when it is needed. They are:

  • Miscarriage or abortion

  • Fetal surgery

  • CVS

  • Bleeding while you are pregnant

  • Breech presentation

As you come to know about the RhIg, it is also vital for you to know about the Rh factor full form. You can ask for it from the medical practitioner.

The obstetrician can give a woman doses of RhIg in the 28th week of pregnancy and before 72 hours of labour. You can understand these things better if you know the Rh factor meaning correctly. You can consult a doctor for it as he can tell you rightly.

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FAQs on Rh Factor

1. What are Rh and its Meaning and Full Form?

The Rh full form is known as Rhesus. You can study how the Rhfull form came into being in any higher-level biology book. The students who are into medicine and other sections of higher biological studies also know about the full form of Rh. The Rh factor meaning is the presence of the Rh protein on the RBCs. This makes the blood either positive or negative. In most human beings, Rh-positive blood is found. On the other hand, people with Rh-negative blood should always be careful about blood loss as they might not get blood when needed.

2. Why is the Rh Factor Meaning Essential to Learning?

No matter a person is a medical practitioner, a zoologist, or just an ordinary human being, knowing the Rh factor meaning is crucial. It is information about your blood that you would need to tell in your school and the place where you will work. Knowing about the Rh factor can help you talk properly with the gynaecologist if you or anyone near to you is pregnant. In case of an Rh-related complication, the doctor will prescribe medication. You can follow the medication and learn bout its side effects if you know the Rh factor meaning and the way it works. Not many people know the Rh factor in full form, but you need to know it to make sure your concept is clear. Always remember that Rh incompatibility is a fatal issue, and you should always be careful regarding the blood that you are getting.  

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