MCQs on Parthenocarpy

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Define Parthenocarpy

Parthenocarpy is the production of fruits without the fertilisation of ovules. Fruits like bananas and figs are developed without fertilisation and do not produce any viable seeds.

1. Formation of Fruit Without Fertilization Is Known As:

A. Parthenocarpy

B. Parthenogenesis

C. Polyembryony

D. Polygamy

Answer: Parthenocarpy

2. an Example of Naturally Occurring Parthenocarpic Fruit Is:

A. Guava

B. Mango

C. Banana

D. Grapes

Answer: Banana

3. Which Fruit Is of No Use If Its Fruits Are of Formed by Parthenocarpy:

A. Banana

B. Orange

C. Grape


Answer: Pomegranate

4. Which Statement About Parthenocarpy is Incorrect:

A. Fruits developed are seedless

B. Ovary is stimulated with pollination

C.The process is used as it yields high quality and consistency

D. None of the above

Answer: Ovary is stimulated with pollination

5. Tomato is Which Type of Fruit:

A. Pepo

B. Pome

C. Drupe

D. Berry

Answer: Berry

6. Which Among the Following Statement Is for True Fruit:

A. Only ovary of the flower develop into fruit

B. Ovary and calyx of the flower develop into fruit

C. Ovary, calyx and thalamus of flower develop into fruits

D. All floral whorl of flower develop into fruits

Answer: Only ovary of the flower develop into fruits

7. Water of Coconut Is:

A. Liquid endocarp

B. liquid mesocarp

C. Degenerated liquid endosperm

D. Liquid nucellus

Answer: Degenerate liquid endosperm

8. Fruit of Rice and Wheat Is Called:

A. Achene



D. Caryopsis

Answer: caryopsis

9. Ovary Wall Give Rise To:

A. Fruit wall

B. Seed coat

C. Mesocarp

D. Endocarp

Answer: Fruit wall

10. This About Fabaceae Is Incorrect:

A. It was earlier referred to as Papilionoideae

B. Widely distributed across the world

C. It is common to find plants with fibrous root system here

D. A subfamily of family leguminosae

11. Edible Part of Mango Is Known As:

A. Mesocarp

B. Pericarp

C. Endocarp

D. Epicarp

Answer: Mesocarp

12. Arrange the Following in Correct Order:

A. Apple-------- 1.drupe

B. Pea--------2.hesperidium

C. Orange------3. legume

D. Mango--------4.Pome

Answer: A-4, B-3, C-2,D-1

13. Edible Part of Banana Is: 

A. Mesocarp

B. Epicarp

C. Endocarp and less developed mesocarp

D. Epicarp and Mesocarp

Answer: Endocarp and less developed Mesocarp

14. In Which of the Following Fruit  Is the Edible Part the Aril:

  1. Custard apple

  2. Pomegranate

  3. Orange

  4. litchi

       Answer: Litchi

15. Geocarpic fruit is:

A. Potato

B. peanut

C. Onion

D. Garlic

Answer: Peanut

16. Juicy Hair Structure Observed in Lemon Fruit Develop From:

A. Exocarp

B. Mesocarp

C. Endocarp

D. Mesocarp and Endocarp

Answer: Endocarp

17. Ovary Is Half-Inferior in the Flower Of:

A. Apple

B. Guava

C. Peach

D. Garlic

Answer: Peach

18. Pineapple Fruit Develop From:

A. a unilocular polycarpellary flower

B. a multistillate syncarpous flower

C. a cluster of campactly borne flowers on a common axis

D. a multilocular monocarpellary flower

Answer: a Cluster of Compactly Borne Flowers on a Common Axis

19. Grain of Maize Is:

A. Seed

B. Fruit

C. Neither seed nor fruit

D. Bud of flower

Answer: Bud of flower