MCQs on Internal Structure of Root System and Leaf

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There are two chief conducting tissues in vascular plants – xylem and phloem. The conducting tissues extend from leaves to the roots and and are critical for nutrient and water transport. The structure of phloem and xylem tissue is predicated on the plant if it's a gymnosperm or angiosperm.

Q1. Collenchymatous Hypodermis is characteristics of

(a) Hydrophytes

(b) Monocot and Dicot stem

(c) Monocot stem

(d) Dicot stem

Answer: (d)

Q2. The Lacunae that is found inside the Vascular Bundles of Monocot stem is termed as

(a) Metaxylem

(b) A Mucilage canal

(c) Lysigenous water cavity

(d) A large sized protoxylem

Answer: (c)

Q3. The Protoxylem in its midrid bundle during a mechanical drawing of a Dorsiventral Leaf

(a) Is not distinct

(b) Faces the ventral epidermis of the leaf

(c) Faces the dorsal epidermis of the leaf

(d) Is surrounded by metaxylem

Answer: (c)

Q4. This is not a characteristic feature of Anatomy of Dicotyledonous Root

(a) Pith little or absent

(b) Secondary growth

(c) Radial vascular bundles

(d) Vascular bundles 15-20

Answer: (d)

Q5. Vascular Bundles are scattered in

(a) Dicot stem

(b) Dicot root

(c) Bryophytes

(d) Monocot stem

Answer: (d)

Q6. The right state of Mesophyll in isobilateral grass leaf is depicted by

(a) Palisade along both the surface 

(b) Undifferentiated mesophyll

(c) Palisade towards abaxial surface

(d) Palisade towards adaxial surface

Answer: (b)

Q7. Well-developed Pith is found in

(a) Monocot root and Dicot stem

(b) Dicot root and Dicot stem

(c) Dicot root and Monocot stem

(d) Dicot and Monocot stems

Answer: (a)

Q8. In Monocot Leaf

(a) Veins form a network

(b) Mesophyll is not divided into palisade and spongy parenchyma

(c) Mesophyll is well differentiated into these parts

(d) Bulliform cells are absent from epidermis

Answer: (b)

Q9. In orchids, Velamen Tissues is found in

(a) Leaves

(b) Root

(c) Flowers

(d) Shoot

Answer: (b)

Q10. Polyarch and Exarch Vascular Bundles occur in

(a) Dicot stem

(b) Monocot stem

(c) Dicot root

(d) Monocot root

Answer: (d)