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Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)

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LSD Information

In general, LSD stands for Lysergic acid diethylamide which is the generic name. It is also known as lysergide and sold in the market under almost 80 odd street names. These names include blotter, acid, dots, windowpane, mellow yellow, dozes, trips, and also names like purple dragon denoting the design it makes on blotting paper. Back in 1938, LSD was first synthesized as an extremely effective and strong hallucinogen. It is made from lysergic acid synthetically. It is a type of acid found on fungus growing on grains such as rye and known as ergot. The doses of LSD usually tend to be in the microgram range because of its exceptional potential and effectiveness. It is exceptionally strong amongst various other drugs.

What is LSD?

As already stated LSD stands for Lysergic acid diethylamide. The effects of taking LSD drugs are often known as a trip which can be either pleasurable or unpleasant which is known as a bad trip. It can be mind-altering and stimulating at the same time. But some experiences can turn out to be highly disgusting and terrifying. LSD has been declared illegal in the United States of America and also as a Schedule One Drug by the official Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). A Schedule One Drug means that it has no medical treatments accepted currently, can be used for abuse, and needs to be used under the supervision of professionals due to its lack of safety purposes. However, the LSD drug has found its way into various therapeutic uses. It is used to treat depression and alcoholism. Current research is going on how to use LSD for the betterment of medical sciences.

Preparation of LSD

Preparation of LSD meaning how LSD is prepared or found in everyday objects. Initially, it is prepared in crystalline structure and later mixed with other inactive materials. It can also be prepared in a dilute liquid state to prepare ingestible formats. Normally it tastes slightly bitter and is colorless and odorless. The most common form in which it is found in streets is blotter paper. Raw LSD is soaked on blotting paper and cut out into beautiful designs which contain individual dosages in micrograms. It is also found in windowpane form or slim squares of gelatin, pure liquid which is extremely dangerous, sugar cube liquid or tablets, and microcapsules. Some people directly inject LSD into their veins or inhales through their noses. But to know about the exact amount of LSD present in a doze is near to impossible.

Effects of Using LSD

Generally, LSD effects the mind directly by altering the senses. In the brain, it affects the serotonin receptors and hence produces hallucinations which are its basic characteristic effect. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that controls all your actions, senses, mood, behavior and also can modify your thoughts. But LSD use varies from person to person and so do its effects. Usually, after forty minutes of taking the first dose of the drug, the effects start to overpower. It may last up to twelve hours with the peak effect occurring after two to four hours of taking the dose. But if one plans to inject it directly into the veins, then it will produce an immediate action within ten minutes.

Medical Treatments For LSD Usage

Firstly, one needs to find a reliable health care center to monitor their progress. Talk counseling sessions can help or group counseling to help your medical support understand the reason behind your LSD intake. Take your appointments seriously and maintain a proper treatment plan. Trusted friends and family members should also be included in the plan. Eat healthily, treat your stress well and exercise to take care of yourself. Use proper medications to treat depression, schizophrenia, and anxiety as a result of LSD side effects. Finally try to stay away from people who use drugs even if they are friends and find new interests, hobbies to keep yourself distracted. 

Did You Know?

  • Most people are not aware of the LSD full form which is Lysergic acid diethylamide.

  • The immediate side effects of LSD usage can last up to twenty-four hours and stress, anxiety, depression, flashbacks, hallucinations can last up to months.

  • It is estimated that almost 5.5 million people of twelve years or above age are suffering from hallucinations as a result of drugging.

  • About 1.6% of adolescents are LSD addicts.

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FAQs on Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)

1. What are the Various Flashback Hazards and Health Issues Associated with LSD Usage?

Answer: LSD influences one’s senses and stops a person from seeing danger or making sensible decisions. A person can self-harm himself or even die under the effect of LSD. Even after knowing all LSD information, people still knowingly take it. Experiencing acute depression, anxiety, and sudden flashbacks is pretty common. These hallucinations may continue even after many days of taking the drug. People with personality issues experience sudden flashbacks. But having flashbacks is just one part of the side effects. One may face long-lasting depression attacks after using it. Even healthy people face extreme hallucinations. It also produces tolerance. After taking once, every time one needs to take a higher amount of doses to reach the same intoxication. This can be the most dangerous thing as no one can predict the extent of the effects.

2. What are the Immediate Side Effects of Taking LSD?

Answer: Many people ask about the hallucination side effects of LSD meaning. The main effects are vision distortion of color, audio problems, pupil dilation, hallucinations, depression, and anxiety. Flashbacks, high blood pressure, and increased body temperatures are also some of the immediate effects. Major psychosis and extreme mood changes are also common with an overdose of the drug. There are many physical issues such as nausea, diabetes, sleep issues, appetite loss, dry mouth, seizures, and more. Many experience frightening hallucinations like seeing people moving, shadows, or fear of losing control and various other mental problems. One can even hear distorted sounds or see odd visuals. Such side effects cause extreme stress and last long.

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