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What Does Impotence Mean?

Impotence is generally erectile dysfunction. The man, who is unable to achieve or maintain penile erection and hence unable to fully participate in sexual intercourse is known as impotent. The term impotence refers to both men and women, who have the inability to sexual arousal. In general practices per traditional method, it termed male sexual dysfunction. The impotence can occur at any age. It is more common in older men, but it is not only because of aging. About 70% causes of impotence are diabetes and atherosclerosis. Another 10 - 20% of the infected population is experiencing due to psychological factors and the remaining percentage is experiencing due to injury, medication, lifestyle, etc. 

Types of Impotence 

Sexual dysfunction is mainly a physical or psychological problem. Male dysfunction is a common problem among aged people. There are four types of impotence, which usually occurs in male. 

  1. Erection dysfunction → difficulty in keeping erected

  2. Premature ejaculation → reaching orgasm  quickly 

  3. Delayed or inhibited ejaculation → delay in reaching orgasm

  4. Low libido → Low sex interest, because of low testosterone secretion. 

Signs of Impotence

The Signs of impotence vary from male to female. The person who is facing a problem in sexual dysfunction may have the following symptoms. 

Sign of Male Impotence

The person who is facing issues like, unable to get an erection. Being erected for the minimum time. Unable to maintain the erection ..etc may have the problem of male impotence. 

Sign of Female Impotence 

One who is facing vaginal dryness, low desire, painful sex, arousal problem, and trouble in reaching orgasm may have the risk of female Impotence. The vaginal dryness mainly occurs due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding. About half of the women experiencing vaginal dryness in the earlier stage of menopause.  Women between the age of 30-50 are facing a low desire even before menopause. They are suffering from a lack of lust. About 30% of the women population are suffering from painful sex. It mainly occurs due to vaginal dryness and may stay as an indicator for some medical problems like ovarian cyst and endometriosis. The arousal problem is mainly due to anxiety and inadequate stimulation of hormones. Hormonal changes during menopause may also be the problem. The trouble in reaching orgasm have wide reasons like anxiety, insufficient foreplay, chronic infection, and certain medication push them to a certain situation. 

Causes of Impotence 

There are numerous factors that cause impotence. The reasons listed below stay as the causes of ed. 

  1. Low testosterone level is responsible for male impotence.

  2. Negative feelings towards sex partners

  3. Atherosclerosis is a kind of cardiovascular disease. It is mainly caused due to the development of plaque on the wall of arteries. 

  4. The person with anxiety and depression easily undergoes impotence.

  5. A person with diabetes for the long term.

  6. Person, who got infected by Kidney disease

  7. A person who has a brain or spinal cord defect like multiple sclerosis has a chance to undergo impotence. 

  8. Obese human easily infected by sexual impotence 

  9. People who are taking medicines have a high probability of being impotence. 

  10. Penile or testicular trauma or surgery of the bladder or prostate

  11. A person with a problem in the nervous system or peripheral neuropathy

  12. Person with spinal cord injury or tumor

  13. Trauma or structural injury

  14. Emotional conflicts beyond relationships. 

Risk Factors of Impotence

Many factors may increase the risk of experiencing sexual impotence. This will stay as causes of ed for impotence. There is a high probability for those people to have impotence who undergo the risk factors as listed below. 

  1. Aged person

  2. Alcohol addiction 

  3. A person with heart disease 

  4. Chain smoker 

  5. Diabetes

  6. Psychological conditions

  7. Overweight or obesity

  8. Neurologic disorders

  9. Drug addiction 

Possible Methods to Reduce Risk Factor of Impotence

Some risk factors for impotence are controllable and can help to come out of possible risks. The person who is experiencing the above-mentioned risk factors can protect them accordingly as listed below.  This stays as an instant cure for Impotence. 

  1. Can check blood pressure and maintain it 

  2. Should control blood sugar 

  3. Should restrict illicit uses of drug 

  4. Must control the intake of alcohol 

  5. Must maintain a healthy diet 

  6. Should be engaged with physical activity

  7. Maintaining BMI 

  8. Participating in counseling to address emotional or psychological issues

  9. Must quit smoking

Impotence Treatment 

Most of the erection dysfunction is curable. It may depend on the cases. Some causes of erection dysfunction require natural ed treatment. And others may require intensive care with proper diagnosing support. The medicinal impotence treatment is listed below. 

Male Impotence Treatment. 

  1. To relax blood vessels of the penis, Alprostadil urethral pellets (MUSE) method can be used. 

  2. To improve intimacy, couples therapy will provide the best solution.

  3. To relax the blood vessels of the penis, the injectable medications such as papaverine, alprostadil (Caverject, Edex), and phentolamine can be used.  

  4. To improve the blood flow into the penis, the Oral phosphodiesterases (PDE) promoters such as sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), or vardenafil (Levitra) to improve blood flow to the penis

  5. Psychotherapy can be used to decrease anxiety

  6. Can undergo surgery to treat erection dysfunction and increase blood flow into the penins. 

  7. To prevent blood leakage from the penis, surgery will stay as the best solution for an instant ed cure.

  8. People with low testosterone levels are recommended to undergo testosterone replacements.  

  9. To pull blood into the penis, the vacuum devices can be used for engorgement. 

  10. Necessary surgical implants provide necessary treatment for erection dysfunction. 

Female Impotence Treatment

  1. Estrogen therapy increases the elasticity of the vagina, increases lubrication, and enhances the vaginal blood.

  2. Ospemifene (Osphena) is the selective estrogen receptor. It reduces the pain during sex with vulvovaginal atrophy

  3. Androgen therapy improves testosterone in both male and female and helps to get away from sexual Impotence

  4. Flibanserin (Addyi) allows reducing the sex desire of women in premenopause women. 

  5. Bremelanotide (Vyleesi)  is the same as Flibanserin, it decreases sex desire. The medicine injected in the skin of the belly and thigh will promote sexual activities 

  6. Phosphodiesterase inhibitors are selected as the best ones to treat both male and female impotence. 

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FAQs on Impotence

1. What Causes a Lack of Erection?

Ans: A study says that about 70% of the men’s population are facing impotence only due to the poor blood flow into the penis. These are common among aged persons, the person who has heart disease,  vascular problems, the person with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obese person. This blood flow problem is common among the person who is addicted to alcohol and smoking.  Every impotence can be treated even with some natural ed treatment, but it depends on the cause of the problem.  

2. What Is the Difference Between Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction?

Ans: The term impotence refers to the problems that specify the inability of both males and females to undergo sexual intercourse and reproduction. It may be due to sexual desire and problems related to orgasm or ejaculation. On the other hand, erectile dysfunction is especially encounter’s the man’s inability to achieve an erection, quick erection, unable to maintain an erection for a long time, and unable to reach orgasm. With the perfect medication, both the male and female impotence can be recovered. 

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