Honey Bee Scientific Name

About Honey Bee

Honey bees belong to the Apidae family and mainly they are flying insects along with that they show the highest level of organisation. They are often involved forming large colonies with very complex hierarchies i.e. queens, reproductive male, workers, etc. The native place of honey bees is mainly Eurasia and also found in other continents by humans. It is believed that all breeds of honey bee produce honey and among them, the maximum amount of honey is produced by Apis mellifera. Mode of communication in honey bees is by dancing. They show their movement deliberately across its honeycomb by which to transport nectar and pollen to other worker bees. We all think that all honey bees sting but the truth is that only the female sting as the stinger is technically the ovipositor – or the egg-laying organ. 

Classification of Honey Bee: 

The scientific name of the honey bee is Apidae corbiculata. 

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Insecta

Order: Hymenoptera

Family: Apidae

Clade: Corbiculata

Scientific Names of Various Species of Honey Bee:

Western/ European Honey bee – Apis mellifera

Asiatic/ Asian honey bee – Apis cerana

Red dwarf honey bee – Apis florea

Black dwarf honey bee – Apis andreniformis

General Features of Honey Bee:

Some of the common features of the honey bee are discussed below:

A. Their body is in segmented form and divided into stinger, legs, antenna, three segments of the thorax and six visible segments of the abdomen.

B. Their head consists of eyes, antennae and feeding structures.

Culture of Honey Bee:

Scientific culture of the honey bee is known as apiculture. As we all know that bees have their own ecological and economical importance. Honey is used as a source of food, medicine, cosmetic, source of antioxidant and many more. Because of these reasons, the culturing of honey is done. So in these practices, bees are kept under proper care and management and in return honey gives honey and wax. This practice of breeding of bees is done under proper apiaries where beehives can be placed for their proper growth and development. 

One Word Answer:

1. Honey bees which lay eggs is known as:

Ans. Queen

2. Culturing of the honey bee is known as:

Ans. Apiculture

3. Area where honey hives are found is known as:

Ans. Apiaries

4. To which genus honey bees belong to?

Ans. Apis.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Write the Classification of the Honey Bee?

Ans. Classification of the honey bee is discussed below:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Insecta

Order: Hymenoptera

Family: Apidae

Clade: Corbiculata

2. Explain a Few Importances of Apiculture?

Ans. Some of the importance of apiculture are discussed below:

  • One of the major products of honeybees is wax and honey as it has its own commercial importance.

  • They help in the pollination process and they indirectly increase the yields of plants. 

  • It is also used in various medicinal uses like in destroying HIV virus.