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Ethnography and Types of Ethnography

Ethnography can be referred to as a type of particular study and research that involves including oneself into a certain organization or community in order to observe the behavior that they have. The people who study ethnography will immerse themselves into particular communities in order to see their interactions from close.

Also, ethnography meaning also states that it is a written report of certain research that the ethnographers tend to produce after their research is completed.

What is Ethnography?

One of the best ways to provide ethnography definition is to describe it as a way of doing flexible research that can allow the people to gain more understanding about any group culture, social dynamics, and conventions in the best way.

With ethnography, there might be some ethical and practical challenges that people have to face but that is all a part of the research. With the help of ethnography, people can understand a community or any organization in a better way. We hope this can answer your question on what is the definition of ethnography.

Ethnography Examples and Uses

With the origination of ethnography, the department of anthropology had a very big rise since this section was a part of it. An anthropologist would live in an isolated community for a certain extended period of time so that they can understand the culture and the people in a better way. Now this type of studying and research could take so many years. For example, Colin M. Turnbull had to live with the tribe of Mbuti for about 3 years in order to produce the final research product The Forest People.

However, in the present world, ethnographic fieldwork forms a very important part of social science. It is not just a way to study unfamiliar and distant cultures but also to do research on certain communities within the societies as well. For example, there are certain instances where ethnography has proved to be very essential in studying football fans, gang investigation, police officers, call center employees, and much more.

Ethnography Meaning and Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of Ethnography is that it helps in the field of research. The people who are practicing ethnography will be able to know more about the practices and culture of any group that they are studying in a better way. Not to mention that it is a very useful approach that people can use in order to have first-hand knowledge regarding the interactions and behavior of the people related to a particular concept. By immersing themselves in a particular community, people can have more access to information and they can observe the dynamics more spontaneously in the best way.

Different Types of Ethnographic Research

When it comes to types of ethnography, there are several that we can name. However, we have grouped it into 3 categories such as medical, business, and educational. All of these types are mostly based on various fields of interactions and human behavior and every single type has its own special characteristics.

Business Ethnographic Research

This is a particular type of research that allows people to know different target markets and consumer habits in a better way. So, this way, ethnographers are able to find out the true market demands. Hence they can also figure out the disposition of different products and services. This research tool tends to be really beneficial as it can allow business organizations to identify the needs and requirements of their customers. Not to mention that it can also help the organization satisfy the demands of the marks in the best way.

Educational Ethnographic Research

With educational research, there are some practices involved that observe the learning and teaching methods of the people and what effect it has on the behavior in classrooms. With the help of this research model, people can pay more attention to the effects of learning processes, pedagogy, and some overall arrangements in the learning environment. With educational ethnography research, people can also know about student behavior and attitude along with academic motivations, learning dispositions, and much more.

Medical Ethnographic Research

This is another type of ethnography that is currently in use in order to have some qualitative investigation done in the field of healthcare. With the help of this particular research design, ethnographers will easily be able to understand the different medical practices that happen. Not to mention that with this method, the medical practitioners will be able to have a better idea regarding the disposition of their patients regarding some complex as well as simple behavioral patterns. Medical ethnography enables the providers of healthcare facilities to have important information regarding the overall experience of a patient and hence it is really useful as well.

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FAQs on Ethnography

1. What is Ethnography?

Ans: The term ethnography can be defined as the study that happens when people immerse themselves completely into some community or organization. In order to have a clearer picture and more information on the type of community, most people tend to have a look at it from a closer angle. For that, they need to immerse themselves in the community to have a closer look and gather more information regarding stuff such as social practices, behavior, interactions, and much more. This study is known as ethnography and the people who attempt this study are known as ethnographers. It is a very important and useful study.

2. What are the Different Types of Ethnography?

Ans: When it comes to the different types of ethnography, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, in this article, they have been divided into 3 different categories and they are known as medical ethnography, business ethnography, and educational ethnography. These three categories have been chosen to provide the most possible information about human behavior and much more. Not to mention that all these categories have different characteristics. While business ethnography deals with consumer needs and market demands, education ethnography is meant to provide information on student dispositions and the effects of learning practices. Medical ethnography allows the practitioners to understand more about their patients needs and behavior. 

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