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Broca Area

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Broca’s Area Definition

Ach function in the human body is controlled by nerves which means the nervous system plays a crucial role. Whatever you think, speak, or react with your body, parts are all about the nervous system functioning. With this article, we will understand some important facts about our speech functions as controlled by our brain. The part present usually in the left side of the dominant hemisphere is Broca Area which controls our speech functions. The article below will let you learn about the basic Broca’s area definition, speech functions, and discovery. Also, you will learn how Broca’s Area plays an important part in our gestures.

Broca's Area Location

Another name for Broca is the motor speech area which plays a major part in speech production. This part is located in the inferior frontal gyrus which regulates your breath while speech and vocalisation are needed for normal speech. Thus it is a major component in formulating neurological language functioning. The inferior Frontal gyrus has further two parts involving pars triangularis and pars opercularis. 

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The blue shaded portion in the above diagram defines the location of Broca in the human brain.  

Broca's Area Function

The name Broca is kept after its discovery by Pierre Paul Broca, who explained the link of language processing with our nerves. He discovered when two of his patients had an injury in their inferior frontal gyrus in their brain. They both developed speech problems. The area which they had damaged has today become Broca Area after the discoverer's name. 

Learn about Various Broca's Area Function below:

Language Comprehension

There are two basic functions performed by Broca's - language production and language comprehension. People who face problems with lesions also exhibit problems in remembering the meaning of various sentences. According to the results of neuroimaging studies, if people have problems processing complex sentences, there is a problem in the involvement of Broca's Area. It is also responsible for the cognitive functions of your speech.

Action Recognition and Production

Broca's Area has shown an important role in our actions and movements, which is activated by imitating movement, planning movement, and understanding something. There is the involvement of Broca functioning in certain perceptual tasks. Your hand movement will activate the frontal language area and thus defines your hand actions. This execution is for grasping and manipulating your actions. 


Speech-associated gestures also reduce sentential ambiguity, with that comprehension of language increases. According to the studies, the way we move our hands is closely related to what we speak. It helps define our motor goal and intention. Also, people who suffer in representing their sign language face problems with speech. Broca Area defines how our gestures turn into words to express in a better way. 

Psychological Definition of Broca Area

According to Broca's Area Definition Psychology, the brain's portion is present in inferior frontal convolution in the cerebral hemisphere. It is responsible for the production of speech in humans. According to psychology, Broca's Area is located in the left hemisphere of right-handed people. But many right-handed people have Broca's Area in their right hemisphere. 

Broca's Area Blood Supply

Our brain has a middle cerebral artery that functions for delivering vascular supply to each hemisphere's lateral surface area. This lateral surface is connected with motor and somatosensory regions, further connected to Broca's Area, Wernicke's Area, non-dominant and dominant hemispheres. The posterior cerebral artery is responsible for supplying the occipital lobe. Superior branches of MCA are responsible for blood supply to the Broca. 

Clinical Significance of Broca

There are huge numbers around the world who suffer from Broca malfunction. According to the recent studies, there are two major problems developed with the same as listed below:

  • Shuttering

It is a disorder in Broca's Area for its malfunctioning. A person faces basic problems in speech. 

  • Aphasia

If a person suffers from Aphasia, he has problems while writing, listening, speaking, reading, and formulating results. His brain lacks the basics and hence might further result in brain damage. It is a chronic problem that can bring a complete change in one's life. 

Fun Facts 

  • The gestures that our body makes while speaking and writing are the functioning of Broca.

  • Non-human beings do not have Broca, but they have vortical parts for the same functioning as Broca and Wernicke's.

  • Destruction of the Broca can lead to a brain tumour and further speech-related issues.

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FAQs on Broca Area

1. How does Broca differ from Wernicke's Area?

Ans: Broca is responsible for speech production and related functions like reading, speaking, writing, and listening. The way we speak, write, gather information, form results, and write something depends upon this major section of the brain. However, Wernicke's Area is present in the posterior superior temporal lobe, further connected to Broca. There is a neural pathway between the two. This Area deals with comprehension in your speech or your writing. Wernicke's Area is crucial for language development, while Broca is responsible for the production of speech. Wernicke's is present in the left side temporal lobe in the brain, while Broca is present in the left hemisphere for right-handed and right hemisphere for left-handed in most cases. The disease developed due to Broca's problems is Broca aphasia, and the disease developed due to malfunctioning of Wernicke's Area is Wernicke's Aphasia.

2. In which lobe Broca's Area is Located?

Ans: In the dominant hemisphere of your brain, the frontal lobe has Broca inside it. This Area is generally on the lobe's left side, which is connected to the nervous system and responsible for speech production. Primarily, this Area is responsible for the way you gather information, react to it with your speech. Speech can be either according to writing style or according to speaking style. In case the part is damaged, people will develop various speech problems to express their ideas, speak up, formulate their language, and gather meanings of sentences. They are unable to solve and understand complex sentences. 

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