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Democratic rights are a crucial part of class 9 social science political science. Students are the future citizens of a country. They will form the future society and conduct the country. They should know how to conduct a country. They should have direct knowledge of the politics of a country along with political issues. Political science provides the initial idea of politics to the students. Therefore, the Central Board of Secondary Education includes political science in the curriculum. The chapters of class 9 political science syllabus are efficient for providing basic ideas of politics to the students. To have explicit knowledge of chapter 5 class 9, they should follow democratic rights class 9 notes.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why do we need rights in a democracy?

In every democratic country, there are some specific fundamental rights of the citizens. These rights play essential roles in a democracy. With democratic rights, citizens can elect and change their government. They can form political parties also. They can contest in the election. Fundamental Rights protect the minorities of a country. If something goes wrong, the citizens can use their rights. All the citizens have fundamental rights such as the right to equality, right to freedom, right to freedom of religion, right to constitutional remedies, right against exploitation, cultural and educational rights. The citizens can follow the religion, education, culture of their choice and will get equality.

2. Why are democratic rights class 9 notes essential?

Political science is a vital subject of class 9 social science curriculum. The students should read every chapter of this subject sincerely. To know about the politics of our country and the political issues, the students should read the subject well. Class 9 social science political science, chapter 5 is all about democratic rights. By reading this chapter, the students will get to know about the democratic rights of Indian citizens. Also, this chapter is essential for class 9 final exam. The students should prepare this chapter carefully to score well. The democratic rights class 9 notes will help to have explicit knowledge of this chapter.