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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 6 - I Had A Little Pony

Last updated date: 21st Feb 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Marigold Chapter 6 Poem - I Had a Little Pony

If students have help from experts in solving their homework and preparing for exams, then a lot of burdens are taken off from their shoulders. The NCERT solutions Class 4 poem English ch 6 formulated by the subject matter experts of Vedantu are well suited for the needs of Class 4 students to help them do well in English subjects. Students will find the Class 4 English notes on I had a little pony very easily understandable and they can also seek help from our experts whenever they need.


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Chapter 6 Poem - I Had a Little Pony


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The English Class 4 on I had a little pony solution is prepared considering the CBSE format of exams hence students will surely ace their English exams if they avail of our online services.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Poem Chapter 6 – Free PDF Download

The Class 4 English Marigold Chapter 6 poem solutions prepared by Vedantu is easily available in PDF format on their official website. Students can download the ch 6 Class 4 English poem and save it for future reference. The PDF on I had a little pony Class 4 notes will prove to be an invaluable handy resource during exams for a quick revision. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 6 – I Had a Little Pony


This sweet poem “I had a little pony” is a composition of Margaret S. Russell. She has written many poems and also published a haiku (a Japanese form of poetry which consists of three lines of a poem in a special format).  She loves to write and take traditional thoughts and ideas to romantic and mysterious places.

This poem’s main theme is that one must care for animals as they care about humans. Any kind of cruelty and harshness towards them gives you a bad name and in the end, you lose out on things. 

The poem also teaches that one should be careful with their belongings, whether people or things or animals. They must not lend them to people they do not know as others might treat their precious things badly. By lending what you love a lot, you endanger the safety of that thing.

I Had a Little Pony

The poem is about a little girl who owns a lovely pony and she has named it Dapple-grey. Dapple-grey was a beautiful and strong pony whom the girl loved close to her heart. 

A lady once asks the girl to lend the pony to her for a day as she wants to drive for one mile to someplace. The little girl is trusting and nice so she gives away the pony without any worry and the lady rides away with her pony.

When the pony comes back, it looks tired and tattered. The lady did not treat the pony well. She whipped and slashed him roughly. The lady even rode the pony across a mire which the little pony was not strong enough to ride. 

The little girl felt very hurt and angry at the lady. She was also very sorry for lending the pony to a lady she hardly knew and putting her dear pony through this excruciating experience.

She then promises the pony that she is never going to lend it away to anyone. Even at the cost of losing out huge money, she has decided to keep her lovely pony safe with herself.

Exercise - Reading is Fun

This exercise of Class 4 poem on I had a little pony Marigold has a total of six questions. There is one fill in the blank which tests the meaning of words. There are two short answer type questions. There are two multiple-choice questions.

Exercise - Let’s Talk

Questions in this exercise are meant to enhance the English speaking capabilities of students. It also makes children think at a higher level and out of the box. This exercise has a total of 3 questions. The questions revolve around animals and pets and students need to talk about their experiences with animals they have seen or pets they love.

Exercise - Say Aloud

In this exercise of Class 4 poem English Chapter 6, 15 words are given which kids need to say out aloud. This helps in bettering their English pronunciation and they also learn new words.

Exercise - Word Building

This exercise has three questions. All of them are about the word “stable”. Students need to answer who lives in a stable and also make words from “stable” by removing some letters. This exercise aims at building the vocabulary of children.

Exercise - Let’s Write

There are two questions in this exercise and they are:

  • Students need to write about their favourite pet or any animal they love. This would help to build writing skills as well as creative thinking in students.

  • There are words given and students need to fill in the blanks with the word that rhyme with the given words. 

Key Features of NCERT Solutions for Class English Chapter 6

You will find the notes of Class 4 poem Chapter 6 prepared by the experts of Vedantu extremely easy to follow and comprehend. All the questions are written after extensive research by the competent team of Vedantu. The key benefits that students would obtain from these Class 4 English poem Chapter 6 solutions are:

  • The entire chapter can be revised quickly as it is available in a PDF format which can be downloaded from anywhere, anytime. Once you have the PDF on your device you can refer to it even when you are on the go and there is no internet connection.

  • All the answers follow the CBSE curriculum hence it is very apt from the exam point of view and you can expect high marks once you avail of these solutions.


In conclusion, our NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 6, "I Had A Little Pony," offer a comprehensive and engaging resource for young learners. Through these solutions, students not only understand the story better but also develop essential language skills and comprehension abilities. We've provided clear explanations and fun activities to make the learning process enjoyable. Our aim is to help students grasp the concepts effectively and boost their confidence in English. At Vedantu, we believe in making education accessible and enjoyable, and our NCERT Solutions are a testament to that commitment. We hope these resources prove invaluable in your journey of academic excellence.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 6 - I Had A Little Pony

1.What Did the Little Girl Feed the Pony?

The girl gave the bony hay and corn to eat.

2. Why was the Little Girl Angry with the Lady?

The girl had lent the pony to the lady for a day but the lady mistreated the pony. She whipped and slashed him and the pony was in a very battered condition when he came back. This made the little girl feel sorry for the pony and angry at the lady.

3. Who were Hiawatha’s Chickens, according to Chapter 6 of Class 4 English Marigold?

Hiawatha was an inquisitive boy who learned all the birds' languages and all their names. He also learned every secret they had - from how they built their nests during the summers to where they hid themselves during the winter season. Since Hiawatha knew the language of all the birds, he used to talk to them very fluently whenever he met them. He called these birds "Hiawatha's Chickens."

4. What did Hiawatha learn about the animals, according to Chapter 6 of Class 4 English Marigold?

Hiawatha did not only learn about birds, but he also learned about various beasts or animals. He learned the names of all the animals, their secrets, and the languages that they spoke. He got to know where the beavers built their home and where the squirrels hide their nuts. He also learned about the swiftness of a reindeer and the timidness of a rabbit.  He called these animals "Hiawatha's Brothers." 

5. Who told Hiawatha about the wonders of the world, according to Chapter 6 of Class 4 English Marigold? 

It was Nokomis, Hiawatha's grandmother, who taught him about the wonders of the world. Hiawatha used to live with his grandmother in a wigwam or a hut. His grandmother talked to him about the animals, stars, birds, trees, insects, and many other things. Hiawatha, because of his grandmother Nokomis, grew up loving all these things. He could easily talk to animals, and the animals could talk to him.  

6. Hiawatha referred to the birds like chickens and the beasts as brothers. What do you think this shows, according to Chapter 6 of Class 4 English Marigold? 

Hiawatha knew the languages and secrets of all the birds and the beasts. He used to talk to them, and they used to talk back to him. He referred to birds as chickens and the animals as brothers because he was very close to them. He treated the birds like his own pet chickens and the animals like his brothers. He never caused any harm to them. This shows how affectionate and loving he was towards all birds and animals. 

7. Do you think birds have secrets, according to Chapter 6 of Class 4 English Marigold? 

Yes, each animal and bird has their secrets which help them in their survival. Every bird has its secret nest hidden so that no other bird or animal can destroy it or take its eggs. Many birds move to different places in winters - this is also a secret because we do not know where they go. To access more solutions from this Chapter, go to NCERT Solutions Chapter 6 of Class 4 English Marigold on the Vedantu website or download the Vedantu app.