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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 3 - Run

Last updated date: 27th May 2024
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NCERT Class 4 English Chapter 3: Complete Resource for Run

Discover the revamped Class 4 English Marigold Chapter 3 poem solutions exclusively on the Vedantu website. Immerse yourself in the brilliance of NCERT solutions, meticulously crafted by expert teachers with extensive subject expertise. These educators bring years of experience to ensure an enriching learning experience for young minds. Every Class 4 poem English Chapter 3 question is thoughtfully addressed, leaving no room for confusion during the study of this chapter. Should any difficulty arise, our dedicated teachers are readily available for assistance, fostering a supportive learning environment. Feel empowered with Vedantu's top-notch resources, and embark on a journey of seamless comprehension and appreciation of English poetry.


NCERT Solutions for Class 4


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English Marigold

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Chapter 3 Poem - Run


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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English – Free PDF Download

If you wish to download the Class 4 English notes on Run and use it in your preparation, this is the best platform that you have reached. You can now download the entire English Class 4 on Run solution in a PDF format and then print it and use it to make your basics stronger. Just go to the Vedantu site and download the solutions without any hassle and refer to it so that you score well in your examination.


RUN is a poem written by Mary Daunt. On Run Class 4 notes, you learn why the poet tells the children to keep running and never to stop. Children should run and enjoy themselves to the fullest. They should move from the city and run towards the countryside to breathe in the fresh air and appreciate nature. Mary Daunt tells children to run under the sun when it is raining as well as under trees. She calls out to them and tells children to run down the hill or up the lane. She asks the children to run through meadows and back again. Mary Daunt tells children in the Class 4 poem on Run Marigold to run all through the day because running can make them happy and rejoiced.

Nasruddin’s Aim

The story Nasruddin’s Aim is about a boastful boy called Nasruddin who used to take pride in his archery skills. The story begins where Nasruddin is talking to his friends and telling them about how good he is at archery and how he never misses any target when he shoots an arrow. He proudly says that no one is competent enough to beat his archery skills. All that he needs to do is to string the bow, aim at the target, and shoot the arrow. There is no chance that his arrow would ever miss the target.

While Nasruddin was talking about his skills, his friend rushed to bring a bow and some arrows to see if Nasruddin was good at the game. The friend immediately gave the bow and arrows to Nasruddin and asked him to shoot. He showed him a target that Nasruddin had to hit. Now all his friends were eagerly waiting to watch if Nasruddin was as good at aiming as he was boasting about.

Nasruddin took the bow and strung it and aimed at the target. He then shot his first arrow. Unfortunately, the arrow missed the target and did not hit it. The arrow fell off somewhere in the middle. On seeing this, all his friends started to laugh. They mocked Nasruddin asking him if this was his best aim that he was bragging about. At this Nasruddin immediately shot back a reply saying that this was not his but a friend, Azad’s aim that he was showing to his friends. In truth, was the just way in which Nasruddin was defending himself.

Nasruddin took another arrow, and once again, he strung the bow and aimed at the target. This time too the arrow missed the target, though it did go a little further than the last one. Seeing this, his friends got another chance to mock Nasruddin and asked him if this was the way he aimed? Nasruddin again defended himself, saying that this was not his aim. It was the chief guards aim that he was showing to his friends.

Now his friends were sure that Nasruddin actually did not know the game and was only showing off. One of his friends then asked him whose aim Nasruddin would be showing off next. All his friends burst into laughter, and Nasruddin stayed quiet because he knew that his friends were now making fun of him.

Nasruddin again picked up an arrow and aimed it again. Luckily this time, the arrow hit the target. Nasruddin was lucky, and when all his friends were staring at him unbelievably and in amazement, Nasruddin said that this was exactly his aim.

In this story, children see how Nasruddin took the name of someone else to save himself when he missed his target. And when the last time he did hit the target by fluke he then said that this was his aim. The story clearly shows that Nasruddin was not good at archery and was only boasting about himself.

Key Features of NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 3

The best part about the online notes of Class 4 poem Chapter 3 is that these let you study the topic independently without any help. At Vedantu, you get the complete solution to the questions so all that you need to do is to refer to them and that is enough to get ready for your examination.

  • Class 4 English poem Chapter 3 solutions are prepared by teachers who have been training students for many years

  • These Ch 3 Class 4 English poem solutions are handy, and thus whenever you wish to refer to them you are free to do so

  • Reading these solutions over and over again helps to build confidence. It prepares you to tackle any question that may come on this topic in your examination.


Vedantu's NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 3 - "Run" provide a comprehensive and effective learning resource for young learners. The meticulously crafted solutions ensure that students grasp the core concepts with clarity and confidence. Through interactive and engaging methods, Vedantu fosters a love for learning, encouraging children to explore and excel in their academic journey. The platform's commitment to providing accessible and quality education makes it a valuable aid for students, parents, and educators alike. With Vedantu's user-friendly interface and expert guidance, students can overcome challenges, enhance their language skills, and develop a deeper understanding of the subject. Embracing Vedantu's NCERT Solutions equips young minds with the knowledge and skills they need for a successful academic future.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 3 - Run

1. Why Does the Author Emphasize the Benefits of Running for Children?

The internet and technology advancement has caused a lot of harm to childhood. Today children prefer staying indoors in air-conditioned rooms surrounded by the latest gadgets. In this, they miss out on the health benefits as well as the beauties of nature that they get to see when they run. Mary Daunt thus emphasizes this and tells children that there is no limit to where they can run. She wants children to start running again because it is only when they run will they feel happy and rejoiced from within.

2. Describe the Character of Nasruddin.

Nasruddin, as a person, is boastful and tries to show himself superior among his friends. In some cases, his character in the story also indicates his low morale and self-esteem. Nasruddin was boasting about something that he was not good at. He was lying about it to his friends to stand out and have a superiority feel and to show his friends down. However, when his friends asked him to show his skill, he missed the target. Instead of taking the blame and accepting his mistake, Nasruddin started finding ways to escape.

3. Who is the author of this poem? Also, write a few lines about the author.

Mary Daunt is the author of the poem “Run”. She is happy to see the children happy and having an amazing time while running all over the countryside and in the hilly areas. She was a good author by heart. Her writing style was impressive yet simple to understand. She was born in the year 1864 and died in the year 1895 in Ireland. She was married and had one child.

4. Give a brief about the poem summary.

Chapter 3 of Class 4 English is the poem “Run”. It revolves around children. It’s all about their happiness. Children love to play and have a fun time. The children are having a good time in the countryside, beneath the tree, and down the hilly sides. After running all day in the grasslands they come back again. They even race with the little breeze. The emphasis in this poem is laid on children rejoicing.

5. What is the meaning of ‘meadows’? Make a one-line sentence from this word.

The meaning of ‘meadows’ in a general context, is a field of grasslands that consists of wildflowers. In context to the poem, a meadow is a field of grass where the children are having fun and are quite happy. They are running from one place to another in the lanes and down the hillsides. A sentence using the word ‘meadows’ can be - “He was walking in the fields and meadows with his friends.” To study more questions like this, students can access the study material both on the website and the app.

6. How are the Class 4 English Marigold Chapter 3 NCERT Solutions beneficial?

Class 4 English Marigold Chapter 3 NCERT Solutions can help students as these contain the answers to all the questions given in the poem “Run” from the Class 4 English Marigold NCERT book. The solutions have been created according to the CBSE syllabus and guidelines. By referring to the solutions, students will get an idea of how to write the answers in the Class 4 English exam. These solutions can also be downloaded In PDF format free of cost.

7. What skills were Nasruddin good at according to the chapter?

Nasruddin had good archery skills. He was very proud of his skills. He always used to say to his friends that he never misses a single shot and no one is capable of beating him in archery. But in the end, it was clear that he was just showing off that he had good archery skills, but in reality, it was not like that. Even his friends made a mockery when they saw him not able to target and aim at the archery.