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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 4 - Alice In Wonderland

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Marigold Chapter 4 - Alice in Wonderland

NCERT Class 4 English Chapter 4 solution is a fictional story of a girl named Alice and the White Rabbit. This story has been a vital part of anyone’s childhood, and through this NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Marigold, the child can understand the story very well. The expert teachers of Vedantu have written the description of this beautiful story. Get the full access by logging into the Vedantu Website and enjoy the PDF version of it. These are specially made based on the Marigold Class 4th English Chapter 4.


NCERT Solutions for Class 4


Class 4 English

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English Marigold

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Chapter 4 - Alice In Wonderland


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NCERT Solution For Class 4 English Marigold Chapter 4 – Free PDF Download

The PDF form of the NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Marigold notes can be accessed on the website for free. You have to just log in to the website and read the most famous tale of Alice. Class 4 Marigold Chapter 4 Summary will help you to comprehend the story very well, and you can further answer questions based on it easily.

Glimpses of Chapter 2 Alice in Wonderland

1.1. The Characters

The story is set up in a beautiful garden where the main character Alice was sitting with her sister. The story has been built around the main character Alice with the White rabbit who can talk.

1.2. The Story

Once upon a time, Alice was sitting under a tree and listening to her sister narrating a story. She saw a rabbit around her. She got very curious when she found out a White Rabbit who wore a red waistcoat and also carried a watch. She considered him very unique as he was able to talk. She suddenly followed that talking Rabbit.

Alice bumped into a large rabbit hole while following the rabbit. She exclaimed that she must be somewhere in the centre of the Earth as she has fallen down and down. She also thought that she must be on the other side of the Earth. She finally landed herself on a pile of dry leaves.

She again noticed the same white rabbit who said: “Oh, my ears and whiskers! How late it’s getting!”. She also found a small door which was too short for her to pass that door.

There was a glass table around her which had a golden key on it. She tried that and opened into a loveliest and brightest garden. She imagined herself to be among those beds of bright flowers and the cool fountains.

However, she could not even manage to get her head through that gate. She exclaimed how I wish to be smaller.

1.3. Moral of the Story

The student will learn to appreciate the beauty of nature. The usage of imagery in the chapter will help them to understand the setting of the story and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Key Features of Class 4 English Ch 4 NCERT Solutions

The beautiful and short description of the famous Alice and the wonderland story is given in Class 4 English Chapter 4. You can also find simple versions of your other chapters in your English book. The summary provided by the expert faculty at Vedantu of Class 4 English Chapter 4 describes the story in a way which will help the children to understand the story and answer well at the end of it. Some of the characteristics of NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 4.

  • These notes are made in a short form and easy for children to understand.

  • The notes are made using simple vocabulary.

  • This can help the student to understand the story.


In conclusion, NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 4 - "Alice in Wonderland" offer a delightful journey into the whimsical world of Lewis Carroll's literary masterpiece. This chapter not only introduces students to the enchanting tale of Alice but also provides a rich platform for enhancing their language and comprehension skills. The solutions align seamlessly with the NCERT curriculum, nurturing a love for literature and imaginative storytelling. By delving into the fantastic adventures of Alice, students learn valuable lessons about creativity, curiosity, and the power of imagination. These solutions are a gateway to literary exploration and critical thinking, preparing young minds for a lifelong appreciation of the written word.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 4 - Alice In Wonderland

1. Statement – Alice can go to the Wonderland. True or False?

It’s false. She cannot go to the wonderland as she cannot pass her head through that little door taking to the wonderland.

2. Do you Think Alice was a Curious Person? Why?

Alice was a curious girl as we have seen in the story that she was very curious by looking at a rabbit who can talk. So, she followed him through the rabbit hole where she discovered the wonderland.

3. Who Took Alice to the Wonderland and Why?

Alice was taken to the wonderland by a white rabbit. She became very curious to see the White Rabbit and she immediately followed the rabbit. She then finally saw the wonderland.

4. Why did Alice Want to be a Smaller Person?

The gate leading to the wonderland was very small. It was so small that she could not manage to get her head off the gate.

5. What are the main characters in the Chapter 4 English?

The two main characters in Chapter 4 of Class 4 English Marigold are Alice and the rabbit of white color. They used to talk and chit chat with each other. The rabbit was unique as most of the rabbits don’t talk, seeing this quality of the rabbit she was amazed. The rabbit wore a red coat and was followed by Alice when she saw it going. However, this all was imaginary. To practice questions and study, students can download NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 4 free of cost.

6. What is the idea behind the story?

The idea behind the story is simple. These days, in this busy era, everyone is running around doing something and no one is appreciating nature's beauty. No one is interested to step ahead and do something for the beautification of nature, let alone appreciate it. Instead, people are destroying nature for their own sake which will result in their harm only. In this particular story, the idea is to conserve or acknowledge nature.

7. What is the starting scene in the story?

The starting scene in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is set between Alice and her sister who were sitting beneath the tree. Her sister was reciting a story and Alice was listening to the story silently. When she was listening to the story, she saw a rabbit running who could even talk and was carrying a watch. Alice, being a curious girl, had the curiosity to know where the rabbit was going. It was an imaginary scene. For more information about the story, students can visit the vedantu website ( or the app.

8. Is ‘Alice in Wonderland’ an interesting story?

Yes, it is a very interesting story. It is a fantasy story where Alice is the main element. The narration of the story is very well phrased. Children love to read this story as it is revolving around the imaginary scenes followed by various creatures in the rabbit hole. “Alice in Wonderland” is itself a great title, where you get to enter into the dream of discovery and normal implications don't apply.

9. Who has written this novel? Write something about the author.

The novel ‘Alice in Wonderland’ has been written by Lewis Carroll who is a great writer. His ability to recreate childhood tales is, by far, the best among other writers. He can engross the audience into his stories, leaving them excited about what is to come next. This novel is popular even today, not only with children but also with adults. When adults read this story, they revive all their childhood memories.