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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 9 - Going To Buy A Book

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Marigold Chapter 9 - Going to buy a Book FREE PDF Download

Class 4 English Chapter 9 - Going to Buy a Book: Join the exciting journey as we explore the joy of buying a book. Discover the thrill of selecting a new read, understanding the process, and appreciating the magic of literature. Get ready for an adventure in the world of books! Poems are a great way to learn any language. This lovely poem in English Class 4 Chapter 9 Marigold, “Going To Buy a Book” is a sweet little poem that would delight the students of Class 4. To understand it better, students would need some help from experts and NCERT Class 4 English Chapter 9 Going To Buy a Book by the subject matter experts at Vedantu would make it easy for you to go through this poem and get its gist.


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Chapter 9 - Going To Buy A Book


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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Marigold provided by the scholars at Vedantu is perfect for Class 4 students as they have done extensive research to formulate the answer in a way that suits students of Class 4. Students can ensure great marks by following Class 4 English Ch 9 NCERT solutions as the solutions are written according to the CBSE guidelines.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Marigold Chapter 9 Going to buy a Book

NCERT Solutions For Class 4 English Chapter 9 – Free PDF Download

Having NCERT English Class 4 Chapter 9 Going To Buy a Book in a PDF format is very beneficial for students to do a quick round-up of an entire chapter within minutes. NCERT solutions of Class 4 English Marigold Chapter 9 PDF is now available at the official website of Vedantu, which can be downloaded anytime and from anywhere for free.

Class 4 English Marigold  Chapter 9 Going To Buy a Book Introduction 

Rukmini Banerjee is the author of  “Going to Buy a Book”.This story describes the joy and wonder of a small boy who goes to a bookstore to pick a book. It depicts the tender minds of little children who always like to share the smallest things with others. 

Through this chapter, the writer makes us realize that even a small experience of buying a book can be enjoyable as children live in the moment. The sweet relationship between a grandfather and grandchildren also comes out through this story.

Illustrated with exciting pictures, the chapter is written in an easy flowing and simple manner which even Class 4 students can understand and relate to. Children would learn a lot of new words and phrases through this chapter, and it will also help them in creative thinking.

A Short Description of Going to Buy a Book

One day a little boy and his brother got some money from their grandfather to buy some books. Since both of them loved to read, they were pleased to get this money. In their excitement, they started planning whether to go today or tomorrow, and they decided to go at that very moment.

Then they started thinking, which shop they should visit to buy a book, and if they should get someone along. Finally, just the two boys went by themselves to a small shop as it has many books and also they liked the man who owned the store, and he liked them too.

The boys were unable to decide what kind of book to buy, whether with pictures or stories or something else. The store owner smiled at them and took them to show different types of books on animals, machines, etc. to choose from. He asked them to take whatever they wanted.

Both the boy and his brother chose a book for themselves. The boy settled down on the floor, and the brother sat on a chair, and they kept reading the books.

After a couple of quiet hours, both of them knew what kind of books they wanted to buy. The boy bought a fat book with lots of stories while the brother chose a big book with pictures. The man at the store smiled and gave them the books.

Finally, they ran to their grandfather and climbed onto his bed. The grandfather put his arms around them, and both the boys read the book to him in a happy and joyful mood.

Exercises Covered in Class 4 English Marigold Chapter 9

  1. Exercise - Reading is Fun

This exercise has 3 questions and all are short answer types questions based on the chapter.

  1. Exercise - Let’s listen and Search

There are 10 questions in this exercise of Class 4 English Chapter 9, which are meant for team building and also to enhance speaking and listening skills. Students need to hunt for the words that are spoken by one student and take turns.

  1. Exercise - Let’s Talk

This exercise has 2 questions that are long answer types. They make students think and talk about bookstores near their house and the kind of books that are available there. This exercise helps in bettering confidence in students to speak in English.

  1. Exercise - Let’s Write

This exercise has 4 questions which are as follows:

  • Fill in the blanks question where students have to read sentences with some colored words in it and use those words.

  • Students need to think of 5 things they can do at a bookstore and write it.

  • Fill in the blanks with a situation given and using “and” and “or” in it.

  • Students have to think of their favorite book and write down its story. 

Key Features of NCERT Solutions for Class English Chapter 9 

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 9 given by the expert team of Vedantu is the best solution to hone the budding minds of Class 4 students. It will teach them English interestingly and easily. Its key benefits are:

  1. Solutions are provided in PDF format for easy download and offline access, facilitating quick revision without internet connectivity.

  2. Aligned with CBSE pattern, the solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 9 ensure students can score well in their exams.

  3. Written in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, the Marigold Class 4 Chapter 9 solutions cater to the comprehension level of Class 4 students.


Class 4 English Chapter 9, "Going to Buy a Book," immerses students in the thrilling experience of acquiring a book. It delves into the joy of choosing a new read, understanding the book-buying process, and appreciating the enchantment of literature. Through this exploration, young learners not only enhance their reading experience but also cultivate a deep appreciation for the literary world. The chapter ignites an early love for books, inspiring students to embark on a joyful adventure of reading with enthusiasm, laying the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of literature.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 9 - Going To Buy A Book

Q1. What did the grandfather give to the little boy and his brother and what did the two boys choose to do with that?

Ans: The grandfather gave them money to buy books. Both the boys were overjoyed as both of them loved to read and they decided to run to a bookstore at that very moment. At the bookstore, they have a wide variety of books to choose from. The storekeeper was a nice man and he let the two boys stay there for two hours to find the kind of book they wanted to buy. The little boy chose a big fat book full of stories and his brother chose a big book full of pictures

Q2. What are the different aspects of this poem?

Ans: This poem depicts how the world of children is so innocent that they find a lot of joy in the simple act of going and buying a book. The poem shows how books can help in developing the minds of young children and this happy tale helps in forming an interest in books in young minds. The beautiful relationship between grandparents and grandchildren also comes out through this poem. After the two boys buy their books, they run to their grandfather to read the book to him. This shows how children like to share their smallest joys with people they love.

Q3. What does one do after going to the bookshop?

Ans: After going to a bookshop people usually select a book that they want to buy. After many extensive searches by opening numerous books and going through the contents and rejecting some books as they are unable to fulfill their requirements, they finally find the book that would fulfill their needs and interests. Children find themselves drawn to the children’s section and adults usually get mesmerized looking at philosophical and classical books. Many people, instead of buying the books, sit and read in the bookstore itself to pass their time. On several occasions, you can make new friends who have similar tastes and interests matching yours. NCERT Solutions Class 4 English Chapter 9 is very helpful and can be downloaded from the Vedantu Mobile App as well at free of cost.

Q4. Why were the kids happy to get the money from the grandfather?

Ans: The kids loved to read books, and so when the grandfather gave them money to visit the bookstore, they were extremely excited. Both of them initially could not decide which book they wanted to spend money on. They took their own time going through all the books and finally realized which book they wanted to take back home. The girl got herself a storybook and the boy got himself a picture book. They were happy to have finally selected what they wanted to buy and in their excitement, they rushed into their grandfather’s arms to show him their treasures. For in-depth knowledge of the Chapter visit the page of NCERT Solutions Class 4 English on the official website of Vedantu.

Q5. What were the confusions and doubts that the kids were faced with?

Ans: Though both of them were happy to receive money from their grandfather to buy books, they still could not figure out if they should visit the bookstore right then or wait for a few days to give it a visit. However, they decided to go on that very day to buy books. Another dilemma that both kids faced was whether they should go to the big market or the small shop and if they should get the company of someone or go alone. While in the shop they could not decide which book to buy and which they did not. To help them the shopkeeper suggested that they should relax and go through every book to pick out one each they would like to get. This helped the kids, and by the end, they could select one book each, based on their interests, and return home.

Q6. Why did the kids decide to go to the small shop?

Ans: The kids decided to visit the small shop instead of the big market because even though the shop is small, it has many books of different genres for the kids, moreover, the man in the shop is very friendly to them, and helped them whenever they needed assistance. The kids were confused as to which book they should get for themselves, but in the small shop, they could sit and explore every book before concluding. The owner was friendly too as he let them take their time and realize which genre their interests lie in. Read more about the chapter and prepare it for the exams with the help of the NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English.

Q7. Do the kids love their grandfather?

Ans: The kids are very close to their grandfather. He gives them money to buy books, as he knows that they love reading books. They go to the bookstore and select books that they would want to read and come back home. The moment they come home, they run to their grandfather, showing him with excitement what books they have bought with the money that he gave them. He puts his arms around both of them in a show of affection and they read the books they bought for themselves together. This shows that they love their grandfather immensely.