NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A pact with the Sun Chapter 5

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 5 - Tansen - Free PDF Download

NCERT Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Chapter 5- Tansen is one of the most important chapters from which maximum questions can be shown up in the final exam. Due to this, it becomes necessary for the students to understand the concept behind the chapter & get acquainted with every question that is covered in the chapter. With the help of NCERT Solution for Class 6 A Pact with the Sun Chapter 5- Tansen  given below in pdf format, they can easily prepare the question covered in the chapter, since they will have a guide to help them out with all the probable questions as well as the answers. 

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Access NCERT Solutions For Class 6 English Chapter 5 – Tansen part-1

Access NCERT Solutions For Class 6 English Chapter 5 – Tansen

1. Why did Swami Haridas say Tansen was 'talented'?

Ans: Tansen learned to imitate bird and animal calls. He roared like a tiger in the forest one day to terrify Swami Haridas, a traveller. Swami praised Tansen's ability and referred to him as talented.

2. Why did Akbar ask Tansen to join his court?

Ans: Tansen became a famous vocalist after eleven years of studying music under Swami Haridas. He sang in front of Emperor Akbar. In 1556, Akbar was so impressed that he invited Tansen to join his court.

3. How do we know that Akbar was fond of Tansen? Give two reasons.

Ans: Tansen became Emperor Akbar's personal favourite. Akbar used to go to Tansen's residence to listen to him play music. Tansen was asked to sing anytime he felt like it. He also lavished Tansen with gifts.

4. What did the other courtiers feel about Tansen?

Ans: As the Tansen's popularity grew, other countries grew envious of him. They were attempting to smear Tansen's musical reputation.

5. (i) What happens if Raga Deepak is sung properly?

Ans: When Raga Deepak is properly performed, the environment becomes so hot that the performer is reduced to ashes.

    (ii) Why did Tansen's enemies want him to sing the Raga?

Tansen's opponents were envious of him and wished to kill him.

6. Why did Tansen agree to sing Raga Deepak?

Ans: Because he had to obey the Emperor, Tansen decided to sing Raga Deepak. Tansen had to demonstrate his musical ability as well.

7. (i) What steps did he take to save himself?

Ans: Tansen was well aware of Raga Deepak's danger. He took two precautionary actions to ensure his safety. He pleaded with the king for a long time. During that time, he taught Raga Megh to his daughter and her buddy.

(ii) Did his plan work? How?

Tansen's strategy worked flawlessly. His singing heated the atmosphere. The lamps were lit by flames that shot up from the ground. The two females began singing Raga Megh at that same moment. Tansen's life was saved when the rains came down abruptly.

NCERT Solutions For Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Chapter 5 Tansen

Download NCERT Solutions For Class 6 English Supplementary Chapter 5- Tansen – Free PDF 

Class 6 English Supplementary Chapter 5 can be a tricky chapter to master for little kids because it has an underlying meaning that the small kids are far less experienced to notice. Hence they need a guide who will be able to point it out to them in the most lucid manner. The NCERT Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Chapter 5, exactly acts as a guide for this issue. 

They explain the basic crux of the story so that it becomes easier for the students to follow the lesson plan. Moreover, they discuss all the topics related to the text so the students can deal with all types of questions that come their way. The question-based answers also help the students to have an overall preparation for the final examination. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Supplementary Chapter 5- Tansen free pdf can be easily downloaded through the link given below.  You just have to press a single mouse button on the pdf link given below and your file will be downloaded.

Glimpses of Class 6 English Supplementary Chapter 5 - Tansen

The story of ‘A Pact with the Sun’ revolves around this character named, Saeeda, who tries her best to assist her ailing mother. After consulting several doctors, they reach a conclusion that what Saeeda’s mother needs is rays of the sun. To accomplish this task, Saeeda moves her mother into a bigger bedroom which is exposed to the rays of sunlight, but unfortunately, for the next few days, the sun does not come up. Saeeda prays and prays to the sun to rise high in the sky above all the clouds. At least her wish is granted. And slowly but steady her mother recovers as well. 

It is very important to understand the underlying concepts that are attached to any text of English literature. The concepts need to be clear in the mind of the students if they want to answer the questions that they did not prepare for. The topics that are related to the background and the context need to be studied properly as well. NCERT solution provided by Vedantu helps the student to prepare for the examinations in the best way possible.

Benefits of NCERT Solutions For Class 6 English Supplementary Chapter 5

There are several benefits attached to NCERT solutions for Class 6 Chapter 5. Some of them are listed below:

  • To help all the students with various intellectual capacities, the solutions are formulated in a language that is lucid so that the students can grasp the concept quite fast. 

  • In the area of offline studying, there is a PDF mode as well, which does not need an internet connection. Therefore, the students can easily download the pdf beforehand and read at their convenience. In the offline method, they would not get distracted easily since all the other sites will be off. 

  • NCERT solutions for Class 6 English Supplementary Chapter 5 available on this page, also provide a brief description of the summary and cover the topics related to the chapter, so that the students can answer all the probable as well as the improbable questions that will be thrown at them. 

  • The questions are posed in such a manner that it will compel the students to think and make their own decisions regarding the subject matter.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What did the doctor suggest to Saeeda?

The doctor suggested to Saeeda that her mother will do a lot better if she gets plenty of sunlight. For this purpose, Saeeda shifts her mother to a bigger room where she will be able to receive plenty of sunlight.

2. How can Vedantu be beneficial?

Vedantu hires professionals to prepare the students for their tests and maintains the standard of their answers which will not be given in other sites. They have many methods which can make any boring subject quite interesting and make the learner curious about the things they were not interested in. The revision method is a boon on its right since; it prepares the student more properly.

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