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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 2 - Noses

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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NCERT Class 4 English Chapter 2: Complete Resource for Noses

Exciting news! Vedantu's website now offers downloadable solutions for Class 4 English Marigold Chapter 2 poem. These solutions have been meticulously prepared by expert teachers, ensuring a comprehensive and clear understanding of the poem's concepts. Students can now access these well-explained solutions to have all their doubts on "Noses" Class 4 notes cleared effectively. The user-friendly download option allows learners to use these resources to enhance their learning or refer to them whenever needed. With Vedantu's reliable solutions, mastering the topic becomes easier, and students can confidently approach any challenging aspects of the poem with ease.


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Chapter 2 Poem - Noses


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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English – Free PDF Download

Now download the notes of Class 4 poem Chapter 2 from here. It is the perfect platform, where you can get a complete solution to the chapter. The solution is in a PDF format, so all that you need to do is to download it and refer to it as and when you need to. The Class 4 English notes on noses are prepared taking care that it solves any doubts that you may have. Experienced teachers have written all the answers so you are assured that these solutions are right and can guide you well to score well in the examination.


Noses is a poem written by Aileen Fisher, where the poet describes the feeling of a child who sees her nose in the mirror and feels that it has grown funny and strange. She feels that her nose is sticking out of her face and that it has small holes through which the air passes in and out. The girl feels that her nose grows out from her face like a handle between the hair ends. She finds the position and structure of the nose so funny that she feels that if anyone wants a laugh all that they should do is to look at their face in the mirror.

The Little Fir Tree

The Little Fir tree is the story of a magician whose name is Shetty. He is returning home when suddenly it starts to rain. It is raining heavily, and Shetty is looking around to shelter himself. Just then he spots a little and pretty fir tree. He runs towards the fir tree as fast as he can, and then the rain stops.

Shetty feels happy that the fir tree protected him and did not let him get wet. He then thanked the tree and told it that it had been kind enough to offer him shelter. In his happiness, the magician told the fir tree that he would like to give the tree some reward. 

Shetty then asked the fir tree to ask for four wishes which he would grant to the tree. The fir tree was sad because it had leaves like needles and no bird thus ever made a nest on it. The fir tree wished that its leaves turn green like the leaves of the other trees. Its wish was immediately granted, and the next day the fir tree saw that all its leaves were green. However, just then, a goat came along and ate the green leaves. The fir tree then wished that if it had gold leaves, then that could save its leaves because goats do not eat gold leaves.

The fir tree got up the next day and saw that it had golden leaves. I was happy. However, just then, a man came along and stole all the golden leaves. Then the fir tree wished that it would be better if it had leaves made of glass. It was sure that men do not steal glass leaves. The next morning when the fir tree got up, all its leaves were made of glass. The leaves shone in the bright sun. The fir tree was happy.

However, at night when the wind blew the glass leaves broke. The fir tree then realized that it's fir leaves were the best. The goats did not eat the needle-like fir leaves, no man ever stole it, and the wind did not cause any harm.

The tree went to sleep at night, and when it woke up the next day, it's needle-like leaves were back again. The fir tree felt that it has never been so happy before.

Key Features of NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 2

Refer to the online NCERT solutions Class 4 poem English Ch 2 that are handy. The Class 4 poem on Noses marigold solutions are prepared with care and cover the entire topic. At Vedantu, you can get the complete solution which is enough to get your exam ready so that you score well. 

  • The Class 4 poem English Chapter 2 solution is the best that you can find online, and you can get the complete answer to the questions in the textbook.

  • The complete explanation is given to you in the PDF format, which can be easily downloaded.

  • The English Class 4 on Noses solution helps to build on the students’ conceptual base and eventually builds on the basics that let them perform well in their future exams.


Vedantu's NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 2 - Noses offer a comprehensive and engaging platform for young learners to explore the world of literature. With meticulous attention to detail, the solutions not only elucidate the intricacies of the chapter but also encourage critical thinking and creativity. The user-friendly interface and interactive approach make learning enjoyable and effective. Vedantu's commitment to providing high-quality educational content ensures that students grasp the fundamental concepts effortlessly. By utilizing these solutions, students can enhance their language skills, cultivate a love for reading, and develop a deeper understanding of the subject. Vedantu's NCERT Solutions are an invaluable resource for Class 4 students and educators alike.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 2 - Noses

1. Why Does the Poet Feel that the Nose is Funny?

The poet feels that the nose is funny because it has a peculiar shape and funnily grows on the face. It sticks on the face in the form of a handle. Even though the nose is important because it helps us to breathe, the child still does not like her nose.

The two little holes on the nose and the way it sticks out of her face make her feel that it is a joke, and anyone who wants a laugh should look at their face in the mirror.

2. What is the Moral of the Story - The Little Fir Tree?

The story is about a fir tree that does not like its leaves. It feels that the leaves of the other trees are better. So when a magician grants it four wishes it first asks for its leaves to change so that it also looks like its friend trees and also so that birds can come and make a nest on it. However, when it has grass leaves the goat eats the leaves. Next, it asks for golden leaves, but a man comes and steals it. Then it asks for glass leaves but the windbreaks it. Eventually, the fir tree realizes that its leaves are the best. So, in its fourth wish, it asks the magician to give it back its original needle-like leaves.

3. How has the poet described the nose, according to Chapter 2 of Class 4 Marigold?

The poet has described the nose as 'the funniest thing.' The poet finds it funny how the nose sticks out in the middle of the face with two little holes from where we breathe. The poet's nose is stuck like a handle between the hair and the chin, which makes the poet laugh. The poet asks the readers to look at their noses in the mirror whenever they want to have a good laugh at it. 

4. Why is the nose so important for you, according to Chapter 2 of Class 4 Marigold?

The nose is one of the most important organs of our body. It helps us in breathing air through the two tiny holes that are there. Breathing air is very important for our survival. If we stop breathing, we will die. This shows how important the nose is for us. The nose also has tiny hairs that help filter out any harmful substances that might have entered the nose through the holes while breathing. 

5. What do you think features mean? What are some different kinds of features that people have, according to Chapter 2 of Class 4 Marigold?

A feature can be defined as a characteristic of someone’s face that brings special attention. Some different features that people have are the length and shape of a nose - it can be sharp, long, or short. Other features include the size of the eyes, jawline, eye spacing, eyebrow spacing, the shape of the eyebrow, etc. Download the NCERT Solutions Chapter 2 of Class 4 English Marigold free of cost available on the Vedantu website and the Vedantu app. 

6. What was the fir tree’s first wish, according to Chapter 2 of Class 4 Marigold?

A magician was looking for a shade to protect himself from the rain. He saw a little fir tree that sheltered him and helped him protect himself from the rain. The magician granted the tree four wishes. In its first wish, the little fir tree wished that it had green leaves similar to that of his friends - not the leaves it had as no birds would come to make nests on it because of its needle-like leaves. For more information, check out Vedantu's NCERT Solutions for Chapter 2 of Class 4 English Marigold. 

7. Why did the fir tree ask for glass leaves, according to Chapter 2 of Class 4 Marigold?

The little fir tree had first wished for green leaves, but they were all eaten by a goat, so it made another wish - to have golden leaves which the goats would not eat. But the gold leaves were now being stolen by men. The tree then made a third wish in which it wished for glass leaves instead of gold ones. The glass leaves would shine in the sun, but when the wind blew, all the leaves broke at night.