NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Hindi Chapter 5

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Hindi Chapter 5 - Bahadur Bitto

The NCERT solutions for Class 3 Hindi Chapter 5 Bahadur Bitto are fundamental examination materials that will help students to clear their basic concepts of the Chapter 5.Masters and capable subject educators have set up the NCERT solution of Class 3 Hindi Chapter 5. These NCERT solutions provide proper explanation of the topics covered in the chapter. These appropriate and accurate answers are intended to assist students with understanding the story and adding an exhaustive comprehension of the section. The Class 3 Hindi Ch 5 NCERT solutions help students to prepare the chapter effectively.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Hindi Chapter 5 Bahadur Bitto

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Hindi Chapter 5 - Free PDF Download

It is extremely important for students who face certain complexities while studying Hindi to completely familiarize themselves with the basic meaning of the chapters included in the Hindi NCERT textbook. The NCERT Solutions Class 3 Hindi Chapter 5  aims at proper understanding and assessment of the concepts of the chapter to help students while preparing for exams or doing my homework. The NCERT Solutions Class 3 Hindi Bahadur Bitto is formulated by the latest guidelines and formats prescribed by the CBSE Board for Class 3 Hindi. The CBSE Class 3 Hindi Chapter 5 solutions provide credibility and accuracy so that students easily comprehend the story, learn, and receive a few strategies that assist them with unravelling and answering questions effectively. This PDF contains step by step explanations for every problem given in the Hindi Class 3 Chapter 5 NCERT textbook.

NCERT Solutions for Hindi Class 3 - Chapter 5 Bahadur Bitto

CH 5 Class 3 Hindi describes a folk tale from Punjab about Bitto who is the wife of a Peasant. One day, the peasant comes home and tells Bitto that a lion came to his field and told him to get his cow or else the lion would eat him. Bottom gets furious listening to this and tells her husband to go tell the lion that she would bring the lion a fresh horse. This chapter generally includes 2-3 marks short and long answer type questions covering the basic themes and interpretations of the topic. 

After this, she ties a turban and starts riding around the field on a horse with a scythe in hand and shouts exclaiming that the farmer has already trapped four lions whereas this was only one weak lion and killing it should be fairly easy for them. On hearing this, the lion runs away in fear. However, the wolf is watching all of this. He goes to the lion and tells him that the person he was scared of was Bitto herself and convinces him that they need to attack again. The lion agreed upon the condition that their talks would be tied up.

When they reach the field, Bitto uses her intelligence and claims that the wolf had made a deal with her that he would bring four links attached with its tail but this was only one weak lion. The lion starts thinking that the wolf was a traitor and runs away yet again.

The CBSE Class 3 Hindi Chapter 5 solutions provide detailed explanation of the various topics and concepts included in the chapter through lucid and simple language, diagrams and images aiming for better comprehension of students.

NCERT Solutions for Hindi Class 3 Chapter 5 - Marks Weightage

The stepwise answers included in the Bahadur Bitto Class 3 NCERT Solutions are key towards securing good marks on school assessments and final examinations along with helping students in holding a better command on the subject with decent question-solving ability to tackle different situations more precisely. 

Benefits of NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Chapter 5 

Following are the main advantages of using the NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Chapter Bahadur Bitto:

  • These solutions are written by subject experts at Vedantu.

  • The NCERT solutions of class 3 Hindi is available here in pdf format and allowed to download for free. 

  • All basic problems relating to the concepts included in the textbook are sufficiently solved in the NCERT solutions Class 3 Hindi Chapter 5. Students will not have to go through any troubles while trying to understand the basic subject matter.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Hindi Chapter 5

1. Why did Bitto seem demonic in the eyes of the lion?

Bitto did a trick stunt on the lion. She told the farmer that he had caught four lions, and that there is just one here which should be fairly easy to catch and exclaimed that the lion should be sufficient for both of their breakfast. Hearing this, the lion thought about Bitto as devilish. Bitto's dress was likewise similar to this. She was holding her head with a turban and a grass shearer in her grasp, which the lion got frightened upon observing.

2. Should one opt for these solutions to prepare for exams at the end moments?

Hindi can prove to be a very complex subject for many. Therefore, it is generally advised that all students should familiarize themselves with the basic fundamental topics and concepts of the chapter through the NCERT textbook and the NCERT solutions well before time and properly assess their preparations. This is mainly because students would not find this overwhelming at the last moment and also this would help build strong overall foundations of the subject. Still, due to certain circumstances, if a student does not have much time left before the commencement of the exams, these solutions can be very fruitful. 

3. Who are the characters in Chapter 5 of Class 3 Hindi?

Characters in Class 3 Hindi Chapter 5 'Bahadur Bitto' are peasants. The wife Bitto who is depicted as a brave woman doesn't fear the Lion and in fact, scares the Lion back. The Lion is shown to be fierce in the beginning but eventually runs away for his life in fear and the Wolf who tries to trick the woman, his plan backfires.

4. How did Bitto manage to scare the Lion in Chapter 5 of Class 3 Hindi?

In the story 'Bahadur Bitto,' when Bitto learns about the whole conversation between the farmer and the Lion, she decides to scare him away. She mounts her horse and proceeds to the field. As she runs around the field, she says that the farmer told her there were four Lions, but she only saw one, but that’s sufficient for lunch. Hearing this, the Lion gets scared and runs away.

5. Why did the Lion flee the second time in Chapter 5 of Class 3 Hindi?

When the Wolf told the Lion the truth about Bitto's act, both the Lion and the Wolf decided to return with their tails tied. Looking at them clever Bitto said, " I asked the Wolf to get four Lions tied to his tail, but all I see is one." When the Lion heard this, he assumed the Wolf was betraying him with Bitto and raced back for his life.

6. Is Chapter 5 of Class 3 Hindi important?

Class 3 Chapter 5 ‘Bitto Bahadur’ is a must-read chapter. You can get short type or long type answers consisting of two-three marks. Make sure to note down the significant points of the story that are most likely to be asked in the exams. You can use Vedantu's NCERT solutions and notes to fully comprehend the chapter and have an idea of the types of questions that will be asked. The solutions are available on the Vedantu website and the app.

7. How can I score better marks in Class 3 Hindi?

Getting good grades in Hindi can be tricky at times. However, all you require is a study guide that has all of the necessary information. You can completely rely on Vedantu’s NCERT solutions for this. These PDF solutions can also be downloaded free of cost. You'll be able to keep track of all the important questions provided by Vedantu( and get a better idea of how to answer them. Along with that, practising regularly will help you improve your results.

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