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NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Prose Chapter 5 Pappachi’s Moth

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Prose Chapter 5

CBSE Class 11 is a crucial time for students to decide which subject they want to choose for their higher education. Even though English remains a compulsory subject in 11th standard, students find it comparatively easier than the rest. NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 5 Prose can be a valuable study material since it consists of all the important questions based on each section. Students get to explore different areas of this chapter and acquire great marks in the process.


NCERT Solutions for Class 11


Class 11 English

Subject Part:

Class 11 English Woven Words

Chapter Name:

Chapter 5 Prose - Pappachi’s Moth


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English and Hindi

Available Materials:

  • Chapter Wise

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In order to learn a subject properly, one should also consider going through study materials to find accurate answers. However, with so many options available in the interest, students may find it hard to choose the right one. NCERT Solutions help you get rid of that confusion since academic professionals prepare the answers.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 5 Prose Pappachi’s Moth - PDF Download

CBSE Class 11 English Pappachi's Moth is undoubtedly an interesting chapter if all the underlying concepts are properly grasped. The chapter has multiple shades that require an extensive amount of research and thorough analysis to comprehend.

In order to attain desired scores, students should not only focus on learning these subjects but also practice finishing them within a stipulated time. Class 11 NCERT Solutions English Woven Words Ch 5 contain precise answers so that you can save time during examinations.

The free version of NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 5 Prose PDF is available in Vedantu app. Students can also clear up further doubts regarding the chapter with all these questions that contain precise and compact answers. They also get a proper idea of the answer pattern that brings better marks.

Types of Questions Found in NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 5 Prose

The beautiful depiction and character portrayals are the strongest part of this story, and students get to experience different emotions while studying them. However, a subject cannot be completely grasped if one does not practice complex questions.

Here are a few instances of these questions found in NCERT Solutions for Pappachi's Moth:

1. The first question deals with the relationship Mammachi and Pappachi shared, and students are required to mention a few details to substantiate their answers. Mentioning some of the instances from the story can strengthen the answer.

2. While answering the second question, you need to mention specific reasons why Mammachi was considered as an independent, resilient woman. You should also mention her character traits and everything that made her different from the rest.

3. You will find an incident where John Ipe mentions that he considers retirement to be dishonourable. In this question, you are required to mention instances that made him feel like that.

All these questions are unique and should be answered with proper information. Students may find it challenging to describe a few concepts as it is written from the narrator's perspective. Therefore, considering NCERT Solutions for English Woven Words Ch 5 is a smart choice to get more clarity.

Benefits of Choosing Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 5 Prose

Exam preparations can be exhausting at times with so many study materials to go through, looking for best answers that bring you great scores and sufficient information to make your answers compelling. And, the best part about relying on NCERT Solutions is that it covers all of these requirements a student can have before exams.

Have a look at a few advantages it comes with:

  • The in-house subject matter experts prepare all these answers you find in NCERT Solutions. Hence, you can expect accurate and well-researched answers that help you get desired results.

  • The questions follow a structured pattern set by CBSE; therefore, it automatically becomes reliable.

  • The stepwise guide and chapter-wise question distribution help you to understand the concepts more. You can go through several sections from the text and simultaneously practise exercise questions.

Also, sometimes students struggle with finding the study materials within a short time. NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 5 Prose is available in all the reputed educational sites like Vedantu to provide you hassle-free study experience.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Prose Chapter 5 Pappachi’s Moth

Q1. Why Should One Refer to CBSE Class 11 English NCERT Solutions?

Ans: Since getting desired results is the priority, one should always go for authentic study materials in order to avoid marks deduction. NCERT Solutions are well researched and prepared by experienced professionals who have been in this field for a lot of years.

Also, these answers strictly follow CBSE guidelines and maintain the pattern set by them. All of these automatically make these solutions reliable. Since the textbook does not contain the syllabus and important questions, it is better to opt for NCERT Solutions to understand what kind of questions you will face in exams.

Q2. What Theme has Been Used in Pappachi's Moth?

Ans: The short story from Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 5 Prose depicts the symbol of fear and unhappiness. In order to understand the underlying themes, one should research relevant parts of this story.

Human emotions and social obligations are some important things that have been discussed in this story. And that cannot be comprehended without solving questions. NCERT Solutions have a wide number of questions based on different sections of the story. The answers are also informative and structured to provide you with a complete idea about the theme.

Q3. How can I get Class 11 NCERT Solutions English Woven Words Ch 5 PDF Online?

Ans: One can access the free PDF version from renowned educational sites like Vedantu. These answers are crafted by academic scholars to help you get your desired scores. These solutions are quite beneficial for the students as these follow the required structure.

Finding authentic answers can be difficult, with so many resource materials available all over the internet. However, it is best to rely on reputed sources so that accuracy never gets compromised. The information found in NCERT solutions is authentic and well-researched; therefore, students do not face difficulties in finding accurate answers.

Q4. How did Pappachi Moth behave with his wife?

Ans: Pappachi Moth behaved very rudely with his wife. He used to beat her very often with the vase. He never had any respect towards his wife and was quite jealous of her success. He never could appreciate his wife for her hard work or never had the heart to help her in the business. 

Q5. Who is the author of Pappachi Moth?

Ans: The author of the story is Arundhati Roy. She was an architect, a novelist and a screenwriter. She was a winner of a Booker prize in 1997, which is a prestigious award. Pappachi's Moth is a story that walks us through the relationship of Pappachi and Mammachi, who are a couple with an age difference of 17 years.

Q6. What kind of a person was Pappachi Moth?

Ans: Pappachi Moth was retired, but it's not easy for him to accept his retirement. He was very jealous. He could not bear the success of his wife when she started the pickle business. He could not tolerate any appreciation towards his wife. He used to beat his wife every night with a brass flower vase, and he was quite elder to his wife. To get in-depth knowledge on this chapter, students should use NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Chapter 5 or Vedantu app to download the free of cost PDF of NCERT Solutions by Vedantu.

Q7. What kind of a person was Mammchi?

Ans: Pappachi’s wife Mammachi was very soft. She never complained about her husband's beatings. She even tried to be financially strong and decided to make pickles and jams. She even received success but unfortunately never got a word of appreciation nor a helping hand. She suffered from conical corneas and was almost blind. 

Q8. How can NCERT Solutions help in preparing the chapter?

Ans: NCERT Solutions can be the best help for the preparation of the chapter. The explanations given are easy to understand. It is always better to keep a dictionary with you so that any words which you are finding difficult to understand can be immediately found. This will help you in using different words while writing the answers. NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Chapter 5 should be used to download the PDF of NCERT Solutions produced by Vedantu free of cost. These NCERT Solutions are prepared by subject experts for the benefit of the students.