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NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Essay Chapter 6 The Story

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Essay Chapter 6

The subject English plays a considerable role in the Class 11 curriculum. Students need to score well in English to end up with an overall good aggregate in final exams. Considering the fact that English literature is a relative subject, reading the lessons could be quite tricky. Answering the questions in a scoring manner is also a crucial aspect. It is often observed that a student might be well-versed with the lesson but fails to draft the answers eloquently. This is where NCERT Solutions come into play.


NCERT Solutions for Class 11


Class 11 English

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Class 11 English Woven Words

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Chapter 6 Essay - The Story


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In Class 11 English syllabus, there are prose, essay, as well as poems. In Woven Words Essay, there are seven chapters in total. All of them are essays of different genres written by different authors. Each of them carries a moral from which students can learn a lot about life. The seven essays in the English syllabus for 11th standard students are:

  1. My Watch

  2. My Three Passions

  3. Patterns of Creativity

  4. Tribal Verse

  5. What is a Good Book

  6. The Story

  7. Bridges

Chapter 6 in this context in ‘The Story’. Students can find respective solutions of each chapter in the NCERT materials. Similarly, the NCERT solutions Class 11 English woven words Chapter 6 essay is also available to students. It contains precise answers to questions provided at the end of a lesson in the textbooks. Through these answers, students unveil newer meanings of a particular lesson. The answers also provide a better insight into the author’s approach.

If you are looking for PDF of Class 11 NCERT solutions English woven words Ch 6 essay, you can easily get it on the Vedantu App. Students can now download these materials for free. Alongside, they get expert guidance, revision notes, specialised classes, and so on for full-fledged exam preparation.


NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Essay Chapter 6 - The Story PDF will be updated soon!

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Essay Chapter 6 The Story

  • The first question asks students to explain what they understand from the three voices responding to ‘What does a novel do?’ The answer to this question will be a short yet precise one. Three different voices mentioned in this chapter implies various types of readers who read novels. The first one stands for a balanced reader who might be engaged in some other profession but has knowledge of literature.

  • The second question in NCERT solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 6 asks students to discuss the different finer growths that this lesson supports in a novel. Here, you will need to list down some points aptly. The different 'finer growths' which a story backs in a novel are narrative style, plot structure, themes, the art of characterisation, and so on. The story is the key aspect of a novel, without which other literary aspects fail to do justice.

  • The third question in this section asks you to explain how the author traces the reader's interest in stories from an earlier time to the present times. The author E.M Forster in this essay tells about how the art of narrating story has evolved over the years. In the primitive times of Neolithic age, anthropological connotations of a skull’s shape were common.

  • Question 4 tells students to talk about the importance and role of time in story-telling. According to Forster, time plays a key role in story-telling. This shall be an elaborate answer so that the views of the student are clearly expressed. You can read the corresponding answer from the NCERT solutions Class 11 English woven words Chapter 6 essay to get an idea.

Questions in the Section 'Talking about the Text.'

  1. Question 1 in this section asks students about the role of novels in human lives. In NCERT solutions Class 11 English woven words Chapter 6 essay, you will get an accurate answer to this question. Novels help in reflecting upon various aspects of life. It has different types of characters through whom readers can learn a lot. The stories in this novel not only entertain us but also teaches us a great deal about life. Novels are not always fictitious. It could also be based on real characters and incidents. 

  2. In this question, a sentence from the essay has been given. Students will have to explain this line in their own words. It asks whether our day-to-day life has dual allegiance to ‘the life in time’ as well as ‘the life by values’.

  3. The third question in this section requires students to describe how novels can be viewed like organisms. The author in this chapter tells how novels have characteristics of an organism. Novels have a proper structure like every organism does. Moreover, it has a story as its backbone. Just like how an organism follows the cycle of birth, development, and death, a novel too follows a sequence.

Appreciation Section

This section in Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 6 essay has only one question. The question here is to explain how the author uses Scheherazade’s analogy to explain his opinion. Forster uses this particular analogy to explain how a surprise element is required in a novel. Suspense is also a crucial element in the story of a novel.

No question-answer should be left unread before appearing for your final exams. Refer to the NCERT solutions not only to understand your lessons better but also to perceive the exam pattern.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Essay Chapter 6 The Story

Q1. What is Chapter 6 in the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English about?

Ans: Chapter 6 in the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English is an essay named 'The Story'. The essay has been written by E.M Forster. This essay talks about the different aspects of story-telling in a novel.

Q2. How Many Questions are there in NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 6 Essay?

Ans: Under the first section, there are four textual questions. The second section, or 'talking about the text' section, has three questions. The last section includes a single question regarding the analogy used in the essay.

Q3. Where Can I Download the NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 6 Essay from?

Ans: Students get the chance to download any and every PDF of their English chapters from the Vedantu App. Thus, you can also find NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English woven words Chapter 6 essay in the app.

Q4. Who is the author of Chapter 6 of The Story?

Ans: The Author of the novel is E. M Forster, who was a noted author and a critic. Several short stories and essays were written by him. The story presented in the chapter is about how a good story can be written. For more information, download the Vedantu app or visit Vedantu; the solutions are provided free of cost.

Q5. What is the merit and the fault the author talks about in the chapter?

Ans: According to the author, the only merit the novel has is the curiosity for the readers to know what happens next. If the readers won't keep thinking or show any curiosity about what happens next, that’s the biggest fault in a novel. NCERT Solutions Class 11 Chapter 6 provides a series of questions and answers from this chapter created by subject experts to help students understand the story and prepare them to answer any type of questions in the exams.

Q6. How will NCERT solutions help in the preparation of the chapter?

Ans: The NCERT solution is the best guide for preparing the language. The question and the answers are given in the proper format. The sentence formation is simple. Students can write and practise the answers. This will improve their writing and their vocabulary. The practice question in the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chapter 6 Essay by Vedantu will help the students become more confident in their preparation.

Q7. What is the fundamental aspect of the Novel in the chapter The Story?

Ans: The fundamental aspect of the novel is the story. This is the main factor and common to all the novels. Without a story, no novel will exist. Therefore, it is not only important to pen a great story, but it also becomes important to keep the curiosity in the readers to ensure they complete the full story and not let it go in the middle. 

Q8. What are the tips to prepare the chapter thoroughly?

Ans: The chapter, The story is very interesting, where one has to read and understand the concept clearly. One should learn what exactly the author is trying to convey. Being thorough doesn’t mean you learn the questions and answers but, it is important to understand and then answer, keeping the right concept in mind. This can be possible when you read the chapter till you understand. Once you know you are clear with the concepts, your answers will be perfect. Students should use NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Chapter 6 or Vedantu app to download the PDF of NCERT Solutions provided by Vedantu free of cost.