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NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Poem Chapter 7 Hawk Roosting

Last updated date: 29th Feb 2024
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NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Poem Chapter 7

Even though English is comparatively easier than most of the subjects, certain elements require equal attention and research to grasp properly. Also, while selecting a subject for higher education depends on a lot of factors, and from here on students start preparing for it.

Apart from studying harder to attain satisfactory results, one should also discover his or her interests, so that subject selection becomes easier. Although the report card still plays a vital role in choosing your preferred subject for higher education.


NCERT Solutions for Class 11


Class 11 English

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Class 11 English Woven Words

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Chapter 7 Poem - Hawk Roosting


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English and Hindi

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NCERT Solutions help the students to get rid of common mistakes that stop them from achieving desired results. Woven Words English Class 11 Chapter 7 is quite interesting if one goes through an extensive amount of research. And, with the help of NCERT Solutions, understanding the core components of this chapter becomes automatically easy.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Poem Chapter 7 Hawk Roosting

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 7 Poem PDF - Free Download

CBSE Class 11 is a crucial time for students as they are slowly moving towards achieving big goals of their life. During this time, they often come across several difficult chapters and topics that require immense practise and research to comprehend. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words focus on providing solutions to such issues that can stop you from getting desired results. Along with that, you get to learn more interesting topics that enhance your knowledge. 

Even though the chapters require extra effort and time to grasp, one should also consider practising exercise questions along with that. Slowly it becomes a habit and helps you deal with time-management issues as well. 

NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words PDF is available in Vedantu app and can be accessed for free. This way, students get a hassle-free study experience without worrying about other things. 

Some Questions Derived from Chapter 7 Poem Hawk Roosting  

Since exercise questions play an important role in enhancing your knowledge, you should consider an authentic study material to take help from. 

Here are Some Instances of Types of Questions Found in NCERT Solutions

  • The first question looks for physical features of the hawk mentioned in the poem and also the significance of it. In order to answer this question, students are required to include specific details to strengthen their answers. 

  • While answering the second question, you need to mention how the poem emphasizes the physical prowess of the hawk. You should add certain details that the poet has used to make the poem significant and unique.

These questions require specific information, and including them can automatically bring you better results. Although students from 11th standard usually pay attention to specific details and research properly before answering these questions, NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 7 Poem further helps to ease that process. 

Benefits of Choosing NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words

No matter how compelling a chapter seems in the beginning, there are certain areas that can be challenging to understand. Especially if the goal is to opt for English literature in your higher education, you should clear up the doubts from here on. NCERT Solutions help guide students properly with such issues. Some of the key advantages of choosing NCERT Solutions include:

  • Since academic professionals draft the answers, you do not need to worry about accuracy. The answers are well-researched and drafted with precision; hence, getting a decent score is not a problem anymore. 

  • Also, the unique pattern of NCERT Solutions is another reason to rely on this. Each answer is informative as well as precise to grab your teacher's attention immediately. 

  • You also get a hold of the core concepts with the help of these answers since the focus is to grasp the basics first. NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 7 Poem solves that issue for you by providing quality answers. 

Quality is an important factor while writing answers for an English chapter. Especially, students need to be more creative while studying a poem as there are several poetic elements they get introduced to. 

NCERT Solutions guide you with that and also provide you with time-management strategies so that you can finish your paper on time. 

FAQs on NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Poem Chapter 7 Hawk Roosting

1. Why should I go for NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words?

CBSE Class 11 English can be quite tricky with so many unique poems, short stories, etc. Students should be extra attentive while solving them as difficult topics give rise to conceptual errors. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 7 Poem contain accurate information that is derived from an authentic source. Subject matter experts draft the solutions; hence students do not struggle with finding accuracy.

2. How can I get the PDF version of NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words?

In order to attain remarkable scores, besides studying these chapters, students should keep on practising exercise questions alongside. Although finding the right kind of study material can be challenging since there are a lot of options. 

However, you should rely on study materials that are prepared by academic professionals and have knowledge regarding the same. And, NCERT Solution strictly maintains that. The free PDF version can be easily accessed from renowned educational sites like Vedantu. 

3. What is the main theme of Woven Words English Class 11 Chapter 7 Hawk Roosting?

Every poem possesses a specific theme, and that should be discovered in the process to understand the core concept. Poets usually come up with an idea and explain it through their poems. 

The central idea of Hawk Roosting revolves around the fact that violence or cruelty depends on an individual's perspective. A crime or harmful act may feel cruel to a particular person, while for someone else, it can be a beginning. This is the message Ted Hughes wants to send through his poem. NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Chapter 7 Poem contains all these findings that can enhance the quality of your answers.

4. What is the explanation of the first stanza in the poem?

The poem Hawk Roosting is composed by Ted Hughes. In this poem, the poet has given the power of speech to Hawk. The Hawk is sitting at the top and seeing its kingdom and has the feeling of superiority. The Hawk will act only when it feels and not otherwise. These lines emphasize the parts of Hawk body. The Hawk rehearses the killing and eating of the prey even in its dreams.

5. What is the theme of the poem “ HawkRoosting”?

The theme is entirely based on the inner thoughts of the bird and its violent behaviour. The Hawk is symbolised as having the power of speech and command of the English language. The poet has described that what Hawk lacks is the morality and the mercy that humans have. Hawk is ruthless and direct. Its violent nature is natural and continues to stay the way, with fear in the hearts of its prey.

6. What is the meaning of the second stanza “ The convenience of the High Trees……..And the Earth’s face upward for Inspection”?

In the second stanza of the poem, the Hawk is very convinced of the convenience and the easy life it is having. It has a feeling that everything in nature is made according to its requirements. The trees are so high and the air is so bouncy, which makes his gliding so convenient. The poet Ted Hughes also tells that everything is below the Hawk and he can inspect it.

7. What is the explanation of the last stanza “The Sun is Behind Me………….. I am going to keep things like this”?

In this stanza of the poem Hawk Roosting, composed by Ted Hughes, he explains how Hawk tells that there has been no change in the world since the time of the creation. The feeling of the Hawk is that the world has not changed as he has not allowed for any changes. In Hawk Roosting, the Hawk is one of the most powerful beings on the planet.

8. How can NCERT Solution be helpful in the chapter preparation?

The summary of the poem’s explanation is easy to understand. Students referring to the solution will be able to know the meaning and the concept of the poem in a very comprehensive way. The Solutions of the exercise question are in a simple language and students can prepare well by referring to NCERT Solutions for the exams. The solutions provided by Vedantu are free of cost. They are also available on the Vedantu Mobile app.