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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 9 - Around The World

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 9 - Around the World FREE PDF Download

Embark on a fascinating journey with Class 5 English Chapter 9 - 'Around The World.' This chapter introduces students to the diverse cultures and traditions found globally. Designed for Class 5, it simplifies these concepts, making the exploration of the world's richness engaging and accessible. Class 5 Marigold Chapter 9 Solution by Vedantu explains the chapter comprehensively that benefits the student in exam preparation. Students can prepare for the examination by referring to NCERT Solutions Class 5 Marigold Chapter 9 available on Vedantu. The main idea behind framing these solutions in a step-by-step manner is to clear the basics of students so that they are prepared to tackle any questions in the examination.


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Chapter 9 - Around The World


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The Solutions for class 5 English Marigold will soon be uploaded on this page

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 9 Around the World

NCERT Solution for Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 9 can be downloaded for free by clicking on the PDF link given below. Referring to these solutions helps to build upon the concepts well. All the solutions are well-structured and detailed and have been created after a lot of research. In case, there is an understanding gap, that will be covered when one refers to CBSE Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 9 Solutions. If there is anything that the student may not have understood in the chapter, going through these NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English marigold Chapter 9 Around The World helps to clear all their doubts.

A Quick Overview of Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 9  Around The World

Around The World Ch 9 Marigold Class 5 is about a gentleman from London called Phileas Fogg who hires a servant named Jean Passepartout. Passepartout is from France, and he loves to wear hats. He also owns many hats. Passepartout has worked in various jobs and was also working in a circus. However, now he wants to lead a peaceful life. Mr Fogg happens to read about a railroad in India that lets him travel the world in 80 days. He takes this as a challenge and bets his fellow members and agrees to pay half of his fortune if he is not able to accomplish the goal. He thus leaves on his journey with Passepartout as his companion.

However, soon after Mr Fogg leaves on his expedition, someone who resembles him robs the bank, and this makes Mr Fogg a suspect in the eyes of the Scotlands Yard. His sudden departure from the city also made the police wonder more about his whereabouts. The police thus set a detective named Mr Fix after Mr Fogg. Mr Fix befriends Mr Fogg, and they start the journey from San Francisco to New York. They start their journey to cover three thousand seven hundred and eighty-six miles which indeed is a long distance. The train crosses many steep mountain slopes, curves, canyons and bridges on the way.

Suddenly, the train stops as a herd of buffaloes comes on the track. This causes a three-hour-long delay. However, once again, the train resumes its journey and heads into the steep mountain. The highest part of the journey was crossed during this time, and the train then came out into a rocky mountain. The train again stops because the suspension bridge on the Medicine River breaks. The next day the train moves forward, and there are hundreds of scouring Indians who attack the train. The attackers flee when they see that the soldiers are running towards them.

The story in Class 5th English Marigold Chapter 9 is about the exciting journey of Mr Foggs and Mr Passepartout Around The World and the thrilling things that they see and the interesting people that they meet on their journey.

Key Features of NCERT Solutions For Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 9

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Chapter 9 English Around The World are created by experts who have explained all the concepts in great detail, This helps students score well in their examination. Class 5 English Chapter 9 Around The World helps students get a good hold of the chapter and be able to answer any questions that might be asked.

1. In-depth Clarifications: Get thorough explanations for each exercise, ensuring a profound grasp of the diverse cultures discussed in 'Around The World.'

2. Clear and Organized Presentation: Enjoy a well-structured format that facilitates easy comprehension, aiding in the exploration of global traditions and customs.

3. Precise Answers in Line with Syllabus: Gain confidence in your knowledge with accurate responses aligned with the curriculum, enhancing your understanding of the world's rich tapestry.

4. Visual Support: Simplify complex cultural concepts through visual aids like diagrams and illustrations, providing a vivid portrayal of global diversity.

5. Additional Insights for Improved Performance: Access extra tips and insights to boost your performance, enriching your understanding of various cultures and traditions.

6. Quick Revision with Chapter Summaries: Use concise chapter summaries for efficient revision, ensuring you retain key information about cultures from around the world.

7. Flexible Study Resources Online: Benefit from online accessibility and downloadable resources, providing flexibility in your study routine and aiding in comprehensive preparation for 'Around The World.'


The NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 9 - Around The World, provided by Vedantu, is a valuable tool for Class 5 students. It helps introduce English concepts in an accessible manner. The provided solutions and explanations simplify complex ideas, making it easier for Class 5 students to understand the material. By using Vedantu's resources, Students can develop a deeper understanding of NCERT concepts. These solutions are a helpful aid for Class 5 students, empowering them to excel in their studies and develop a genuine appreciation for Around The World.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 9 - Around The World

Q1. What experiences does the story Around The World share with the readers?

Ans. Around The World is based on the famous novel Around The World in Eighty Days.

The story is about an Englishman who sets on a world tour betting that he can complete the tour in 80 days. The story takes the reader on a journey Around The World where the readers get to experience the different things that the protagonist went through. The readers enjoy various events, learn about new people and get to see the different landscapes through the eyes of the narrator. There are so much drama and thrill in the story which keeps the readers engaged until the end.

Q2. Why did the police suspect Mr Fogg in the story Around The World?

Ans. My Fogg goes on a tour Around The World. Just as he leaves on the expedition, there is a bank robbery committed in his city. The robber resembles Mr Fogg. The sudden travel of Mr Fogg from the city and also the expensive world tour raises suspicion in the city police about him. This is the reason why they send a team after Mr Fogg.

Q3. Who is Jean Passepartout?

Jean Passepartout is the servant hired by Mr Phileas Fogg to accompany him on the world tour. Passepartout is from France who worked in various jobs, even in the circus. He likes to wear hats and owns a lot of hats. Students can access the NCERT solutions at  Vedantu and start their preparations to score well in the exams. Since these questions are answered by the experts at Vedantu, students need not worry about anything. With the help of these solutions, students can ace their exams.

Q4. What did Mr Foggs want to accomplish?

Mr Froggs is a gentleman from London who wants to travel the world. He came across an article that was about the railroad in India that lets him travel the world within 80 days. So he wanted to accomplish his wish to travel around the world in 80days. Vedantu answers a lot more important questions and clarifies the doubts of the students with simple and accurate solutions. These NCERT solutions are prepared by a group of highly qualified staff to help the students score well in the exams.

Q5. What did Mr Fogg's challenge his friends do?

All of Mr Fogg's friends challenged him that travelling the world in 80 days would be impossible. So Mr Froggs challenged that if he didn’t complete this challenge he would pay half of his fortune. And he started his journey with his companion Passepartout. To get well versed in this chapter, students are advised to download the pdf of NCERT solutions free of cost. The solutions are prepared by the experts, strictly following the CBSE curriculum.

Q6. What were the struggles that happened during the train journey?

During the journey, the train crossed many mountains, slopes, and bridges. Suddenly,  a herd of buffaloes came on the track and the train stopped. And once again the train resumes its journey and heads into the steep mountain. The train again stops because the suspension bridge on the Medicine River was damaged. The next day, the train was stopped because there were hundreds of scurrying Indians who attacked the train. There were so many struggles during this journey. Students can make use of the Vedantu’s NCERT solutions to prepare for the exams.

Q7. Where can students download the NCERT solutions for Class 5 Chapter 9 English?

Vedantu is one of the best online learning spaces that help students ace their exams. English is one of the most interesting subjects but mostly ignored by the students thinking that it is easy to score in exams. Scoring 80+ in English is a tough task but with the guidance of the NCERT solutions, students can easily score well. These solutions are carefully prepared following the CBSE curriculum by highly qualified experts. Download these NCERT solutions for free of cost at Vedantu.