NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 10

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 10 - Who will be Ningthou

Marigold Class 5 Chapter 10 Solution given on Vedantu’s website covers every part of the topic in great detail. One can download Class 5 English Chapter 10 Who Will Be Ningthou Solutions on their mobile and refer to them as and when they wish to. All the Class 5 marigold Chapter 10 Solutions have been prepared by subject matter experts who come with years of experience and have been teaching this topic for a long time. They have taken care to explain NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold concepts clearly so that students fare better in their examination.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 10 Who will be Ningthou

Students can now easily download NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Who Will Be Ningthou on Vedantu’s website. The solution is in a PDF format. Students can refer to it whenever in doubt as the chapter is explained clearly. NCERT Solution for Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 10 is accurate and comprehensive that lets students get the fundamentals on the subject clear. Once their concepts are developed, they can approach the exam questions with ease.


Glimpses of Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 10 -Who Will Be Ningthou

In Manipur, the king is called a Ningthou and the queen is called Leima. The story is based in Manipur and explains to the readers about the qualities that one should possess to be a good ruler. The story Who Will Be Ningthou is written by Indira Mukherjee. It talks about the qualities that a good ruler should possess. This is what will keep their kingdom happy. The story thus highlights what makes a good ruler.

The story is set in Manipur. The king and the queen of Manipur are good and caring people. They lead the kingdom well and look after their subjects, their people and even the animals and birds of the kingdom. Everyone, including the creatures, loves the king and the queen a lot.

Now the king and the queen have four children. Three of them are boys and one is a girl child. The daughter is a sweet little child with a pure soul and everyone loves her. The king now starts to grow old and wishes his children to succeed him. However, he is worried and wants the next ruler after him to be empathetic and kind. He thus holds a competition among his children to judge the next heir.

Customarily, the eldest son of the king should have been the next heir to the throne. However, the king and the queen feel that they need to test the qualities of their children to see who best can rule the kingdom after him. The king thus hosts a horse racing competition. When all the three sons ride it well, he twists the competition. However, in the end, he is still disappointed because he does not find any of his sons to be worthy of being a ruler. He does not think that any of them has the qualities to keep the kingdom happy. However, a glance at his daughter made him realize that she was the rightful heir to the throne. During the competition, they found that their daughter looked lonely and sad as she was concerned about the tree that was dead and the birds that were flapping in search of a new shelter. The king thus decides to crown his daughter the next queen because of her gentle nature and caring attitude.

Key Features of NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 10 

All you need to do to score well in your exam is to refer to the Who Will Be Ningthou Class 5 NCERT Solutions. Class 5 English Marigold Ch 10 NCERT Solutions make it easier to grasp the topic explained in the textbook and also help to improve on the child’s basics.

  • The subject matter experts have taken all the care to carefully write Chapter 10 Who Will Be Ningthou Solution so that even a Class 5 student can understand it. 

  • The step-by-step approach ensures that the student clearly understands the way to tackle any question on Class 5th English Marigold Chapter 10.

  • Once the child masters this concept at a young age, he will never face a problem in his higher classes.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How do you avail the study materials for NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English?

Ans. NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English are available on Vedantu’s official website. They are available in the PDF format and you can download them on your phone, computers, laptop and any other device. The teachers have extensively researched and written NCERT Solutions English in detail and are self-explanatory. Students can revise and solve as many questions to master the topic.

Q2. What do you learn from the story ’Who Will be Ningthou’?

Ans. The king and the queen of Manipur are good and kind natured people, and people in Manipur love them a lot. In fact, the king and the queen also love the animals and birds in the Kingdom. However, when the time comes to choose the next king, the king and the queen are confused. They believe that it is not just power but kindness that makes a good leader. So finally they crown their youngest daughter as the next queen who showed kindness and love towards animals and nature while their sons were fighting and trying to prove their power.

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