NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Essay Chapter 7 Bridges

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NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Woven Words Essay Chapter 7

The Class 11 English syllabus consists of Prose, Poem, as well as Essays. The book comprising the essays assigned for Class 11 is called the Woven Words. It is a collection of seven essays. Chapters or essays included in the Woven Words books for Class 11 English are as follows:

  1. My Watch

  2. My Three Passions

  3. Patterns of Creativity

  4. Tribal Verse

  5. What is Good Book

  6. The Story

  7. Bridges

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Woven Words Essay Chapter 7 - Bridges PDF will be updated soon!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why should I study the English Class 11 essay answers from the NCERT Solutions?

NCERT Solutions is a great resource to study English lessons from. The answers give a greater insight into the English chapters. In Class 11, English requires a thorough grip on the text. The solutions provided by NCERT help students unveil newer aspects of an essay.

2. What is the essay ‘Bridges’ in Woven Words about?

The essay ‘Bridges’ in the book Woven Words is an autobiographical piece written by Kumudini Lakhia. She is a famous Kathak dancer from Gujarat. She later found the Kadamb School of Dance and Music. In this essay, she talks about her journey towards becoming a reputed dancer. The essay also talks about her younger days, family, and struggles.

3. How many questions are there in the NCERT solutions class 11 English Woven Words chapter 7 essay?

The questions in Class 11 NCERT solutions of English Chapter 7- 'Bridges' are grouped into four parts. They are ‘Understanding the Text’, ‘Talking about the text’, ‘Appreciation’, and ‘Language Work’. In the first section, there are five textual questions. The second section includes four questions. The third section has two questions, while the language section includes three questions.

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