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CBSE Class 11 NCERT Books for Political Science - Political Theory PDF - Free Download

Political science is a part of social science, which deals with political activities, thoughts, behaviour along with different governments and constitutions. NCERT or the National Council of Educational Research and Training has developed a political theory class 11 PDF dedicated towards discussing different theories associated with this field of study.

Political science is a relatively new subject for students, which they have not studied until now. As a result, they often face difficulties to grasp the associated concepts. To resolve this issue, students can take the assistance of NCERT books for class 11 political science political theory.

Students can download this NCERT political science political theory book class 11 from the link given below.

NCERT Books Class 11 Political Science PDF Download








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NCERT Political Science Book Class 11 Political Theory PDF Download

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NCERT Political Science Book Class 11 India Constitution at Work PDF Download

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the second chapter of political theory class 11 PDF?

Ans. The second chapter of political theory class 11 PDF is freedom. This chapter includes discussions regarding the definition of freedom and various associated with it. It further explains the difference between necessary constraints and restrictions as well.

2. Where can I find solutions to my NCERT book?

Ans. You can find solutions to your NCERT books on the official website and app of Vedantu. Along with these solutions, you can also access study materials, exam notes, practise sets, etc. prepared by subject experts. You can also join the live classes via this website or app.

3. What is the one big reason behind the popularity of NCERT books?

Ans. There are several reasons behind the popularity of NCERT books, but the most prominent one is its authentic information. These books are prepared by subject experts and edited by professionals. In this process, every data and statistics presented here are verified along with their sources, before publishing them.

4. What is as the reason behind students struggling to deal with political science?

Ans. The primary reason for students struggling to deal with this subject is that it is relatively new to them. They have not studied this subject before, and the concepts of political science are often challenging. However, with the help of their textbooks and their teachers, students can easily improve in this subject.

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