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CBSE Class 11 NCERT Books for Computer And Communication Technology PDF - Free Download

Having knowledge of computer is of utmost importance, especially in this era. Due to this, CCT is consciously integrated into school curriculum worldwide, and India is not an exception as well. CBSE thus offers the students to comprehend this topic well by making it a part of their syllabus. Moreover, NCERT being the sole organisation for publishing books for CBSE, introduces NCERT books for class 11 computer and communication technology for students. 

Class 11 computer and communication technology book covers the topics that are most relevant in CCT. Hence, download computer and communication technology 11th NCERT PDF to know more about CCT. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the role of computer in communication technology?

Ans. Computers play a vital role in communication. From the 1990s the usage of internet in households started to flourish. Since then, communication technology evolved with time along with the computers. The most common use of computer in communication technology includes blogs, websites, email, social networking, etc. Along with that, computers and more specifically internet are broadly used in almost all large scale industries now. 

2. What is the syllabus for CBSE CCT for class 11?

Ans. The syllabus for CBSE CCT for class eleven stretches over two parts. Combining the two, there are a total of 14 chapters, and they are segmented into different Units further. While Part 1 mainly deals with the basic concepts of computer and communication technology, Part 2 deals with the real-life application of them. NCERT books for class 11 computer and communication technology primarily adhere to the CBSE syllabus. Thus students can follow this book for CCT lesson.

3. What are the advantages of CCT?

Ans. The advantages of CCT are many. For example, CCT has made communication more accessible than ever. People can connect with others from any part of the world. Moreover, people can reach out to the more people at a time, and CCT also helps to a great extent during an emergency, when people need prompt service. Also, CCT is the most convenient way to learn about communication without any hindrance. 

4. How to score well in CCT class 11?

Ans. Scoring well in CCT is easy only if your basics are strong. However, to make so first, you need to read the textbook thoroughly. Once, reading is done, try to run the programs on computers so that you can remember the steps easily. For the theoretical part, try to revise the chapters really well and solve all the questions that come with them. With adequate practice and revision, you will be able to memorise the concepts well, and none of the vital points will be missed.

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