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CBSE Class 11 NCERT Books for Geography PDF - Free Download

NCERT provides study materials and educational notes on various subjects as per the CBSE curriculum. It helps students to find all the necessary information regarding a subject on a single platform for comprehensive exam preparation. You can find NCERT book for Class 11 Geography along with books of other classes too.

Due to its authentic facts and simple writing style, most teachers prefer these books as their preferred teaching material. Even CBSE recommends the use of these books for higher education and learning. The Geography Class 11 NCERT PDF facilitates the online learning process as well.

Besides, you can find point-wise details of all the topics in one place. It is the reason why the 11th Class Geography book proves to be a suitable learning aid to help students score high!


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.Why is it essential for students to learn the concepts of geography?

Answer: Geography helps you to comprehend the relations and connections between a human and its surroundings. Moreover, you can learn about places, locations, regions and climatic changes by studying various topics of the subject.

NCERT brings to you textbooks with clear explanations of vivid concepts to facilitate your learning. Now, you can also get the Class 11 Geography NCERT PDF in a few clicks to gather in-depth knowledge on the subject and improve exam preparations.

2.How many books are published by NCERT for Class 11 Geography?

Answer: NCERT is responsible for publishing textbooks on various subjects, such as English, History, Bengali and others for the Class 11 curriculum. For Geography, there are three books provided by NCERT, each of which is a mandatory read.

The Class 11th NCERT Geography books are – Indian Physical Environment, Fundamentals of Physical Geography and Practical Work in Geography. These textbooks are also available in PDF format for students who wish to learn on the go.

3.What books does a student need to study to score well in Geography?

Answer: There are multiple books available in the market aimed to help students prepare for Geography exams under the CBSE curriculum. However, NCERT textbooks can be typically beneficial for academic excellence due to their lucid compilation of chapters.

Also, they follow the latest guidelines approved by CBSE, and you can also find them in PDF format. Just tap on the downloadable links and access NCERT Class 11 Geography PDF for your future references.

4.What are the numbers of chapters included in the NCERT Class 11 Geography PDF?

Answer: NCERT, an autonomous body, publishes educational kits for students to aid their knowledge gathering process. Three Geography books published by NCERT comprise a total of 31 chapters as per the CBSE curriculum.

The first textbook, i.e., Fundamentals of Physical Geography, contains 16 chapters in total, whereas the book Practical Work in Geography covers 8 chapters. Also, there are 7 chapters in part 2 Class 11 Geography book.

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