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CBSE Class 11 NCERT Books for History Theme in World History PDF - Free Download

Study of History is necessary to gain a deeper understanding of the society around us. Accordingly, NCERT Class 11 History book PDF focuses on various themes in world History which have played a significant role in shaping the world as know it today. 

Moreover, the Class 11 History book also encourages students to question the perception of History of the world as a story of the rise of modern West through a re-look at long chronological period and History of continents. Teachers also prefer books such as Class 11 History NCERT PDF as they are curated by expert scholars after extensive research and follow the prescribed NCERT syllabus.

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NCERT Book Class 11 - History Theme in World History PDF Download

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Marking Scheme for Class 11 NCERT History?

Ans. Section A is of 14 marks. Section B and C is of 19 marks while section D is of 23 marks. Students will also have map work as part of their History examination, which is of 5 marks. History project will be of 20 marks each.

2. What is the Best Approach to Study History?

Ans. The best way to study and understand History is to understand the connection between events. One should also consider the timeline and note down important dates and events.

3. What are the Tools Used by Historians?

Ans. As students will learn in Class 11 History book PDF historians use various primary and secondary sources to interpret facts and evidence. The primary sources include artefacts, texts, inscriptions, coins from a period. They also refer to works by previous historians who are secondary sources. They also use oral History to study cultures and customs. Historians then compare and analyse the facts gathered with existing information to conclude the History of a country or period in the past.

4. What Questions Do Historians Ask While Studying the Past?

Ans. Historians ask various kinds of questions which facilitate them to understand and analyse the past. For instance, when they come across a piece of historical information, they ask why it happened the way it did, which factors were responsible, how it affected the people and so on.

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