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Welcome Speech For Dance Performance

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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Dance performances attract a lot of energy in large crowds, and it's a widely adored artistic expression. We have thus presented here both a long and short welcome speech for dance performance along with 10 lines for writing an anchoring script for dance performance, taking into account the importance of art and how it is still relevant in today's events. Dance performances are a part of every cultural programme in our country, whether in schools, colleges, weddings, or other events. 

A welcome speech is very important for cultural functions, and it should be as simple and formal as the function dictates. The dance performance is a part of any cultural program, whether it is in school, college, school, or any wedding function, and many more. While giving a welcome speech for a dance performance, it is essential to express your opinions and view. To help students with this, Vedantu has provided here Welcome Speech For Dance Performance in English that students can easily use.

Long and Short Anchoring Speech For Dance Performance

These welcome speeches for dance performance provide insight on how to introduce a dance performance on stage for students of Classes 1 to 12.

Long Anchoring Script For Dance Performance

Greetings to all! I am ABC and I am fortunate to have this opportunity to present the welcome speech for dance performances lined up for today’s event. As a nation and as a country, culture is an important part of our upbringing and who we are today. Our country's culture is something we will be buried with when we die, and we will have to live with it for the rest of our lives.

What could be more wonderful than children representing our cherished culture? That's right, today the teachers and students have decided to give the audience something to remember for the rest of their lives, something that will bring smiles to their faces and help them go home with a flood of feelings, a river of patriotism coursing through their veins, and their hands on their beating hearts.

We Indians have a long and illustrious history of dance and music. Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Sattriya (Assam), Mohiniyattam (Kerala), Chhau (West Bengal, Jharkhand), Gaudiya Nritya, Ghoomar (Rajasthan), and others are examples of classical or semi-classical dance. We should consider ourselves fortunate that we are able to showcase our country's cultural glory through these events, and on top of that, we have children performing dance performances that represent Indian art forms.

Our students have been working extremely hard for the past two months on their preparations. They want to make sure that every move is flawless, and that every dance performance receives a standing ovation from our audience.

But, before we begin the performance, I'd like to welcome on stage our honorable chief guest, who has taken time out of his busy schedule to attend our event. On this particular day, we couldn't have asked for anything more. I am confident that our students will benefit greatly from their presence. I'd also like to invite our dance teacher to come on stage and welcome our guest for the occasion.

Now, Brace yourself for a high-octane dose of entertainment. I'd like to invite all of our students backstage to prepare for their turn. 

Our ancient scholar Bharatmuni may not have imagined that the Rasa and Bhava of his writing would last for millennia when he wrote the "Natya Shastra." Our first performance is just a small step toward carrying on his legacy. Please welcome the students of class 8, who have come up with this beautiful opening performance. They have won several awards for their mesmerizing performances and are here to steal your heart. So, hold your breath and welcome them with a big round of applause.

With this, I conclude my speech. I hope you all have a wonderful evening ahead. 

All the best to all the performers!

Short Anchoring Speech For Dance Performance

Greetings everyone! Today, we all are present here to celebrate our identity and our heritage. I am ABC, your host and I am glad to have this opportunity to deliver the welcome speech for dance performances. 

Our nation's way of life and ethnicity is something we identify throughout our lives and until we die. Therefore we should count ourselves as blessed that we are getting a chance to showcase our country's cultural splendor through these events and that we have youngsters that can represent Indian artistic expression through their strong dance performances.

I am pretty sure these performances will be considerably more outstanding than what we have witnessed in the past few years. We will give our guests something that they will not easily forget. I'm sure all of you will feel extraordinarily devoted vibes after seeing these performances, and our hearts will palpitate with powerful and strong positive emotions for our country's culture and heritage.

Our students have put in a lot of effort into their preparations, which have been ongoing for several months. The goal was to ensure that each dance is perfect and that each dance performance results in thunderous applause from our audiences. Our students have worked hard every day on their dance performances in order to meet this wish.

I'd like to express my gratitude in particular to our team, which provided invaluable assistance in the planning of all such events. They are our pillars of support, or in other words, a solid backbone, and I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to them.

Dance is, in my opinion, one of the holiest art forms. It entails far more than simply shaking your hands and legs. Dance allows you to express your thoughts and emotions without having to speak. Dancers were once thought to be God's messengers because they could convey a wide range of emotions and narrate history or a story in an engaging way. Music plays an important role in bringing this art form to life, and it is an integral part of the dance.

So get ready for a whirlwind of joy and excitement. Without further ado, let us prepare for a spectacular start to the function.

On that note, I'd like to conclude my remarks and unveil today's event.

Welcome Speech For Bollywood Dance Performance in English

Deepika and Priyanka rocked the silver screen with this song and made history. Our girls ABC and XYZ, not an inch short of that. Let’s welcome ABC and XYZ to set a stage on the fire. They are going to make you guys crazy with their bollywood signature steps.

Welcome Speech For Punjabi Dance Performance in English

They are strong, they are synchronous, and they have a shiny outfit and lots of martial art tricks up their sleeve. Please welcome one and only “ABC '' Dance group on the stage… Oye, DJ Wale Inka Gaana Chalade…. Chak De Phatte..

Welcome Speech For Lavani (Maharashtrian Folk Dance) Dance Performance in English

Well boys, don’t go crazy on the next dance performance as ABC is coming up with a sensational Lavani performance on Ajay- Atul’s epic song “Jaudya Na Ghari” from the movie “Natrang”. So give it up for ABC.

Welcome Speech For Western Dances- Hip Hop, Krumping, Break Dance Performances in English

They got the moves, they got the attitude and they have rocked the stage before too. They were the winners of last year’s inter-college group dance competition, any guesses?…… Yes, you are right, they are no other than “ABC”.

Welcome Speech For Classical Dance Performance in English

While writing the “Natya Shastra”, our ancient scholar Bharatmuni might not have thought that the Rasa and Bhava of his writing will last for millennia. Our next performance is a tiny step to continue his legacy. Please welcome, ABC Group, presenting XYZ performance. They will be expressing PQR in their XYZ performance.

10 Lines For Writing a Welcome Speech For Dance Performance

Students of Classes 1 to 4 can refer to these lines for writing an introduction for dance performance to be performed in their schools.

  1. Good Evening Vice Principal, Beloved Teachers, Parents and My Dear Students– Warm welcome to everyone! 

  2. On behalf of our school, I extend a very sincere welcome to all of you present here for the Annual Cultural Night which we have been hosting for ten years now. 

  3. Completing ten years gives us an occasion to celebrate it with great pomp and show and that is the main reason for the enormous gathering present here. 

  4. Indian Culture is an important part of our lives; it not only helps in the growth of our personality but also strengthens our roots and helps us remain grounded. 

  5. The main event of today's function is the "Cultural Dance Performance" which will be performed by students from all classes.

  6. Dance, as a special art form, knows no bounds and can be understood and felt by everyone.

  7. Dance performances, whether team-based or individual, are a fun activity for students that offer them a variety of benefits in addition to inner satisfaction.

  8. Participating in a dance competition will help students develop self-esteem and confidence, as well as inspire them to achieve their goals and improve their social skills.

  9. It allows students to learn and practise the skill of goal setting and practise.

  10. Please give the children a standing ovation, which they deserve after months of hard work.


Dance is a divine art form that allows people to express a wide range of thoughts and emotions. Several people use dance to alleviate stress, while others see it as an opportunity to express feelings to their loved ones. The heart of dance is considered to be the soul, while the soul of music is considered to be the heart. You might be curious about a dance form that has nothing to do with music and is solely based on beats. In contrast to dance forms that include music, this type of dance takes more energy and effort.

FAQs on Welcome Speech For Dance Performance

1. Why is Welcome Speech For Dance Performance essential?

A welcome speech is essential to welcome all guests, professors, teachers, and students in any cultural event. A dance performance without a welcome speech is like a dance performance without a program. Framing a dance performance is important for any culture event be it college, school or wedding function. It gives events a beginning, middle and end. Adding a welcome speech or introduction for dance performance creates the feeling of a common experience with such a variety of ages, styles of dance and audiences in attendance.

2. What should you deliver in the Welcome Speech For Dance Performance in school event?

The Welcome Speech For Dance Performance should deliver the introduction of the group, style of dance, song, etc. Dance performance acquires huge power for the gathering of people, and it is the art that everyone prefers. The welcome speech is the best way to set the tone for such events. Students should make sure that they do not mug up every line from  Vedantu’s Welcome Speech For Dance Performance. They should get an overall feel about it and speak from their heart.

3. How to welcome guests in a cultural event?

There are few ways to welcome the guests in the cultural event like I am glad to invite Mr. ABC, or It is my privilege to call Mr. ABC on to the stage, or may I invite our guest of honor on the stage and many more. If you have a co-anchor then have a natural conversation which should take place ahead. Be sure not to force conversation. It should sound and look natural and genuine. Students should also keep in mind that the first row is not the only audience. The rest of them are as important as the first row hence try to address both the types of audiences.

4. What are the tips for Welcome Speech For Dance Performance in English?

The following are some of the tips for Welcome Speech For Dance Performance in English.

  • First, get a list of planned dance performances

  • Talk to performers, and ask them what is special about their dance performance.

  • Use that material and prepare a piece of introduction

  • If possible avoid cliche Shayari and poems. If it suits the theme/subject, then students can use it.

  • If you are not confident and then refer to Vedantu’s Welcome Speech For Dance Performance in English For Students

5. Why should students refer to Vedantu’s Welcome Speech For Dance Performance in English For Students?

In the event that students need to speak a welcome speech and they don't have the idea how to express their group of audience in a welcome speech, that’s where Vedantu’s Welcome Speech For Dance Performance in English For Students comes in. Welcome Speech For Dance Performance in English For Students provided on Vedantu are composed comprehensively and in a simple language. Students should also add things that are specific to their school or college and performing team or individual and then present it.

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