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Names of Days in English for Kids

Last updated date: 26th Feb 2024
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How Many Days are There in a Week?

There are seven days in a week. The concept of weeks is very important for little kids to understand. The numbers and names of the days in English are taught to kids to help them in building the understanding of time, and its classification in years, months and weeks. For kids to comprehend, the days of the week are a crucial measure of time.

Learning the names of the week also becomes a priority once kids begin attending school, as it allows them to be more structured and be informed of upcoming activities, such as a school field trip or an essential exam.

The names of day in English has a very fascinating story behind its terminology. Almost all the names are derived from ancient Greek and Latin. The names of the seven days of the week are derived in many languages, including English, from the names of the classical planets in Greek astronomy.

We have tried to provide a simple and fun composition for kids to learn the names of days in a week. Here are some helpful hints for teaching your children the days of the week in a fun and easy method.

Names of day in English

Names of day in English.

Names of Days in a Week in English

There are seven days in a week, these days are as follows:

  • Monday- This day was named after the Greek word “lunae” which means “Moon’s Day”.

  • Tuesday- This day is named after Norse mythology, which means “Tiw’s Day”, a name based on Týr.

  • Wednesday- The name comes from the old English “Wōdnesdæg”, which means Odin's day.

  • Thursday- This day is derived from the name of the Norse God, Thor, and means "Thor's Day."

  • Friday- It is named after Norse Goddess Frigga.

  • Saturday- It is named after the planet Saturn.

  • Sunday- It is named after the sun, and refers to the day of the sun.

Weekends and Weekdays

Everyone is aware that there are seven "weekdays,” which means there are seven days in a week. However, they are divided into two groups: weekdays and weekends. Do you realise that there are only five "weekdays"? So, this implies that the "weekend" is two days long. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are weekdays, whereas Saturday and Sunday are considered weekend days.

Example of weekdays and weekend activity

Example of weekdays and weekend activity.

It's critical to teach children how to separate the days of the week. There are some days when most people go to work or school, which are referred to as the weekdays. Then there are other days when people are more likely to rest, relax, or engage in outdoor activities such as going to the park or the movies, which is typical on weekends. This information aids the young ones in grasping the concept of time and the need of maintaining an ordered routine that allows them to not only learn, but also play and socialise with their peers!

Weekdays and weekends

Weekdays and Weekends

Tip to Parents

As we have already studied about the names of days in English, we can create some fun activities to help the kids understand the importance of the week days. Maintaining a regular schedule is quite beneficial in teaching kids the days of the week. Children feel more in control of their lives when they adopt daily habits and routines, such as brushing their teeth every night, cleaning their rooms every day, or going to the park on weekends.

Since this way the children would know what to expect from daily activities and begin planning ahead of time how to manage them, the kids become more comfortable and agreeable at home and at school.