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Essay on Snake

Snakes are the most specialised group of reptiles. Many species of snake are found all over the world. Some of which are poisonous and some are not poisonous. Among poisonous snakes, King Cobra is considered the most poisonous and is very dangerous. If the king cobra bites someone, it becomes difficult to survive. Snakes are found in large numbers in India, China, and Japan. Snakes are worshipped in India. On the contrary, they are considered delicious food in China and Japan.

Boas and python are two snakes that are non-poisonous but they are most powerful and large. Their length is more than about 30 feet. The largest species of these snakes are found in the African jungle. Python snakes can easily eat big calf and deer. After eating their food, they stay in a still position for a few days until that food is properly digested.


Snakes are both small and large. Snakes do not have eyelids. Snakes do not bite their food completely. Ears of snakes are not external but internal. The movement of snakes is fast. Some snakes can also fly in the air. Their skin is dry and smooth. There are 3000 species of snakes all over the world. 20% of these species are the most poisonous. Anaconda is a snake found in South America. These snakes are the most toxic. No person can survive their bite.

During the summer, all snakes get out of their burrows because heat is felt on the snake's body. They wander around in search of water. There are many snakes that are worth seeing and these snakes are found in zoos. Some are even domestic. All those who are the most dangerous cannot be domesticated. When a poisonous snake bites a person, the poison starts spreading in the body very fast. In our country, many people die due to snake bite. Most of the snakes are found in the village which gets out of their bills during summertime.

Snakes do not smell through their nostrils but their tongues. Snakes detect the surrounding environment with their tongues. Another important fact related to snakes is that only 70% species of snakes lay eggs, the remaining 30% species produce children.

Some of the Species of Snakes:

1. King Cobra:-

King Cobra is one of the largest and strongest snakes in the world. The King Cobra is a poisonous snake. They are found in many countries including India. King cobra venom can put anyone to death. The length of a large king cobra is up to 6 meters. The cobra is so poisonous that if an elephant is bitten, it can also be killed. A cobra is a predator that preys on snakes other than animals, whether poisonous or not. 

King Cobra, on an average, has a lifespan of 20 years. The king cobra is the only species of snake that makes a nest for its survival and lays eggs in them and protects those eggs themselves. Cobra is a species of snake that is able to stand up to one-third of its total length. It is illegal to kill a king cobra in India as it can lead to a sentence of 6 years. King cobra snakes are able to spit their venom as far as half their length. King cobra snakes can only feel the waves and vibrations that occur on earth, King cobra snakes are unable to feel the sound waves in the air. 

They specialize in climbing trees. King Cobra's eyes are so sharp that he can easily see his prey from 91 meters away. The heaviest King Cobra found so far weighing 12.7 kg was kept in New York's Zoological Park. Despite being so poisonous, the mongoose does not affect the bite of the King Cobra. This is the reason why the mongoose kills the cobra easily. Once bitten, the king cobra spews so much poison that it can kill about 20 people or a large elephant. If a person bites a king cobra and it is not treated properly, then that person can be killed within 30 minutes.

2. Krait Snake:-

It is also called Naja Bungarus. These snakes also eat other snakes. Krait is recognized because of its white, black and yellow colour. This snake is one of the poisonous snakes. These snakes are found in India as well as all over Asia. All these are found mostly in waterlogged areas, gardens, houses, and forests. They are more active at night than day. These snakes lay about 15 to 20 eggs at a time. The length of these snakes is from 6 feet to 8 feet. The poison of Krait is neurotoxic. These snakes are triangle shaped.

3. Russell’ Vipers:-

Russell's Vipers is a dangerous snake of the Vipers species. This snake is responsible for the most deaths due to snakebite in India. Most farmers and labourers fall victim to it while doing the groundwork. These are most poisonous, the snake does not run in fear like other snakes. This snake is so agile that it can bite three to four times in 1 second. Their teeth are the longest among all snakes. It looks neat and thick and looks like a python because of its rounded design on the body. The poison of these crazes is hemotoxic, which does not allow the blood of the victim to freeze. If the blood does not freeze, then the victim dies due to excessive bleeding.


For conclusion, Snakes are very dangerous animals. If the snake bites any person, that person can’t be alive. In India, snakes are worshipped on special events. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: Which is the Largest Snake in the World?

Answer: The green anaconda is the largest snake in the world. It weighs around 550 pounds.

Question 2: When are the Snakes Most Active?

Answer: Mostly snakes are active in early mornings and summer times. Snakes are rarely seen in the evening.