Welcome Speech for Chief Guest

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What is a welcome speech for an invited chief guest? A welcome speech is a speech given by the host of the show at the beginning of an event to show his gratitude towards the guest for making an effort to attend the event. A welcome speech marks the beginning of an event.

Many people still have no idea how to give a welcome address for a chief guest. Well while giving a welcome speech it is the duty of the speaker to greet the audience and give them an overview of the whole event. 

The welcome address for the chief guest should start by introducing the chief guest to the audience, his designation, his or her achievements, and the contributions he or she has done to society. 

Here we have given examples of a long and a short welcome speech for the chief guest and along with that 10 lines about how to give a welcome address for a chief guest is also given. Students can refer to these speeches and note down the important points that should be included while giving a welcome speech. 

Long Welcome Speech for Chief Guest

Good morning to one and all present here. Today we all have gathered here to celebrate our 30th annual day function. I am extremely honored and feel privileged to have given the opportunity to address everyone on this very special occasion. The motto of our annual day is to encourage students to participate in various events and showcase their talent. You could be very interested in sketching, drawing or designing. Anything it may be today you all have an opportunity to shine and show the world who you really are. Today’s event also celebrates our school as it’s been 30 years since our school has started making an impact on the lives of thousands of children. For the past 30 years, many students have graduated and have been contributing to society in one way or another.

Our school has always believed that the children are the future that will help in making our country great and to encourage that idea we conduct annual day every year. Students from many classes will be awarded for their accomplishments in both academics and sports. Annual day is not only for those students who are good at academics and sports as it encourages all the students to do better in school. I am sure everyone will grow up to achieve success and will help in contributing to the betterment of society. 

We all have gathered here on this annual day to inspire and motivate young minds to showcase their talents and realize their potential. Not only will we be giving awards to the students who have contributed to our school in the year 2020 but we will also hold various competitions that will help the students to recognize the field in which they are good. From art to business the fields are many, students can take part in this competition and can learn and improve themself. Annual day is an important occasion for all of us because apart from the fact that it celebrates the success of the student it also highlights the success our school has achieved from the past 30 years in the field of education and sports. This platform is also an opportunity to welcome our chief guest of the evening today. 

Taking our evening further and to begin with the Annual day function, I on the behalf of everyone present here, heartily welcome the inaugurator and the dignity of the annual function today, the guest of honor, Mrs.Rekha, who is a social worker, philanthropist and has an experience in teaching for almost 20 years. I was especially thankful for her when we approached her with the invitation card and requested her to be part of the event as the chief guest, Miss. Rekha did not hesitate at all and instantly agreed to be part of the program. 

30 years ago a woman left her highly paid to cooperate job just because she felt that she could contribute more to society. That lady went on and has changed the whole landscape of how education is provided in our country. The woman I am talking about is Miss.Rekha.For the past 30 years, maam has helped many students to achieve their dreams. I feel so lucky that I was given the opportunity to talk about maam and her achievements. I will try my best to sound as formal as I can and if I dont please dont blame me because I have been an admirer of Miss Rekha’s work from a younger age. Maam has helped in establishing many institutions all across India that help in providing free education to all the students. She also has multiple branches of a nonprofit organization(NGO’s) all across the country that helps underprivileged children to live a good life. The NGO which ma'am runs also provides free scholarships to students who want to study further abroad and ma'am I want to thank you because like me there are many who have got a free scholarship to study and complete our further education. It is really an honor for all of us to have you as our chief guest today and for that, we thank you ma'am. Before the program starts I would like to welcome all the parents who have always supported us in spreading the light of knowledge. 

I would also like to welcome all the teachers, students, and support staff who are an important part of this school. I would like to request everyone to kindly cooperate with us throughout the program for making it successful. 

Last but not least I would like to request our chief guest, Miss Rekha to come and light the lamp and start the program and also I would request maam to enlighten the audience with your precious words. Thank you and have a great day everyone. 

Short Chief Guest Speech in English

Good morning to everyone present here today. I extend a warm welcome to everyone present here at the 25th annual function of our college. It is a big day for everyone who has been a part of the college in the present or in the past. For the past 25 years, our college has made many accomplishments and also has impacted thousands of lives for good or better. It is a special day as it celebrates the success of our college. Today on this occasion we have invited a special guest who was very kind enough to accept our invitation in spite of having a busy schedule. Ladies and gentlemen give a round of applause to Mrs. Rekha, who has been working as a social worker for the past twenty years and also has experience as a teacher. She has been running NGO’s all across the country that uplifts the poor and gives an opportunity to the underprivileged children to study. Through the NGO’s maam has helped many students to pursue a career in the different stream that too with free of cost. 

Miss. Rekha is an inspiration for many as the accomplishments she has made are not an easy task. She has dedicated her past 25 years to providing free education to many students and has made sure that the students get all the facilities that would help them to grow into better people.

Maam has been successful in running different branches of her school throughout India. Ma'am established Little angels school on March 22 1997 and for the past 23 years, many schools all across the country with the same name are providing free education to children. She has helped in shaping a part of society by providing education for many unprivileged students for almost 20 years. Ma'am I feel honored that I was given this opportunity to speak about you and your accomplishments towards the society in front of my school. On behalf of everyone, we feel lucky to have you at our annual college day function. I hope today many students will be able to seek a little guidance from your thoughts. 

I request maam to come and light the lamp and enlighten the audience with the precious words as we begin with the event. Thank you. 

10 Lines about  How to Give a Welcome Address for a Chief Guest

  1. The welcome address for chief guest should always include the name of the guest, his or her occupation, and his or her contribution to society. 

  2. The introduction for the welcome speech should include a brief introduction to the event.

  3. While giving a speech it is important to be formal with the audience.

  4. Provide a short summary of the event and the important things that the audience will get to learn during the event. 

  5. Today we all have gathered here to celebrate the 30th annual day function of our school.

  6. During this event, students will be awarded for their accomplishments in both academics and sports.

  7. The annual day is also held to celebrate the success of our school as for the past 25 years it has impacted many students’ lives. 

  8. To celebrate this special occasion we have invited a very important person as the guest of honor. 

  9. Miss Rekha is a philanthropist, teacher, and social activist who has been working for the betterment of society for the past 30 years. 

  10. Miss Rekha has many non-profit organizations all across the country that helps in providing free education to many children.