Role of Youth in Nation Building Essay

Long and Short Essay on Role of Youth in Nation Building

The role of youth in nation-building or development is very important, this is because of the fact that the development of any nation lies in the future generation. The democracy, economy, technology and the improvement of the medical science, all lies in the hand of the youth. Poverty, unemployment, global warming, and pollution of many types are the problem which the world is facing today. The answer to solving all these problems lies with the next generation.

History is evident that the next generation has been the answer to solve future problems. As time passes by it is required to adapt to the changes and bring a change in the society. The youth is capable of doing so, we can bring a change in society. So what is the role of the youth for a better tomorrow? What are the qualities that are required to bring a change in society?. These two questions are very important and all the students should know the answer to them. To answer these questions, the role of youth in nation-building essays is written. 

Below a  long and short essay on role of youths in nation building and frequently asked questions on the essay about the role of the youth in our society is given. Students can refer to these essays and understand the importance of youth in the development of the country and make a speech on role of youth in nation building.

Long Essay on Role of Youths in Nation-Building

Swami Vivekananda once said ‘My faith is in the younger generation, the modern generation and out of them will come my workers. This quote describes the impact the youth can have on society. More than 60% of the youth helped Germany win the first world war far better or the worst, The mission to make the first person walk on the moon consisted of more than 80% of the youth who helped in planning the whole mission. Likewise, Indian youth also paid an important role to make our country free from British rule. The youth has the power to change the world. When the youth is united we can make the world a better place to live and when we are divided we also have the power to destroy the world. 

Youth are the most dynamic and important segments of the population in any country. Statistics show that the developing countries which have a huge youth population could be seeing tremendous growth in all the sectors of the countries provided they inc=vest in young people’s education, health and protect and guarantee their rights. It is believed that today’s young minds and tomorrow’s leaders, creators, builders, and innovators. 

For youth to be a good leader, inventors and innovators it is important that they are supported and are provided good health, training, and education to transform the future. There will be a boost in the economy of the country when the youth is working and earning rather than being dependent on anyone.

As we all know that half of the world’s population is now under the age of 25 and 1.8 billion people are between the age of 11-25. This is considered to be the largest youth generation to ever exist. Many countries such as Sweden, Japan, and Germany have already started gaining from the youth by providing them opportunities in different sectors. It has been more than 80 years since the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Any country would be devastated by the loss of lives and the destruction that was caused during that time, but Japan did not stop and over the decades the government of Japan has started investing in the youth and the investment they made in the youth during that time is giving them the profit now. More than 80% of youth in Japan are responsible for the economic boost of the country. Industries such as Manga and Anime consist of 90% of young minds that are responsible for generating a revenue of 1.3 billion every year to the country. This is the impact that youth can make on the countries growth. Here the role of youth in national development article is discussed.

Indian Youth- Confused or Confident? 

Let us talk about the youth of India, Today India is one of the youngest nations in the world with more than 55% of the population is below the age of 25, and more than 60% of the population is in the working-age which is between 15 to 60 years. It is estimated that the average age of the population by the year 2023 would be 29 years old and in India whereas in Japan it would be 47 years and in the United States of America, it would be 40 years old. The presence of younger people in our country gives us an edge of the demographic dividend over other countries.  The demographic dividend is the growth in the economy of the country due to the change in the age structure of the country. The youth of our country today are increasingly becoming restless and trying their best to make a difference but it has not been enough. More effort should be made if we all want to end unemployment, poverty, corruption, and violence in the country. Due to the presence of these diseases in our society, there has been a delay in the development of the country.

India is the biggest democracy in the world and still, it lags in achieving economic and socio-political growth. The two things which our freedom fighters fought were freedom and growth of the country and after all those years we have failed in achieving both the goals. For 72 years we have failed to fight unemployment, poverty, corruption, illiteracy, and violence in our country. India’s ranks in the various development index have barely grown in recent years. For example, India ranks 116 in the Human Capital Index, 144 in the World Happiness Index,  131 in the Human Development Index, and 141 on the Gender Development Index. This shows the state in which our country is in. If India wants to improve all these indices, then it is the responsibility of the youth to come forward and take responsibility to fight against the multiple inequalities and contribute to the development of the country. 

Statistics show that India has an upper hand over other countries as 62 % of the population is the youth. Young minds are known to be innovative and hard-working that will help in the development of the country. Youth can change the country only if proper opportunities in the various fields are given to them. In our society, we have been guided to pursue careers in either engineering or medical science. This could be because of the pressure from the family or the trend in society. this has become a major cause for the downfall of the youth. A statistical report suggests that about 55% of the engineering youth are unemployed because they don’t have the required skills to be crack a job. The youth can change society if they consider pursuing a career in different fields like arts and politics. If proper opportunities are given to the youth to represent their ideas in fields such as politics then we can expect a drastic change in the countries growth. Young minds should be motivated to take part in politics and occupy high positions such as an education minister, finance minister, bureaucrats, and even the Prime minister.

Youth has the power to bring change. they have the power to demand justice. For example, a mass protest by youth against the CAA bill in Delhi or the mass protest by the youth in Delhi for justice of Nirbhaya cases are some of the examples of the strength of the youth. TRO makes the youth the ultimate power of the country, educational programs should be developed that aims to teach the young people from the school level the importance and the impact they can have on the country. They should be taught about how the country works and how it can be a significant part of the development of the country. Youth should be motivated to consider different career options such as politics, which eventually helps in running the country. 

Our nation has been facing a lot of problems and youth have the power to resolve most of them. All the youth of today need is a chance to prove themselves. Through many protests against corruption, rape against women we have witnessed that the youth have the power to unite individuals from various ethnic groups. The world has been facing many problems such as Racism and  Islamophobia. Everyone is fighting with each other because of the religion to which they belong or the complexion of their skin color. These fights within the youth are created by political leaders or the people with power because they know that the only way they could defeat the power of youth is when we are divided. This is the reason why we need youth in politics as youth leaders could convince other fellow men and women to live in peace and harmony. The differences and all these issues should not allow the youth to be divided. Instead of focusing on these differences, youth leaders should lead the way and help the majority focus on the real issues that matter such as poverty, crime against women, unemployment, and many more. The youth has the ability to bring a change in the country. 

To conclude the role of the youth is very important in the building of a nation. They can be a positive influence in society and can also solve the problem by introducing innovative and impactful ideas that will only help in the betterment of the country. They have the ability to create an identity for themselves which will help in creating an impact. All the youth needs are the support of the family and friends and I can assure you that they can make our country great. 

Short Essay on the Role of Youth in National Development

India is the world’s largest democracy and the second largest populated country in the world.65% of the population compromises the youth and this is enough to show the importance of youth and how big of an asset they are for the country. 

The role of youth in nation-building is very important, the work they do ad the ideas they help to bring to the table will take the country on the path to success. In spite of being the largest democracy in the world, India is still lagging behind in achieving the economic success that will help to make a mark in the world. It has been 72 years since the freedom of our country and throughout all these years India has been infected by few diseases such as corruption, unemployment, poverty, malnutrition, no proper healthcare services, and a crime against men and women. Indian is ranked 144 in the world happiness index, 141 in the gender development index, and 145 in the Global burden Index. India’s rank in the various development indexes has not improved over few years. The only way India can improve the ranks in all these indices is through empowering the youth of the country. The youth need to take charge and come forward to fight for a better tomorrow and that can only be done if proper opportunities are provided to youth in different fields. 

If anyone wants to bring a change in the system the only option is to study and get into it. The Indian youth should consider joining politics and run for different roles such as the governor, bureaucrats, Home minister, and even Prime minister. Youth have the advantage of being a young mind and more connected to today’s generation. A youth running the country will help in solving the problems that other youth faces every day.

Youth has the ability to face any issue and solve it. There has been a rise in the cases of Racism and islamophobia all across the world, Instead of focusing on important topics such as unemployment, poverty, and corruption, the youth in our country is divided into few not-so-important topics. This is because the majority of the youth has been influenced t=by greedy political leaders who think all about themselves. This is why we need the youth to be part of politics. Imagine a youth leader who unites every fellow youth to focus and fight for what will matter for the future, our country would be great.

To conclude the youth has the power to build a nation that will only help in its development. To do so the youth of our country should be supported by friends and family members. The youth should be supported to pursue careers in various fields such as cinema, arts, and politics, The support which everyone will give today to the youth will help in making our country great in the future. The important role of the youth in nation building has been discussed here and students can take a cue for writing an essay on my role as a youth in nation building.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Can Society Help Youth?

Ans- Society consists of everyone such as friends, family members, and the government. It is important that the youth should be encouraged to pursue a career in different streams such as politics, art, cinema, photography, etc. We see that youth has been facing the problem of unemployment today and it is only because a majority of the youth chosen only one stream as their career option. Inshot opportunities should be provided in every field so that the youth succeed in the future. They must be encouraged and proper facilities should also be provided to them, to pursue careers in different fields.

2. Is the Indian Youth Divided or United?

Ans- India has been independent for the past 72 years and throughout all those years various social evil has spread like a disease in our country such as hatred towards each other based on religion,  caste, and discrimination based on skin color. Youth has the power to end all these evils but few political leaders have used youth for their personal gain such as votes. The Indian youth has been divided for the personal gain of few greedy people but also have united fight against the crime against women, corruption, etc. The unity that has shown during all the protests throughout the years has only proved one thing and that is the Indian youth is the strongest when it is united and it is the weakest when it is divided.