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Welcome Speech For Basketball Tournament

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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Sports in India are slowly but surely being integrated into the school life of children. Basketball is not practised much but gains a very popular gaze whenever there is an international competition. It is important for kids to engage in every kind of sport and due to more courts now they are able to explore these interests as well. In this article, we will look into the varying ways to present a Speech For Basketball Tournament. It can be a Long Welcome Speech For Basketball Tournament or a Short Welcome Speech For Basketball Tournament.

Long And Short Welcome Speech For Basketball Tournament

The following contains a long speech for the students in higher grades and a short and 10 line speech for the students in lower grades in a simpler language.

Long Welcome Speech For Basketball Tournament

This format of Speech for Basketball Tournament is very helpful for students in grades 8-12 as they often head these events and can give a 5-minute speech in detail. 

Good morning everyone, respected Principal, Teachers and my dear students, a very special and warm welcome to the Chief guest (mention their name/names). We are so grateful to be here today in your presence and thank you for accepting our School’s (mention your school or college name) invitation. To have a personality like you whose contribution to the world of sports has truly been remarkable among us is our privilege.

This is our 7th year to organizing this Schoolympics and the excitement and success rate since we started has exponentially increased. Every year with more than 10 schools participate in the games is making this inter-school competition is a huge success already. 

In our country where the maximum focus has been given to studies and academics, it is nice to see the shift in perspective of our Legislature which has incorporated sports also to be part of the curriculum. Undoubtedly, cricket is the most popular sport, played by every class of society. But now other sports that are played professionally like Badminton, tennis, squash, and hockey are also gaining more popularity.

Basketball courts were not too many when we were younger, but now even I see many in other schools and residential complexes. With the influx of basketball courts, the children and adults are equally keen on learning and participating.  

Basketball is a great outdoor sport that is not only fun but a great exercise for the body like any sport. It requires a great deal of physical strength and stamina to sustain the duration of the game. And when such a fun sport is included, it will take a lesser amount of time to reduce the risk of overweight, obesity and lethargy that is only rising in the youth. Even an hour of basketball can burn up to 630-750 calories. This is also a way to build endurance and self-discipline. It encourages one to lead a healthy lifestyle which is more the need of the hour with even young children glued to their smartphones, tablets and laptops. 

The students today seem more enthusiastic about playing and winning and have been rigorously practising for weeks. I would like to extend my gratitude to our coach Ms (mention their name) and coaches of other schools as well who has kept the spirits high by constantly motivating us. This day would not have been the same without the support of the parents, thank you for sparing time to be here and encouraging us during this time. 

Now let’s begin the tournament by keeping in mind that it is our efforts and participation that matter the most and winning and losing are just a part of the game. Give your best and leave the rest. All the best my dear friends. We are here to cheer you on, no matter what.

Thank you.

Short Welcome Speech For Basketball Tournament

This type of a Short Welcome Speech For Basketball Tournament is useful for students in grades 4-7 who can use simple words and keep it short so it is easy to understand.

Good morning everyone, respected dean, teachers and my dear friends, with a huge round of applause, let’s welcome our Chief guest/guests (mention their name/names) thank you for gracing us with your presence and accepting our School’s (name of your school) invitation for the 7th Annual Schoolympics. 

With your presence here, the excitement has become tenfold higher. 

In today’s world, where everything has been made for the convenience of people, children and youth suffer the most. They are always living in the comfort of their homes, glued to the screens of television or phones and engaging in social media and online games rather than going out. 

This habit has become a lifestyle that is soon becoming a danger as it is making us lethargic, easily fatigued, and with no interest and concentration for other activities outside our comfort zone. Due to this, there is a rise in obesity. 

This problem can be easily overcome by sports. And basketball proves to be a great one as it burns calories, builds strength and endurance, develops stamina, increases focus, and gives us a purpose and goal and something to look forward to after a long day or even at the start of the day. 

We are fortunate to have such supportive management when it comes to having basketball courts and allotted time to practice. The schoolympics are only a way to socialise and engage with other school students through this fun sport. I thank our parents for cooperating with the teachers and coaches and managing our schedule during the practice sessions leading up to this day. Thank you for your constant kindness and support throughout. Sports teaches us to be a good sportsmen and the mental strength to deal with losses. So without thinking of winning or losing let’s play to have fun.

Thank you. 

10 Line Welcome Speech For Basketball Tournament

This type of Speech for Basketball Tournament is helpful for students in grades 1-3 who are only beginning to understand the game and can be conveyed using simple words and short sentences.

  1. Sports should be an integral part of our education systems.

  2. Sports teach us self-discipline, and sportsmanship and instil the courage to deals with real-life situations better.

  3. Basketball is a great game that can be played in teams of 6 and 12. 

  4. It also provides a solution to beating the problem of lethargy, fatigue and obesity.

  5. This interruption to our unhealthy lifestyle is a good one as it provides many benefits.

  6. It also builds focus and concentration that helps us in other areas of our lives including academics and careers.

  7. With more courts now, students are eager to pursue their interests in this specific sport like never before.

  8. The management and sports faculty have truly given us a golden opportunity to explore this game in it’s the best form under their professional guidance.

  9. The undivided attention and support from the parents are truly commendable and we appreciate them very much.

  10. Let’s have a fun match and not get bogged down by wins and losses. 


Basketball is a team sport that has gained more popularity over the years and organizing a tournament for the same is not an easy task. There are many spectators cheering on and therefore for the welcome speech, the speaker can start by welcoming the guests if any, explaining the rules to the teams and most importantly hype them up for the upcoming matches. Motivating the players and encouraging them to give their best and concluding the speech by inspiring them to have fun and be good sportsmen is crucial.

FAQs on Welcome Speech For Basketball Tournament

1. What are the benefits of basketball in life?

Basketball is a sport that enhances endurance, flexibility, and motor coordination. Additionally, it promotes power, quickness, and agility. These abilities have been demonstrated to help support a healthy body weight and promote increased physical activity, both of which can improve cardiorespiratory fitness and self-esteem.

2. How did basketball gain traction?

The YMCA school's alumni traversed the nation, introducing their new game to people in villages and cities all over the place. The popularity of basketball was expanded by Naismith and his players as well as by the necessity for an indoor activity among numerous schools and organisations.

3. How has basketball changed throughout time?

Numerous changes have been made to basketball over the years. The free-throw line, hoop, and ball have all undergone changes. The basketball court has also seen significant alteration, from the peach baskets that served as the sport's first baskets to the sleek, contemporary courts of the present.

4. How does playing basketball improve your mental and social character?

Basketball may make you a better person by keeping you mentally and physically fit, keeping your mind sharp, lowering your stress levels, and teaching you valuable life lessons like leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, and communication. The sport has helped young adults behave and perform better overall, and it teaches them tenacity and collaboration. In addition to uniting people of all races and communities, basketball has a positive impact on the economy as a whole.

5. What aspect of basketball is most crucial?

The most crucial ability for every basketball player to learn is dribbling. You won't be able to move with the ball down the court without solid dribbling and ball-handling abilities, which might result in moving infractions rather than points.

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