Summary of The Ball Poem Class 10 in English

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The Ball Poem Summary

Class 10 English syllabus has a poem written by John Berryman. It is about a ball and the boy that owned it. He lost the ball while playing close to a water body. The boy becomes very sad after losing the ball. This incident can be matched with other losses in our lives. The poet explained that when we lose something, nothing can replace the things we have lost. The ball lost can be symbolized by the losses we generally face in everyday life. The Ball Poem Summary will help you understand the inner meaning of the poem.

This summary will clearly describe the poem line by line so that you can understand the context and answer the questions in the exam easily. This summary can be availed on the website anytime anywhere you want. Hence, you can add immense convenience to your study schedule. In fact, you can clear your doubts without any hassle and complete your syllabus properly. The Summary of The Ball Poem Class 10 has been compiled in a simple language for easy preparation.

Summary of The Ball Poem Class 10

John Berryman, an eminent poet, has written the poem ‘The Ball’ where a boy is very much fond of his ball. He likes to play with it all day. One day, he was playing with the ball. He misbalanced and the ball fell in the river nearby. The boy lost his ball and felt sorry. It was the first time he understood what loss can be in his life. The Summary of Ball Poem tells us that it happens the same when we lose someone close to us or something we consider very valuable. This is what grief looks like.

In the eyes of an adult, the lost ball can be replaced easily but for the kid, that ball is special. The same stands for an adult losing someone very close or something very valuable in life. Things that are irreplaceable cause more grief when lost. That little boy felt the pain of losing his favourite ball. The grownups will not be able to understand why the boy is feeling so much pain when the same ball can be gifted to him. It also stands the same for us when we lose something or someone we love. The same feeling will be lost with the person/thing we just lost.

The Ball Poem Class 10 Summary suggests that the boy resembles the poet himself. He has lost something in his life and wanted to depict the pain to everyone through his poem. The innocent days are gone when he was happy but also felt the pain of separating from something he loved the most. According to the Short Summary of The Ball Poem, our innocence is also taken away from us forcefully and makes us more complex. We lose our simple views of life but we also learn to leave our pain behind and emerge stronger again. We have to muster physical and emotional strength back and start fighting the daily war for survival.

Amidst this, we cannot care much for what is lost. It is the maturity that made us accept what has been lost and accept that loss is a part of life too. This is why the adults are capable of moving forward by leaving the past behind. Holding on to the past will slow you down. If you study the Summary of The Ball Poem Class 10 in English, you will understand what exactly the poet wanted us to understand. He wanted us to carry on even if we are deeply hurt and sad inside. We cannot show our sadness as people consider it as a weakness. The poet used his imagination to symbolize the ball with the boy’s spirit and innocence. When the ball drifted apart, the boy felt how hard it can be to let something he loves to go away.

Every reader of the poem will be able to connect with what the poet wanted to explain. If you carefully read the summary, the Central Idea of The Ball Poem will emerge clear and simple. It will help you to prepare the chapter in no time and will also help you answer the questions appropriately.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why was the Boy Sad?

Ans: According to the Summary of Ball Poem Class 10, the boy loved his ball too much. He played with the ball all the time. One day, he was playing with it on a riverside. Due to his carelessness, the ball dropped in the river. It got carried away from the boy. This is why he felt sad.

2. What did the Poet Want us to Understand?

Ans: The Class 10 English The Ball Poem Summary suggests that the poet wanted us to correlate with the pain of losing something valuable in life. He symbolized the ball of the boy as the things we value.

3. What Happens When we Grow up?

Ans: The Short Summary of The Ball Poem Class 10 tells us that we gain the maturity to let go of the pain of losing something when we grow up.