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Welcome Speech for India Republic Day For Student

Last updated date: 19th Apr 2024
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Welcome Speech for Republic Day

India Republic Day, celebrated on 26th January, is an occasion for celebrations in all schools. Students would require a well-prepared welcome speech for this occasion. The speech written in an excellent manner is provided by Vedantu. Students can refer to the speech to get familiar with what to deliver on such occasions. Given below is an anchoring script for republic day celebration in school in English. Check out our 26 January Republic Day blog for Happy Republic Day 2024 Quotes and India Republic Day quotes.

Introduction Speech on India Republic Day

Long Speech

A very warm good morning to one and all present here. I am Rahul, a student of Class 8. I am here to present a speech on the auspicious occasion of 26 January Republic Day. I am glad as I am chosen to present this speech and welcome everyone to this occasion. Today, India celebrates its 75th Republic day. On this day, I on behalf of the school committee, welcome our honourable chief guest. I would like to extend a warm welcome and heartfelt greetings to our honourable principal, vice-principal, respected teachers, and my dear schoolmates. We all have gathered here today to celebrate India Republic Day 2024 and commemorate India’s 75 years of democracy.

I have got this wonderful opportunity to come on the stage and deliver the welcome occasion speech. I would like to talk about my beloved country on this occasion of Republic Day and how is Republic Day celebrated in India. We all must know India celebrates Republic Day on 26 January as the Constitution of India came into existence on this day in 1950. This not only made us a republic but also made the people of India the highest authority in the country.

Our freedom fighters had struggled and sacrificed their lives so that the future of India is not under slavery. Freedom strugglers like Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, Chandra Shekhar Azad, and many more must be remembered. We must pay tribute to them on today’s occasion.

India won Independence on August 15th, 1947. About 200 years of British rule came to an end on this day. Even after independence, India was facing Hindu-Muslim riots and corruption. It was the duty of each member of free India to return the country to its glory. After rigorous efforts, the constitution was finally implemented in a full-fledged manner on January 26, 1950. The credit for drafting the Indian constitution goes to B.R. Ambedkar. He was a member of the Constituent Drafting Committee who is considered the chief architect of the constitution of India. 26 January Republic Day is celebrated as colourfully organized cultural events all over the country. Every citizen of India is filled with pride and happiness on the occasion. They play patriotic songs and enjoy sweet dishes to mark the celebrations.

India’s constitution is considered one of the best in the world. India is the largest democracy. However, India is still pulled back by crime, corruption, violence, terrorism, etc. After so many years of being a republic nation, India is still under the captivity of such nation-wide issues. As true citizens of the country, our responsibility is to work towards the development of the country and protect our land as true patriots!

Thank you for your patient hearing. 

Short Speech

Warm good morning and greetings to each one present here. I am Sandhya, a Grade 4 student. I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to welcome esteemed guests, our honourable principal, teachers, and my dear friends to the republic day celebration. India is celebrating its 75th Republic Day today. I welcome each one to this auspicious occasion. India Republic Day (26th January) marks the celebration of the implementation of the Indian Constitution on this date in 1950. Indian constitution is the longest written constitution in the whole world. India’s freedom struggle has been noteworthy where many freedom fighters had to sacrifice their lives so that India breathes the air of freedom. Indian constitution is also the result of the hard work of B.R. Ambedkar. He drafted the constitution which came to force on January 26, 1950.

How is Republic Day celebrated in India, you may ask? The main celebration of India Republic Day is held at the Rajpath in New Delhi before the president of India. The parades are organized at the Rajpath which takes place as a tribute to India and its rich culture. On this day, many schools and colleges around the nation organize flag hoisting and functions in their premises.

We are all gathered here to celebrate the achievement of the finest democracy in the world. This day reminds us of our freedom struggle and how we received ‘Purn Swaraj’ or complete independence. Today, we can enjoy many rights and privileges as a citizen of this country. Some of these rights are the right to equality, right to freedom, right against exploitation, right to freedom of religion. Cultural and educational rights, etc. However, the true attainment of a republic is a consequence of the long struggles of our freedom fighters. We must never forget them and celebrate this day every year with the same joy and pride.

Thank you!

10 Lines on Welcome Speech for Happy Republic Day

  1. A warm good morning to the respected Principal, teachers, guests, and my dear fellow students. 

  2. I feel elated to speak in front of you all about today’s occasion.

  3. We are here to celebrate the 75th Republic Day of our country.

  4. A Happy Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January every year because the constitution came into effect on this date in 1950.

  5. We hoist the national flag on this day and sing patriotic songs. We give tribute to our freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for our country.

  6. India got independence from British rule on August 15, 1947. However, it took some time to bring the longest written constitution into force.

  7. On this day, schools also organize functions, flag hoisting, and various competitions.

  8. We eat sweets and various Indian snacks on this occasion.

  9. Celebration in the true sense means to realize the importance of being a republic nation and fulfilling our duties as true citizens.

  10. Thank you all for hearing my speech with patience.


As we celebrate Republic Day, let us embrace the spirit of unity, diversity, and patriotism that defines our great nation. This occasion serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by our forefathers to secure the principles of justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity. As students, it is our responsibility to uphold these values and contribute to the progress of our country. Let this day inspire us to work towards a harmonious and prosperous future, where every citizen can thrive. Together, let us build a stronger, more resilient India, where the flame of democracy continues to illuminate our path towards a brighter tomorrow. Jai Hind!

Students can refer to the Republic day welcome speech on Vedantu’s site. The above speeches will help you in delivering a welcome speech on this topic.

FAQs on Welcome Speech for India Republic Day For Student

1. Why is Republic Day celebrated?

Republic Day is celebrated to honor the day when the Constitution of India came into effect on January 26, 1950, marking the country's transition to a sovereign republic.

2. How can students contribute to the spirit of Republic Day?

Students can contribute by fostering unity, promoting civic awareness, and actively participating in events that uphold the values enshrined in the Constitution.

3. What role does patriotism play in Republic Day celebrations?

Patriotism is central to Republic Day celebrations, serving as a reminder of our commitment to the nation's progress and the responsibility each citizen holds towards its welfare.

4. Are Republic Day celebrations significant for students?

Yes, Republic Day celebrations are crucial for students as they instill a sense of pride, awareness, and civic responsibility, shaping them into responsible and informed citizens.

5. How can the principles of Republic Day be applied in daily life?

Applying the principles involves respecting diversity, upholding justice, and actively participating in democratic processes, fostering a society based on equality and fraternity.

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