The Proposal - Summary

Summary of the Proposal

The proposal summary is based on a Ruritanian play written by Anton Chekhov. It is a short story that speaks about the tumultuous strain between two wealthy neighbors. The discontentment and lust within to increase their property and wealth induce them to the most straightforward way known to man, marriage. 

In the proposal class 10 summary, Ivan Lomov is 35 years old and a wealthy bachelor who has a heart issue. He desires to marry his neighbors, daughter Natalya, who is 25 years old. However, he needs the approval of her father, Stepan Chubukov, who is a wealthy landowner. 


The Proposal is a rattling good story about a young man, Ivan Lomov, who presents a marriage proposal to his neighbor, Stepan Chubukov, for his unmarried daughter, Natalya. The story takes a nose-dive for the worse as the three of them enter into an argument about who gets to keep the property Oxen Meadows, and the dogs. 

Ivan Lomov has come dressed elegantly to ask the hand of his neighbor’s daughter. Assuming that he has come for some other purpose, Chubukov asks him the reason for the visit. When he says the actual reason, he calls his daughter. 

During the conversation with Natalya, Ivan mentions Oxen Meadows that happens to be a topic of dispute between both the families. Natalya, assuming that Lomov has come to discuss that, is none too pleased with it. 

She begins arguing about it with Ivan. Stepan enters into the argument making it worse. All the characters in the proposal class 10 summary, have delved into the discussion that they forget about the primary purpose of Ivan visiting Stepan's home. 

The quarreling goes on until the emotions get the better of Lomov, who ends up fainting. Ivan has a heart issue, and Natalya's anger seems to have calmed down. Before Lomov could walk away, she forces her father, Chubukov, to accept his marriage proposal. 

Stepan instantly agrees and places his daughter's hands into Ivan's. Sadly, the new couple begins bickering about their wealth.

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Introduction to the Proposal Class 10 Summary

The proposal is a truthful play that was written by Anton Chekhov during the 18th century. His works are widely popular because they deal with practical issues that plague society today. The proposal is a short, hilarious, and practical short story about two wealthy neighbors. 

The summary of the proposal is about how families with immense wealth want to enhance their earthly possessions through marriage further. The author finds it amusing that though they have already filled their coffers with plenty of gold and silver, their desire and lust for money knows no bounds. 

The play begins with Ivan Lomov, who is a wealthy man. Lomov seeks the hand of his wealthy neighbor, Stepan Chubukov's daughter Natalya. Stepan's immense real estate wealth in the form of Oxen Meadows is hard to resist for Ivan. 

Sadly, things do not go as planned, and all three of them end up arguing about their wealth. Each of them, Stepan, Natalya, and Lomov, want to stake claim even for the dogs. The beauty of the summary of the proposal class 10 is that they forget the primary purpose, the proposal. 

Stepan does not want to lose out on a good deal for his 25-year-old daughter, Natalya, and accepts the marriage proposal. Things take a turn for the worse as the new couple begins from where they started arguing about the material possessions.

Conclusion of the Proposal

The proposal summary in English is a beautiful short story about how wealthy families seek to tie up with one another through marriages to increase their property and wealth. They do not seem to be satisfied with what life has given to them. 

All three characters in the summary of the proposal are quarrelsome and arrogant in their ways. Things become humorous to a certain extent when they call each other names and argue whose dog is better and expensive. 

The story beautifully illustrates that at the end of the day, we are human, after all. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What You Find Out From the Play about Russian Men?

Ans: The proposal summary is based on Russian characters, a man, a father, and his daughter. The Russians, in general, are particular about how they dress and present themselves to others. They dress elegantly for functions and special occasions. 

Though the men seem gentle and sweet, they tend to become provoked if their requests are not met. In the summary of the proposal class 10, we see two neighbors who are quite friendly and caring but actually are more concerned about material possessions. Besides, they hold grudges against each other. 

It is humorous to note that they were quarreling about who should own their pet dogs. The conclusion in the proposal summary indicates that Ivan was a quarrelsome individual. 

2. Do You think Ivan Lomov Wanted to Marry Natalya or Gain the Oxen Meadows?

Ans: Ivan Lomov wanted to marry Natalya more than gain possession of Oxen Meadows. However, Ivan was already 35 years old and had a medical issue. Moreover, Natalya was only 25 years old, a rich heiress to Oxen Meadows, and was not bad looking. 

Ivan did not have time on his side. Instead of wasting time, he might as well tie the knot with Natalya, whom he knows for many years, as his neighbor. Not to mention, Stepan also knew Ivan thanks to the fact that they were neighbors. 

Though both the men had a close eye on each other's property, they probably bonded since they were neighbors for many years. This was a win-win situation for Ivan in this summary of the proposal class 10.