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Welcome Speech For College Function

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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Welcome Speech For College Function In English For Students

Speeches are an essential component of every professional or formal event. A welcome speech is a type of speech given by a speaker or the function's host to greet the distinguished Chief Guest and the other guests and express gratitude for their presence. It helps to glorify the occasion.  

Everybody expects an introductory speech for an event. And that is because the opening speech sets the tone for the entire event. One can easily attract the attention of the audience with a catchy first line and introduction. So it is very important to make a good first impression.

To make guests feel welcomed, you'll need a powerful speech. Here are some examples of speeches that you might use to impress your guests. These speeches are categorised under several headings. Any of these can be used for your forthcoming events.

Let’s go Through Some Long and Short Speeches

Long Speech 

This form of opening speech for an event is extremely important if one intends to take time and welcome and extend gratitude to everyone involved in making the event successful. 

Good Morning everyone! A very warm welcome to the respected teachers and the incredible parents. I am so grateful to welcome our students to the commencement ceremony (mention the name of the event). I feel privileged to open this event and stand here, where many accomplished people who I admired and looked up to once stood. 

A very special welcome to our Chief guest (mention their name). They truly set a benchmark for multi-hyphenated achievements. They are an entrepreneur, coach and author of the best selling books in our country and even abroad. Their quiet charitable endeavours at such a young age speak volumes of the person they are and the upbringing they had. Thank you for accepting our invitation to address our students who are about to start another new chapter in their lives. 

I express my gratitude to our esteemed Principal (mention name) for their approval. They have assisted us in not just our development but also in enhancing our creativity and knowledge. And last but not the least, a heartfelt thanks to our esteemed lecturers, without whom we would be incomplete as students. They were always here to assist and advise us in unimaginable ways. They helped us with the development of ideas and the execution of those ideas.

Our Principal, professors, other associates, and the administration department have all supported us. I also can't help but admire my team's tenacious attitude, which went above and beyond to guarantee in successfully organising and completing the event. We all also owe a special appreciation to our sponsors without whom the yearly celebration would be incomplete.

We are all gathered here to mark the end of a year and receive our much-deserved appreciation and certificates. A semester has passed, and another year has come to an end. I am certain that you are all feeling anxious and giddy with excitement at the same time. This is the final official ceremony that we will ever attend in our prestigious school/college (mention the name). The ceremony will last until (mention time), after which our guests will give a message to the students. Our students will also have the opportunity to ask questions and converse with our speaker during a question-and-answer session. Tea and snacks will be offered at the end. Please stay until the end of the session to show your support for our participants.

Our Honourable Principal will address the gathering tonight. I'm confident that their speech will not just be a collection of words but a strong motivational speech. 

For all of the freshmen attending the college this year, I would like to inform you that our college toasts its annual celebration with great excitement and festivities every year, creating amazing memories. Of course, preparing for this big day takes a lot of time and effort because it cannot be achieved overnight. It requires meticulous scrutiny of every element, as even the tiniest oversight might derail the entire endeavour. So please give a huge round of applause to all the organisers!

Let us applaud the efforts of all the contestants who have worked hard in order to shine in their performance. We were quite lucky in having the support of all parties, not just for the participants, but also for the backstage crew.

For today's celebration, a variety of performances have been scheduled. We have Dance performances, singing, and playing instruments, and a variety of other activities like quizzes and other competitions. So everyone! Get ready for some incredible performances from our students, and trust me when I say that you will not be able to take your gaze away from them.

After completing the first round of performances, there will be an awards event recognising the talents and efforts of our college students who competed at various zonal, state, and national level events. 

There are no free lunches in the world. Just because you studied here doesn’t mean you are entitled to all the opportunities. You must remember to work hard and earn every opportunity you want. Take every challenge you face as an opportunity for another chance to prove your worth. Also, know the difference between people to whom you have to prove yourself and those you don’t have to. Always remember to have a sense of humour in life. Only that will get you through the tough times. Life is truly special and with patience and hard work, you will certainly make responsible decisions for yourself, your family and for your country as well.  Take accountability for your failures and learn from them. Don’t let anything bring you down. Stay as passionate and driven as you are today. Keep achieving and reach great heights with flying colours.

That is all from me, friends! I thank you all for your patience. I'll meet you after the event. I hope you relax and enjoy the evening.


Short Speech

This form of welcome speech for an event is helpful when the presenter wishes to keep it simple, short and effective without diverting focus from the main event. 

Good Morning everyone! A warm welcome to respected teachers, parents and students. A special thanks to the Chief Guest of the day (mention his/her name). It's an honour to have such an accomplished author and entrepreneur among us. Thank you (sir/ ma’am/ mx) for accepting the invitation to deliver the keynote speech today and for guiding our students for new beginnings. 

Your teachers have guided you in all your endeavours and your parents have constantly supported you through it. This would not be the same without them. I extend my sincere thanks to all the teachers and parents for their understanding and support.

This is a highly multi-talented batch of students in our school. Aside from academics, we value advancement in the arts, cultural activities, and sports. One of the best aspects of our college is that it places equal emphasis on all areas to develop the overall talents and personalities of the students. I stand here, feeling lucky to be a part of your life, even if it is only in a small way. This school is so proud of all you have accomplished and every achievement you have garnered for yourself.  You all have been excellent performers in academics and won so many olympiads and awards. And you didn’t hold back even in extracurricular activities like sports tournaments like martial arts, football, basketball and badminton. Our school has also been a top performer in inter-school events like dancing, singing, speech, elocution and debate. The book club that you have started which is now thriving also shows your innovative side. 

Our students have put their best foot forward to make this college function a success. Preparations have been underway since last month. Let us all take a moment to appreciate them.

Let me provide the schedule for today's function before we get started. To begin with, we have our principal inviting our honoured guests. We then have a speech, followed by the pupils' performances. At last, our honoured visitors take the stage and relate their experiences. Our distinguished keynote guest will then present medals to the students.

Finally, I'd like to wish everyone a good time at the celebration and I wish you all to take some lovely and happy memories with you. I now invite our Principal Shri (Name of your Principal) to speak a few words.

Thank you!

These are samples for a college event. To extend an understanding, let us go through a general guide for writing a speech.

  • Address the audience - "Good evening to everyone present here!" is an appropriate greeting. Then, using a sentence like "It is my pleasure to invite everyone to our magnificent venue tonight," welcomes the audience to the event. Keep the tone in check. If it's a special occasion, use a more solemn tone.

  • Welcome the guests - "A warm welcome to all the esteemed guests present here today!" is a simple and clear greeting to use. Use a sentence like "It's so nice to see you all here on this beautiful day" to make them feel welcome. More informal language may be suitable for an occasion with close friends and relatives. Include a few jokes in your speech to lighten it up.

  • Information about the event - Give a brief description of the event's name and purpose. If it's important, provide the event's name and age, and a little about the organisation that put it on.

  • Thank the helpers/aiders- Mention at least two people who assisted in making the event a reality. Mention their names as well as the roles they played. 

  • Engage the audience - Mention any particularly noteworthy aspects of the incident. If applicable, introduce what's coming up later in the event or the future days. Pick the most significant elements and encourage people to stick around for or pay special attention to them.

  • Ending the speech - If appropriate, express your hope that the audience appreciates the event. Send your warmest greetings to them for the remainder of the event.

  • Duration - Keep your discourse to a reasonable length. The event will determine the duration. A shorter speech is usually better because most people just want to get on with the event. Smaller events should last no more than 1-2 minutes, whereas larger and more formal events, such as conferences, should last no more than 5 minutes.

FAQs on Welcome Speech For College Function

1. How to begin a welcome speech?

Introduce the honored visitor, their work, achievements, contributions, and honors. Express gratitude towards them for taking time out of their schedule and attending the college occasion. For more tips and advice, you can browse through the free resources available on Vedantu for reference.

2. How to end a speech?

If appropriate, express your desire that the audience enjoys the event. Send your warmest greetings to the audience for the remainder of the event. For example, you could say, "I hope you all enjoy the exciting speakers to come!" 

3. What is the ideal duration of a welcome speech?

The event will determine the duration of the speech. For smaller events, the speech should last no more than 1-2 minutes, whereas, for larger and more formal events, it should not exceed 5 minutes.