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Welcome Speech For Farewell

Last updated date: 20th May 2024
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Long and Short Speech for Farewell

The best Welcome Speech For Farewell is the one wherein the speaker in the speaker in the Farewell Introduction Speech addresses both the happiness and the sadness one feels on the last days of schools and colleges. Welcome Speech For Farewell Party is given by a student selected from among the juniors who organize the event and make it memorable for the seniors. Here, you will find both Long Welcome Speech For Farewell and Short Welcome Speech For Farewell.

Long Welcome Speech For Farewell

Long Welcome Speech For Farewell is helpful for students of Grade 11 or the college-going students as they organize an elaborate function, a full day of activities for their seniors.

A warm welcome to all, thank you for showing up in such a huge number and already making it look like a success. This day is to celebrate the campus life of the outgoing batch of 2021. First of all congratulations for making it here and clearing the exams with flying colors. Speaking of colors, all of you look fantastic in the color-coordinated outfits.  Goodbyes are always harder than hellos. You have greeted this campus life and made it your own in the years you were here and now it’s time to say goodbye, but don’t cry or get emotional just yet we have to click pictures and a whole lot of selfies. 

When we first came to this campus we were so nervous, and I am sure you were too but I guess we were luckier because our seniors never made us feel anxiety and were always ready to help. It has been quite a journey, from being our seniors and taking our introductions and then our friends and confidantes. We would also like to thank you for telling us beforehand how to behave in each teacher’s class and trust me that was so helpful. You taught us how to be by living by example, you succeeded both in academics and in extracurricular and you have brought so many laurels to our institution and honestly, you have set the bar too high for us. We will never be tired of hearing “Be like your seniors or learn from your seniors” from our teachers because they are right. However, today is not about winning or losing, it is about celebrating all the relationships you have built here, the memories you have created, and the chances you took. Today may be the last day you see each other but we are certain we will see you in the papers and be so happy about all your achievements. So for now forget the not so good times, let go of your egos, and hug your friends. 

It is a privilege to know you as our seniors and friends. You are the best seniors and we could never be that to our juniors what you were to us. This evening let go of all that holds you back and be fearless. So brace yourself, my friends and our teachers and dean have organized this event to revisit your time on the campus, and there will be many games and awards and good food. There is no pressure of winning today at all, all you have to do is have fun. There will be some performances, mimicry, and some funny title awards so take no offense and a lot of surprises. 

So now concluding my Welcome Speech For Farewell, without any further ado let’s begin the fun, and here is wishing you a bright future. May you rise, leap and bounds. 

Thank you.

Short Welcome Speech For Farewell

Short Welcome Speech For Farewell is helpful for students in grades 9 as students celebrate this day with great zeal, and they give speeches on stage to start the programs. 

Good evening and a warm welcome to my friends, teachers, and seniors, the batch of 2021, hearty congratulations on completing your exams with flying colors. You all look fabulous. This is a bittersweet moment as I am sure every one of us is feeling happy to see you succeed and do well in your life but at the same time, we have to bid adieu. With a lot of excitement and enthusiasm as you enter into the next phase of your life, like any journey another comes to an end. Endings are only new beginnings, so instead of feeling overwhelmed let us celebrate the moments you have spent on this campus and revisit those memories. You really set an example of being good students who did well in both academics, sports, and arts and took our school’s name to new heights. We certainly hope to see a lot more of your achievements in the future. You were the best seniors one could ask for. We are grateful that you helped us throughout our academic year in all the possible ways you can both professionally and personally. You ensured we were always learning and having fun so today it is our turn to make this a day memorable for you. Alongside our teachers and dean, we have planned a lot of fun activities and a lot of surprises along the way. And a lot of secrets to be revealed. We hope you have a good time today. We will miss you. Good luck with all your future endeavors. Now let the games begin.

10 Lines Welcome Speech For Farewell 

The 10 Line Welcome Speech For Farewell is helpful for students who want to just give a quick welcome and start the program. They can refer to this Welcome Speech For Farewell.

  1. A farewell is a time when a celebratory event is held by the junior students to revisit the memories and congratulate the seniors for their achievements.

  2. This event is usually held on the last day of school after the completion of final exams or board exams.

  3. Since it is the last day of school, it is an important time to reflect and students become overwhelmed with both happy and sad emotions.

  4. This day is the celebration of you so there will be no competitions or achievements discussed just sit back, relax and have fun.

  5. The event can start in the day, or more often it begins in the late afternoon and continues till the last meal of the day.

  6. Each and every one of you is looking stunning and this is making it harder for us to say our goodbyes.

  7. We juniors have created many specifically curated programs as they know what their seniors would like to do to have fun.

  8. They bid goodbye to their childhood as they enter the future, the real world awaiting.

  9. We see that students are overjoyed with excitement to start a new life and participate in this event very enthusiastically.

  10. Let go of your egos and hatred and for the day let your hair loose and enjoy the event with no shyness.

FAQs on Welcome Speech For Farewell

1. Is a welcome speech for farewell necessary?

A welcome speech for farewell will set the tone for the rest of the event, it will help the audience know what all activities are coming their way and create excitement in them. Starting any function with the welcome speech is the best way to greet the audience and entertain them. A welcome speech for the farewell should include a reference to the event's tone and presentation and a paragraph of gratitude to your friends and seniors to make your event more memorable.

2. Should the welcome speech for farewell be long or short?

When it comes to giving a speech, it depends on the person who is giving it. If their style is a natural one, then a long speech can be enjoyable, but if they are not very fluent with the speech then, a short speech is preferred. Whatever the length of the speech is, make sure the farewell speech is sweet, simple, and thanks everyone for all the contributions, support, and kindness they have shown to the organization.

3. How to prepare for a long welcome speech for farewell?

Fashionably dressed, a face full of makeup, eyes full of tears, long hugs and even longer goodbyes. Congratulations to everyone present here and thank you to my seniors and welcome to the farewell party 2020. I must say you all look beautiful. 

We have made our journey on this campus far more beautiful than what we could possibly make for our juniors, from being strangers to being strict seniors to being friends to becoming brothers for life. The way you guys conduct yourselves is one of the best examples of how seniors ought to conduct themselves on campus. However, there is no definition of what a senior should be and how they should behave. As much as you guys were full of support, you guys were also full of fun and folly. At the same time, you guys are a source of inspiration and motivation for us to do well both academically and non-academically

4. How to begin a welcome speech for farewell? 

Working here has been an incredible learning experience, and I'm grateful for the skills I've gained. I feel like I've become a more balanced and well-rounded person after spending each day with you all. It has been insightful for me to learn how to take direction, criticism, and compliments. These are three things I wasn't so good at taking before, and I am now able to apply these skills to many different circumstances. Besides learning to be open-minded, I have also learned to value other people's opinions as well as consider them along with mine, in order to achieve a great outcome.

5. How to give farewell speeches for students to teachers?

In a farewell party, students, teachers, and seniors gather at one place and talk about their experiences. It is one of the rare occasions when people celebrate the see-off of another person, whereas in general it is not a joyous occasion when we say goodbye. The farewell party is a time for celebration as the seniors leave the school to further their studies and enter into bigger colleges. They will get more chances to grow and succeed. For juniors, it is a time for celebration as their seniors are leaving with a legacy.