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Welcome Speech for Business Conference

Last updated date: 24th Apr 2024
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A business conference is held to celebrate the success of the company and also to learn from the losses the company faced over the years. It is the day where employees of different branches come together and discuss innovative ideas and share their experience at the company 

Here we have provided long and short welcome speeches for a business conference and along with that we have also given 10 line pointers about the welcome speech for a business conference. Students can refer to these speeches and note down the important points that are mentioned in business conference speeches

Long Welcome Speech for Business Conference

Good morning to one and all present here. My name is Akshay and I have been working as the managing director at Vedantu for the past 5 years. I will be hosting the annual conference today and before I further continue with the event, I would like to thank you all for coming here today. It not only shows your interest in the betterment of the company but also your dedication to learning new things. I would like to thank our Chief executive officer of this company, Mr. Suresh for arranging this conference. Next, I would like to welcome all the employees who have been working in our company for quite some time and also for those who have recently joined our company. 

Today marks the 30th annual conference of this company and I am really honored that the opportunity to host this conference is given to me. I hope I don’t disappoint anyone. Before we get started I would like to appreciate all the people who have contributed to making this conference possible every year. Mr. Somesh, the CEO of this company who had always thought for the betterment of it. Mrs. Sana, The senior managing director who has helped in arranging the conference today. It would have been impossible to make this conference possible without your sheer dedication and constant support and on behalf of everyone, we thank you. 

The first annual conference was held 30 years ago and it had just 100 employees to its name. but we have come a long way. Now after 30 years, we have around 2 lakh employees all over the country with different settings in many cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, etc. The company has seen immense success in the last 30 years and it was all possible because of the dedication shown by the employees.

This annual conference is not a mere conference which we arrange every year but it has transcended itself to a festival where employees from different branches interact with each other and share their knowledge, failures, and successes and try to learn from each other and apply it for the betterment of the company. 

At Today’s Conference I would like to Focus on the following Topics:

Firstly I would like to welcome our interns turned permanent employees who have joined us recently. Their overall well-being and development will be looked at by us all. The second and the most important thing we are going to discuss is the new project we have undertaken. The importance of this new project and the roles of all the employees of this company will also be discussed. Third, we are going to discuss future strategies related to the campaigning of our already existing projects. We are also going to discuss the success rate of those projects. Last but not least we are going to honor the employees who are retiring this year. 

I request you all to patiently attend and be a part of all the discussions. All the strategies discussed today will help in making your roles clear in the future ventures we are planning. There are various performances and events that are also planned for today that will surely entertain you all. Well, I will not take much of your time as I need to hand over the mic to my co host Mrs. Priya. She will guide you through the rest of the event. 

After all the discussions are done and if you have any doubts and questions related to all the projects please feel free to contact me. Have a lovely and productive day. 

Thank you. 

Short Welcome Speech for Business Conference

Good morning to one and all present here. My name is Jerry and I will be your host for today’s annual business conference 2021. Before I continue further I would like to thank Mr. Suresh, the chief executive officer of the company for organizing this business conference. Without your support, this event would not have been possible and for that we thank you.  I also want to thank everyone for attending the conference. It not only shows your interest but also that you all have understood the importance of this conference. 

I would like to welcome all the employees who have been a part of this company for the last few years and also I Would like to welcome the new interns who have recently joined us in our journey. 

Today is our twentieth annual business conference of this company and believe me, it’s my honor that I have been given the opportunity to host this amazing event. I hope I don’t disappoint anyone.  

The very first annual business conference was held twenty years ago with only a hundred employees and now we have come a long way. We have over three lakh employees all over the country with different settings in many cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, etc. 

Today’s conference is about the plan and strategy we are applying to launch our new project. Mr. Somen will explain to you all about the project and the roles of each and every one of you. Second, we are going to discuss the marketing plan we are implementing to promote our new project and that will be explained by Miss Ayesha. Last but not least, we will be honoring the employees who are retiring this year. 

I request you all to attend all the discussions and it would be really appreciated if you note down the important points related to our project. 

After the discussion, if you have any doubt please feel free to contact me and clarify your doubts. Have a productive day. 

Thank you 

10 Lines Welcome Speech for a Business Conference

  1. A business conference is held every year in most of the companies but it may vary from one company to another. 

  2. In the welcome speech for a business conference, important discussions are made on the performance of the company.

  3. The company discusses its profits, loss, strategies related to the projects. 

  4. During the business conferences, different points are raised related to the development of the company 

  5. Announcement of new projects is also done during the welcome speech for business conferences.

  6. A business conference is also done to show unity among the employees. 

  7. The best employee is awarded based on his or her performance. 

  8. It is the day of togetherness and interaction where employees from different branches interact and share their points of view. 

  9. The losses a company faced in the past are viewed and different strategies are studied to avoid those losses in the future. 

  10. Interactive performances are done by a few well-known artists from different fields like singing, dancing, etc.

Simple Tips to Give a Speech with Confidence.

According to the survey, Around 77% of people fear public speaking. When there is the fear of public speaking, our mind goes blank and whatever we want to speak doesn't come out quite well. Due to the fear of messing up, the fear elevates, leading to more stammering and stuttering.

Here are a few simple tips and tricks one can use to give that speech without any fear and appear confident on the stage.

Prepare Beforehand.

Preparing the speech a few days before the big day. Writing the speech a few days before will help in memorising the overall speech. Here are a few things one can do, before the day of speech:

Visit the venue and get comfortable in the environment, during the speech one doesn't feel alien to the environment and panic.

Make sure to get a print copy of the speech, and a few extra copies just in case the original copy is lost.

One can create cards as cues, for the speech as well

On the day of the speech, arrive at the venue early. If there is a delay in reaching the venue, the fear again sets in and will affect the speech.

Start practising the speech a few days before the actual days of the speech.

Show Confidence in the Body Language

The professional speakers are usually very confident and relaxed. It takes years of practice to give a speech at the spot and appear confident while doing it. But one can start small, and here are some tips to feel and appear confident before the crowd.

  1. Have eye contact with the audience.

  2. Make simple gestures with hands to narrate important points.

  3.  Maintain your breathing and use breathing techniques before the stage entry.

  4. Speak slowly on the stage. In a panic, do not rush the speech. Take the time to fully narrate it.

Find a Friendly Face in the Crowd.

When there are so many unfamiliar faces in the audience, one can panic quite easily. To deal with this, ask a friend or a parent to join the audience. Seeing somebody one recognizes will help in dealing with panic. Whenever there is a sense of panic, just lace through the engaging faces of familiar people. 

Challenge the Inner Insecurities

When there is a sense of panic in the mind, our inner dialogue seems to get negative. Identify what insecure feelings are arising and write them down, challenge them. Some of the inner dialogues might be, worrying about the audience, worrying about forgetting the speech etc.

Focus on What Message needs to be Delivered on the Stage.

Whenever there is a speech that needs to be given, One might be lost in the process of writing, memorising and worrying about delivering it right. Too little focus is on the message that needs to be delivered. What message does one need to receive from this speech? That is crucial too. Work on delivering the endnote and message of the entire speech.

Be Prepared for the Fears.

 Know that no matter how much we prepare, there will be slight mistakes that happen. Mistakes are inevitable. Do not panic if something goes wrong on the stage, be prepared to tuck it away as you continue delivering the speech gracefully.

Take up Space and Move Around the Stage.

If the venue offers a spacious stage, don't be afraid to move around the stage during the stage. Moving around while talking makes one appear confident and lively. The audience will engage with it even more. 

Maintain a Smile.

To appear warm and relaxed, smile more often. This will instantly give out that one is confident. Talking with a warm smile will make one feel more at ease. So, smile often and that will also help in covering up the panic.

Rehearse the Speech

To make the practice even more, try rehearsing the speech in front of the mirror. This will help in identifying the mistakes one is making. Rehearsing in front of friends and family is also beneficial as they can correct if one is committing a mistake while delivering the speech.

Count the Positives after the Speech

After the speech, make a list of things that went well. This will ensure that the next time you give a speech, it will help in raising the confidence, knowing that it went well the last time. This could be anything from, even though there was a sense of panic, the speech went well, The audience was engaging, etc.

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