Save Girl Child Essay

Essay on Save Girl Child

Children are God's most beautiful creations. Life on earth would not have been possible without the existence of men and women. And the existence of the human race depends equally on both. Our existence would not have been possible in the absence of either of the gender. However, in our country, still today, a girl child is regarded as a curse and burden of the family, in many cases. These scary thought processes of a significant number of people in our country are threatening the existence of the human race and ruining the image of India globally. 

Girl Child- The Boon

Aborting or killing a girl child has been a common practice in many parts of our country. This has led to an unequal proportion of men and women. This is not a sustainable approach for the human race. Women should be given an equal amount of priority like men. They deserve to live, laugh, and get the opportunities to flourish in life. They are the source to create life and hence their existence should be safeguarded by all the members of the society. Speaking of society there are considerable societies still prevailing in India that do not appreciate additional women members in the family. 

There is a huge stigma regarding the birth of a girl child as there lies a different form of social evil like female foeticide, dowry, and suicides. These evil practices do not allow some parents to have a girl child and raise them. They think of them as nothing other than a liability. However, these sections of people should understand the rapid growth and evolvement of women in every field and every corner of the earth. Women Empowerment is one of the most talked-about subjects in society today. Hence it is an irrational ideology that men are ahead of women because that era has long passed. 

Girls and women are proving their worth time and time again with hard work, dedication, intelligence, and intuition. Studies have shown that women are much more superior to men in numerous ways. They are not only intelligent and talented but they are emotionally strong and have more management skills than men. 

These are the factors that have led the government to take measures and launch campaigns safeguarding the existence of women in our country. One of the popular campaigns is the “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” campaign which is aimed at increasing the number of women and educating them. There are numerous groups, institutions, and NGOs that have taken the responsibility of saving the girl child and creating awareness about the necessity of women in our society.

Nation Progress Only When There is Equality

One must not ignore the fact that the development of our country strongly depends on the growth of women. This is the reason why crime against women should be eliminated and stricter laws implemented to uplift women. The government should formulate a robust system to check people irrespective of social status from demeaning women in any form. Only a better formulation of laws can help in the development of women's status in our country. One must not forget that the future of our nation depends on educating and saving the girl child.