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Very Short Paragraph on Save the Girl Child   

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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The existence of the human race on earth is impossible without the equal participation of both, the man and the woman. Both are also responsible for the existence of the human race on earth as well as the growth and development of any country. However, there is no doubt in saying that a woman is more necessary than man because without it we cannot think of the continuation of the human race as it gives birth to man. Thus, girls are not killed, they should be saved, respected and have equal opportunities to move forward. They are the source of the creation of roots and help shape the destiny of civilization. However, women have been victims of female feticide, rape, sexual harassment, dowry-related deaths, and so on. How shameful! 

Why save a girl

A girl should be saved by people in society for various reasons:

• They are no less capable than boys in any field and give their best.

• Female feticide has been an illegal crime since 1961 and has been banned to stop selective abortions. People should follow all the rules very strictly to save little girls. 

• They have proven that they are responsible for their family, their work, their society or their country.

• They become very attentive to their parents and devoted to their work.

• A woman can be a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, etc. Every man should think that his wife is the daughter of another man and that his daughter will be the wife of another man in the future. So everyone has to respect a woman.

• Girls are the ultimate reason for the existence of the human race.

Government measures to save girls

The Indian government is taking various measures to save girls and educate girls. The most recent initiative in this regard is Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, which is very actively supported by the government, NGOs, corporate groups, human rights activists and NGOs. Various social organizations helped the campaign by building toilets in girls' schools. Crimes against girls and women are a major impediment to India's growth and development. Female feticide was one of the big problems but was banned by the government by stopping ultrasound for sex determination, scan tests, amniocentesis, the hospital. The government has taken this step to let people know that a little girl is not a sin in society; she is a beautiful gift from God. 


A girl should not be killed, hated or not respected. It should be saved, loved and respected for the betterment of society and the country. She is as involved in the development of the country as boys.