Girl Education Essay for Students in English

Essay on Girl Education

If we see our India it is the second-largest country in the world, wherein some field we are equal to other countries, but when comes about education for girls we are too behind, hence the rate of girl education is very very low. India is known for the study of a goddess but when comes to real picture it’s different. The poor people are not able to give proper education to their daughter. Education on girls somewhat has improved than a few decades but there is still a long way to go, and for this government should take action. Earlier days people were not much interest to educate their daughter, they used to think that they should not go out from home. But slowly the time is changing, peoples are also changing their mindset in terms of giving education to their daughter because they also want to see them getting success in their life but still not happening people leaving in rural areas.

Poor class family in a rural area or urban area they fail to give education to their girl because their poverty is alarming. Also, in many places schools being very far from their villages whereas their parents refuse to send them, because of this many parents unable to give them education, they think safety for their daughter. Other situation may also arise due to child marriage, still in many rural places they do and after child marriage, everything close those people think that girls are made only for doing work in the home and taking all the house responsibility they are forced to do everything except education, even due to poverty and to run their house many families put their daughter for child labour because of this those girls are unable to get study. When we see developed country like Europe, Russia etc their economy is so strong because their education for girls is much more better than us, they will not be dependent much for their family. So to develop our country we need to change the thinking of them and also many benefits will happen, if girls also getting equal education the future of the country will be brighter and better, the economic condition will be better, they will become more independent they can also do all work what boys do. Girl can give better knowledge to their children’s. Governments are also trying to give better education to the girl but fail due to thinking and the poverty. Even the education system fails because many girls are not able to do higher secondary due to fess, yes its true education system shows the future to be developing countries.

Sources For Better Education:

Sources for giving better education nowadays for girls also internet, newspaper because of internet they can get some extent of knowledge and required awareness mainly in rural areas that what benefits they can get, poverty will reduce, the country can develop they not need to be dependent on others, even child labour and child marriage ratio will come down for the country. Education for girls is like they can participate in the decisions that affect, and build better futures for themselves and for their families. According to the survey illiteracy for girl education is found more in the north and east part of India so that the government should be more concern and give more awareness for its benefits. Old age people should not have any rituals for not sending them to schools and colleges.

Against of all these challenges the government has played everywhere vital role in giving the best education for girls, in the year of 1878, University of Calcutta became the first universities to admit female graduates for degree programs. So if we wish to see our country India developed and progress, we need to educate our girl child. We all know that women of our country have been regarded as a symbol of spirituality, but yet they have been treated badly and unequally to men. Some great leaders like Swami Vivekananda and others fought for the wellbeing of women. Even in the old era and now’s era women’s are eager to work hard. Thus, they require equal dignity and respect in their family. We see that girls in urban area are more educated than comparing with rural areas, hence the economy of the country is not better than other countries. But, if we see history Indian female is having maximum politicians all over the world. We have seen that there is a huge transformation in girl education from the old era to present time, with this education now girls are in all field and joining equality to men’s like army, dance, politics, poets, and also in many fields. Also increased participation and decision making power in the family and public life both. Still, many challenges are there for giving girl education, but everyone should join hand for giving girl education and make the country economically strong and developed.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1:  Why Education is Important in the Girl?

Ans: Examination by the World Bank and different associations has demonstrated that expanding young ladies tutoring helps ladies wages and prompts quicker financial development than instructing just young men.

Question 2: What are the Benefits if a Girl will Get Eduction?

Ans: If a girl will get proper education then benefits are as follows:

  • Deal with their wellbeing 

  • Want less kids 

  • Teach their future generations well