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Speech on Fashion

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Speech on Fashion in English for Students

Fashion is the ability of a person to look good by applying a new style of wearing clothes or by styling the hair beautifully. It reflects the creativity of a person. It is all about looking good by following a few trends of clothing or styling. Most importantly, it is about being comfortable and confident in whatever clothes you wear.  


Your sense of fashion helps to express yourself better so that you feel connected to more people. People who are more fashionable and are dressed properly for events have the advantage of creating a good impression. 


India is a country where fashion is celebrated with grandeur, a country where fashion is a religion for a few, and a country where being fashionable is always trending. Fashion helps people to connect to the modern world and explore their creativity. 


Here we have provided a long and short speech on fashion and along with that we have also given 10 line pointers about the speech on fashion for students.

Long Speech on Fashion for Students

Good morning to everyone present here. Today I would like to give a 3-minute speech on fashion. I hope it helps you all. According to the dictionary, fashion is a manner of doing something. Fashion is the application of a new style of clothing, hairstyle, or body gesture that is trending in society. Fashion is very important for everybody living in a society. 


Fashion is not only about always being glamorous. Fashion trends and the clothing of a person sometimes also help in indicating the status of a person in society. If you want to make a first good impression on anyone then dress properly. 


In India, fashion is an important part of everyone’s life. India is a democratic country and has 29 states and I can assure you that each state has its own fashion trend. Fashion is not only about a popular trend that is famous on social media, it is about representing the essence of the state. From Jammu Kashmir to Puducherry Indians follow different fashion trends and wear different clothes.


India has its own glamorous and entertainment industry. This industry is known for its talented fashion designers for their styles in clothing, makeup, and hairstyles. Youth in India mostly celebrate fashion trends like a holiday with joy and happiness. Fashion trends are not only followed by big Bollywood stars and celebrities but every youth in India. Many people who are fans of these stars follow the fashion trends they do in a movie or a commercial. Fashion is a big industry in India and has a massive following among the youth. The Indian fashion industry make around 108 billion dollars every year  

As mentioned before India has people from different cultural backgrounds and because of that, there is a different fashion style among them. In the case of North India, many women and girls prefer to wear Sarees and salwar suits whereas in south India many women prefer to wear a Kanjeevaram saree, and in the case of men they wear a shirt and a lungi on the occasion of a wedding. Fashion helps in describing the culture of an individual and his background for example when it comes to Indian Muslims they prefer to wear long kurtas when attending a prayer and the same goes with every person from a different religious background. 


So you may be thinking what are the benefits of fashion? Well, fashion tells a lot about a person. The way a person dresses tells a lot about him or her. Even for a person who does not follow a trending fashion trend, the way he or she dresses tells a lot about that person. By following a fashion trend, it helps in deciding what to wear at a specific time or occasion. 


Another benefit of the following fashion is that it helps us to keep up with the modern world as we all want to look stylish and fashionable. A great way to create a first good impression is to follow a particular fashion trend. For example, if you are attending an interview it is very important to be dressed formally as it helps to provide a good first impression on the invigilator. Last but not least, fashion helps in making a person feel comfortable and relaxed. When you are confident everything will go well and you can create a positive impact. 


To conclude this 3-minute speech on fashion, I do agree fashion is required in life if you want to make a good impression on someone but fashion should not be done only to impress someone. Being comfortable in your own skin is the best fashion trend a person could follow. Always be proud of how you look, especially all the students. Please don't force yourself to look like a celebrity if it harms your mental peace. Do not follow the fashion trends if you are not comfortable with it or if it’s hurting you emotionally. Be happy and confident about how you look and how you dress and if you do that I can assure you that many people will love you and follow you. Thank you. 

Short Speech About Fashion

Good morning to everyone present. Today I want to give a persuasive speech about fashion. Fashion is applying a new hairstyle or clothing which is trending in society. Fashion is required and is very important for people who are living in a society. 


Fashion plays a crucial role in everyone’s life and the type of dresses we wear, the accessories we use or the ornaments we wear helps in expressing the kind of fashion we like or follow. 


Fashion also helps in reading a person, what a person likes or dislikes and the background of that person could be determined by seeing the clothes he or she wears. 


Fashion helps in creating a good first impression at an event. For example, let us imagine you are attending an important interview for a company, will you attend the meeting by dressing up informally or formally. Surely formal right? as you want to create a good impression. I am sure that if you are dressed up informally the interviewer will not even give you a chance to speak. That is the importance of fashion as it gives you an advantage at an event or an occasion.


Fashion has a great significance in India. India is a country where the fashion industry makes up to 108 billion dollars a year. The Indian population is significantly under the influence of traditional fashion as well as western fashion. 


Fashion is celebrated like a holiday in India. and the youth are massively influenced by celebrities and actors to follow a fashion trend.


Due to its diverse traditions and customs people in India follow different fashion styles for various occasions. Salwar suits or sarees are preferred by women for celebration. For men, it is generally dhoti and kurta as a traditional outfit. 


To conclude, I want to say that it is up to the individual to follow a fashion trend. The most important thing is to be comfortable in your skin. The main thing about fashion is to be comfortable and if you are comfortable and positive about the clothes you wear, trust me you are creating a positive impact on everyone. So enjoy the fashion you like and always be happy. Thank you 

10 Lines Speech on Fashion Trends

  1. Fashion trends are done to look good and create a good impression. 

  2. Fashion tells a lot about a person. the way a person dress 

  3. By following fashion trends, it helps in telling what to wear on a specific occasion or event.

  4. Following a fashion trend helps everyone to keep up with the modern world.

  5. Fashion influences many people’s lives in a bigger way.

  6. The Indian fashion industry has a yearly revenue of about 108 billion dollars. This shows the popularity of fashion trends among the youth. 

  7. One way to create a positively good impression is to follow a fashion trend.

  8. A speech on fashion for students should include the importance of fashion trends and how the students can feel comfortable with what they wear. 

  9. Dressing according to a fashion trend helps in making you more relaxed and confident when speaking to a person. 

  10. The greatest fashion trend a person could follow is to be comfortable in his or her skin. Always be optimistic and love yourself. 

FAQs on Speech on Fashion

1. What are different types of fashion design?

Fashion design refers to the art of creating clothing and accessories with careful regard to aesthetics and beauty when designing. Fashion Design ranges from the creation of pieces that are valued more as art than for function to pieces that are minimalist and practical. To become a fashion designer, knowing fashion design is a must. It tells one about different ways to approach the art of clothing and accessories. Fashion design alters over time and adjusts to mirror the current social and cultural influences of the time. The different types of fashion design are-

  • Luxury Fashion

  • Haute Couture Fashion

  • Fast Fashion

  • Ready-To-Wear Fashion

  • Economy Fashion

2. How to Become a Fashion Designer?

Fashion Designing is a stream that students come across young and are very interested in.  Fashion designers obtain their training via a fashion design program at some college or university. Fashion design degrees are open at both- bachelor’s degree and master’s degree levels. Some schools are known to even offer MBA programs that focus on the business aspects of the fashion industry. Students who want to enter the fashion design industry are expected to develop basic skills before applying. 

A fashion program may require students to submit their portfolios and go through some type of design and sewing tests. Yet, there are no licensure or diploma necessities to become a fashion designer. Designers who complete a bachelor’s degree before pursuing work in the industry take an average of years to start and run their careers. Though most graduates find work in fashion or related fields after college, it can take many years of experience and work for a designer to achieve massive recognition in the industry.

3. What is Ready-to-Wear Fashion?

Ready-to-Wear Fashion- Ready-to-Wear Fashion is also called the prêt-à-porter and is mass-produced in various standardized sizes. These types of garments are more affordable and target the mass as are available for purchase by the public in very enormous quantities. Ready-to-Wear Fashion is available with divergences in sizes to fit in more and more body sizes, Ready-to-Wear Fashion is generally made for a unique individual’s proportions. Ready-to-wear fashion focuses more on creating attractive garments that appeal to the latest market trends of that season. These garments usually have a very short backtracking time than other types of fashion design. Therefore the developers constantly need to work to remain on top of ongoing fashion cycles and trends in order to release numerous collections per year. This industry is a big industry day by day as industries have successfully caught the attention of many people with cheaper and cheaper rates day by day. 

4. What is Economic fashion and what are its implications on the environment?

Economy Fashion- The Economy Fashion is placed at the bottom of the fashion design hierarchy as this particular level of fashion has the ultimate goal of being exclusive to mass-produced garments. The goal is to achieve that in the most efficient technique and dispatch them to national and international stores. The objective of most Economy Fashion is for the producer to turn a profit by hiring the cheapest labourstylishand materials possible. Economy fashion designs take general inspiration from seasonal trends. 

Economy fashion begins by building enormous quantities of clothing which is then sold for a relatively low price. Economy fashion is not at all an environmentally friendly type of fashion design because of its very low-quality standards result, it has a very short lifespan. Trends of fast fashion change rapidly and so the wardrobe of their consumer. Economy Fashion targets people who are interested in fashion but don't have loaded purses or those who like to switch to new outfits now and then.

5. What is Luxury Fashion?

Luxury fashion comprises high-quality clothing that might be or might not be hand-made but is produced in small quantities. Luxury Fashion usually competes for the elite's attention as it highlights the uniqueness and a sense of richness. Luxury is a type of fashion design that bridges the gap between exclusive and mildly mass-produced clothing. Luxury fashion includes. Luxury Fashion often takes the benefit of limited quantity and scarcity and positions its brand accordingly. Luxury fashion can differ in quality but generally, it has more expensive fabrics and subtle designs with precise attention to detail, raising the price tag. 

The target audience of luxury brands are usually middle-class people who want to appear rich and the brand is advertised keeping them in mind. Many celebrities build their luxury brands seeing the scope and possibilities of creating something that is generally valued more and more over time. The luxury fashion demand grows every year and it is expected to persist the growth for the near future as there will be a persistent need for skilled fashion designers to fulfil the demand for high quality and details of the consumers. 

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