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What is Psychology?

Psychology is the branch of science. Which deals with the study of mental states, processes, and behaviour in humans and other animals. Psychology is the study of the conscious and unconscious mind and also about feeling and thoughts. In psychology, psych means mind and logos means study. William James states that psychology pertains to finding out how psychological nature helps people to adapt themselves to a complex and changing world.

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Goals of Psychology

Some of the important goals are:

  • To Describe behaviour: this helps us to understand what is the nature of behaviour.

  • To Understand behaviour: This tries to explain and interpret facts about behaviour.

  • To Predict behaviour: This will make one observe how the person who met the accident behaves in the future.

  • To Control behaviour: This is achieved after describing, Understanding, and predicting behaviour.

Some Psychological Facts 

Some psychological facts are indicated. why things happen the way they do and justify our reactions for the same.

  • If you announce your goals to others, you are less likely to succeed.

  • Convincing yourself your brain you slept well tricks your brain into thinking it did.

  • Being with positive, Happy people keeps you happier.

  • It is possible to die from a broken heart, It is called stress cardiomyopathy.

  • The more you spend on others, The happier you feel.

Types of Psychology

Psychology is a diverse field that studies human thought, behaviour, and personality. We can find applications in different fields of psychology. Some of the different fields are discussed below.

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  • Abnormal psychology: It is the study of abnormal behaviour.

  • Biological psychology: it is the study of Biological processes that affect mind and behaviour.

  • Clinical psychology: It deals with the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental disorders.

  • Cognitive psychology: According to psychology definition it deals with decision making, Problem-solving, and language acquisition.

  • Comparative psychology: It deals with the study of animal behaviour.

  • Developmental psychology: In this field, you can study human growth and development.

  • Forensic psychology: This field is used in psychological research and principles in the legal and the criminal justice system.

  • Industrial-organizational psychology: It is used to enhance work performance and select employees.

  • Personality psychology: It focuses on the personality development of individuals.

  • Social psychology: It focuses on the behaviour of a group of people.

What is a Concept in Psychology?

According to the psychological information, concepts provide a model for understanding human thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. It is proposed to predict various aspects of human behaviour. The concept in psychology has two main components.

  • It must describe the behaviour of humans.

  • It must make predictions about future behaviours.

All the psychological concepts have helped to contribute knowledge about human behaviour and the mind. Basic psychological concepts are classified into Development concept, Grand concept, Mini concept, and Emergent concept.

Importance of Psychology

Psychological information helps us to understand that no two individuals are the same. It helps to gain a deep understanding of many aspects of human desires. Psychological information also helps to develop the person himself into a well-integrated and happy individual.

Did you know?

  • Men are not funnier than women. Men just make more jokes as per their own sense of humour, mostly to cover up for any serious situation or mistake. 

  • The people who speak two languages may unknowingly shift their personality when they shift from one language to another. These are psychologically proven facts.

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FAQs on Psychology

1. Why Should One Study Psychology?

Answer. The top 5 reasons to study psychology are: you can learn why people can act strangely, learn about Kick-ass experiments, you can learn to do research,  you can also learn about mental disorders and treatment options and also you gain insight into people's behaviour.

2. Which are the Different Career Scopes in Psychology?

Answer. Psychologists have different career opportunities. Like some of them are purely research-based jobs while others are working closely with the people. Some of the places psychologists work are universities, hospitals, clinics, schools, and government departments. And also there are many other career opportunities than the listed one.